Pope Francis called Capitalism “The New Tyranny”. How dare the man. He condemns wealth while he controls more than any other man or institution. He calls for more money to be taken from those who earned it and who own it, (he exempts himself and his church), for the poor. Francis calls for more welfare, i.e., for money to be taken from the rich -against which the church has railed for 2,000 years, and be re-distributed to those who don’t have as much. Pope Francis has a tragically wrong idea about Capitalism, money and wealth over which he pronounces his ideas of how it should be spent. The Jesuit Pope knows government welfare requires wealth to exist before it can be taken and given to the poor.  So Pope Francis is calling for the use of the products of a tyranny to feed the poor. Does he realize the contradiction he is supporting? He knows money is the only way to buy food and to eliminate poverty but he condemns Capitalism, the only system that does not confiscate money from those who own it and the only system based on equal trades to create profits, profits Francis wants to give away even though they are not his to give. Those contradictions don’t seem to bother him at all. He should be one of the loudest voices explaining and supporting Capitalism  otherwise there will be no money for him nor his church to take to feed the poor.

What about “The Treasures of the Vatican”? Why not put some up for sale and follow thru on his “feed the poor” exhortation? The Vatican has large investments about which it is silent with: the Rothchilds of Britain, France and America; with the Hambros Bank; Credit Suisse in London and Zurich; Morgan Bank; Chase-Manhatten Bank; the First National Bank of New York; Bankers Trust; and billions of shares in the worlds most powerful corporations such as Gulf Oil, BP, Shell, General Motors, Fiat, Bethlehem Steel, (of course), General Electric, IBM, TWA, etc. the income from those sources is estimated to be over half a billion a year. Plus there is the solid gold owned by the Vatican which the U.N has estimated to be worth several billion U.S. dollars. The gold is stored in Fort Worth and in Banks in England and Switzerland.

All that wealth could easily buy anything and feed everyone but there’s even more wealth under the control of Pope Francis and his Cardinals. Consider Michelangelo’s priceless artwork that decorates the Popes private Chapel, the Sistine. What’s that worth? Billions. What about the original paintings, sculptures and artworks by Michelangelo, Bernini, Raphael, Titian, Caravaggio and others? The sculptures by Michelangelo? What’s the value of Saint Peters Basilica? Several Billion? It would not be duplicated for less than that but the replica would not have the original art of St. Peters. It’s a treasure in and of itself and it was paid for by money, the same thing Francis condemns in his exhortation.

Then there’s all the property of the Catholic Church around the world, properties that cost probably trillions and  which receive special tax exemptions not available to normal millionaires. Does the Pope propose to use any of that to feed the poor?  The Catholic Church has over 110,000 properties in Italy alone. The income in the 2003 budget was $203 billion Euro’s. Expenditures were 1,000 times less at $213 million. These are immensely powerful and rich men or at least powerful men who have control over more riches than any other institution including every bank and country in the universe. That’s why they go outside the universe when they want to get more power and more control. What a strategy. It’s worked for thousands of years so why change it now?    

Pope Francis can cure all the poverty in the world beginning right now if he wanted to cure poverty but of course that’s not his mission. He aims to ruin wealth by condemnation. He hates Capitalism because he’s dogmatically opposed to it’s moral base, Liberty. A free people don’t need his institution and he’s smart enough to know that.  

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