The relationship between Pakistan and the United States is the subject of Haqqani’s book about the completely ruined relationship between Pakistan and America. There is so much intrigue it seems like the fictional thriller Murder on the Orient Express but’s it’s a real life tragedy in motion. The relationship is completely poisoned.

Incredibly the current American President Barack Obama would seem to have the ability, experience, credentials and power to end the tragedy but so far it’s a farce.

The author Husain Haqqani has a unique position between the two nations. Pakistan, is his much loved homeland, and America, where he was Pakistan’s ambassador and is now a Boston University professor. The book is well worth the time.

Pakistan is a huge country cut out of India, which Pakistan treats as their enemy. America is almost as bad to the man in the street because of the propaganda  of the ISI, the State Security apparatus. Reading the book is like watching an explosion slowly happen.

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