In addition to the list of cannot’s in “Drowned Fetus”, a fetus even after being born cannot see. A baby that has not opened it’s eyes even after the placenta is removed has not yet seen anything. The eyes of a newborn cannot focus. That’s a learned behavior that no fetus encased in fluid can do or learn to do. Seeing is an attribute of a baby but a fetus is not a baby. It has eyes that are useless especially inside the liquid bubble inside the placenta that’s full of amniotic fluid, essentially water with additions.

The newborn baby is still unable to breathe because amniotic fluid is still in the mouth, throat and ears. It must be cleared before the newborn attempts to breathe or it will be pulled into the lungs with the first breath.

Here’s to all the women who make their decisions about pregnancy free from the prohibitions of people and institutions that have been interfering with her rights to her body, her life, her mind and her freedom. People should be explaining options and biology to girls and women so informed and morally correct decisions are made by people before, during and after pregnancy. The fight for the freedoms of everyone is not over until those radicals who are dogmatically opposed to abortion are corrected and they finally leave our women free. The War Against and On Women needs to be over.

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