The average job in Bucks County pays $27,000 a year. Northampton Township spent $27 million in 2010. $27 million divided by $27 thousand is 1,000 jobs removed from the market by Northampton; actually private, non-government jobs destroyed in 2010. 1,000 jobs removed in one year. The trick used by government is: remove the $27 million dollars from lots of people at a slow rate spread over thousands of  transactions so the total is never visible to the individual. This is a cover-up of the worst kind because it falsely parades as helping society while knowingly undermining the citizens in favor of the political class. The $27 million Northampton spent went to a lot of insider people and companies who practice pay-to-play, the quid-pro-quo system used by the politicians to generate tax money to pay for their political operations. The Register of Wills scandal is a good example of how a small part of the system works.  The shameful Northampton fund-raising tactic used by Vince Deon is another.  It’s time for Deon to retire.  Government dislikes a culture of free honest individuals who have integrity and expect others to have it too. Politicians do not have integrity which is why they are politicians. Government hides for example, the monopoly control of water under the false principle that the government must control  the health of Northampton. Force people to pay Northampton Township for every drop of water they drink. Make the people pay to install the water pipes then make it too expensive or  impossible to get approval to install a well. If you think that’s an exaggeration why does the township fail to encourage private wells or private anything?  The Senior Center is another example of the destruction of private jobs by destroying catering jobs by renting a catering hall complete with a kitchen that does not need a license to operate.   I would never rent a catering hall from the government. My fundraiser will be at The Valley Stream Inn, a commercial, non-government restaurant in Holland on May 8th from 2 to 4 PM. $15 gets you all the shrimp, mussels, wings and soft drinks you can eat. Make your check payable to Friends of Bill O’Neill. 

And thank you. 

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