Don’t get all hyper. No one drowned anything. It’s the nature of a fetus to live inside a large bubble of water until it’s born. There’s lots of compassion for all of the people involved in the abortion issue but I have compassion for the women actually involved with deciding and following through on their decisions. Those women, some in their early teens, are not potential humans, they are the actual people on the leading edge of the issue.

The drowned fetus refers to the fetus from shortly after conception when it lives inside a bubble of water until after birth when some of the Amniotic water still lingers and is finally cleared which finally allows the lungs to breathe. A new and separate life has begun. The drowning is over.  

This is about some of the differences between a fetus and a baby, related to the on-going arguments about abortion.

Before birth the blood supply of a fetus and a woman are connected by the umbilical cord but .. . “Although the exact mechanism of how the uteroplacental circulation is established is not completely understood, two theories have been proposed.”

“Not Completely Understood”? Two theories “PROPOSED”? It’s the 21st century. Roe v Wade is settled law. Is Roe right or wrong or is it “Not Completely Understood” too?

How important is the abortion issue? The next American Congress may be elected because of it. The Democrats have, melodramatically, labeled the Republicans response to abortion as “The War Against Women”.

Here are some facts related to the fetus. The fetus is immersed in and swallows water for months. A baby can’t do that. The fetus has a heartbeat. So does a baby. A fetus doesn’t have lungs that work. A baby needs working lungs to stay alive. The fetal heart has holes in it. A baby’s heart needs tissue without holes to enable the newly born heart to function as a heart. The fetus excretes waste which goes into the blood which is “cleaned up” by the woman’s systems. A baby excretes it’s waste period.

A baby feels pain. If a fetus felt pain it could not bear the painful birth process where the skull is squeezed into a smaller diameter to exit the womb.

The woman certainly feels pain. Before, during and thru the end of her pregnancy. Physical pain, emotional pain, psychological pain related to her pregnancy long after it’s over.

A new born baby is usually the most joyful event in a woman’s life. On the other hand knowing the huge numbers of successful abortions women do not always want to continue being pregnant. To demand a women surrender her body in response to someone else’s idea about abortion is against the nature of everything we know about the nature of an individual.    



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