The Liberal, the Left, the Socialists, the Communists, Marxists and the media obsess over Christies non-involvement in the GW bridge scandal, a scandal which should lead to arrests,  but they give Obama’s creation of a safe haven in Iraq for Al-Queda in Post Bush Iraq and Afghanistan a complete pass. That’s obscene. 

The malice of the Left is created by their Liberal world view which tolerates massive Obama failures while attacking Christie, Cruz, Rubio, Ron and Rand Paul and thousands of Right Wing Conservatives, Gun Owners, Tea Party Types and the American Middle Class. Call the Left “The Party of Sniffy Piffles. They love Obama obsessively and hate everything to the right, even if it’s still Left.

The Left really hates Capitalism, Straight People, Low-Cost Government and especially small government, Free Markets, Less regulation, Constitutional principles, personal Liberty, and it’s protection not it’s infringement. The Left also adores, demands, and creates Big Brother America which is the Root of The Tyranny of Obama including Obamacare.

But Obama’s biggest failure in a list of really big failures is  demanding and creating a Big Brother America where no one is free to decide, everyone must obey him so everyone is in danger from Oppressive Obama and his Grossly Oppressive Dictatorship. 

The latest Obama and the Left push is for even more regulation of you and your money. They will set-up the usual false problem, this time it’s “INEQUALITY” which means “Lets Destroy the Rich”. The Left has been preaching the evils of money since the Left began. Recall: “Its Easier For A Camel to Pass Thru the Eye of a Needle Than for a Rich Man to Enter the Kingdom of Heaven”, Remember too the story of Christ Driving The Money Changers Out of The Temple.

American Left Wing Lunacy.  In a free society income inequality is good, noble and highly moral and must be protected by Govenrment, unless government is a dictatorship which is the ultimate desire of Obama, the Left and the Intellectuals who just can’t buy into this Freedom stuff.

reflects differences in productive capacity, emem.  inception. Deceptively they hide their hatred of private money.

Walter Williams wrote: “Stubborn ignorance sees capitalism as benefiting only the rich, but the evidence refutes that. The rich have always been able to afford entertainment; it was the development and marketing of radio and television that made entertainment accessible to the common man. The rich have never had the drudgery of washing and ironing clothing, beating out carpets or waxing floors. The mass production of washing machines, wash-and-wear clothing, vacuum cleaners and no-wax floors spared the common man this drudgery. At one time, only the rich could afford automobiles, telephones and computers. Now all but a small percentage of Americans enjoy these goods.

“The prospects are dim for a society that makes mascots out of the unproductive and condemns the productive. Williams hits it on the head. The Losers on the Left can’t get it.

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