Racism doesn’t exist according to Wikipedia because there is, (surprise!) in their opinion, only one race. Race has, claims Wiki, been replaced by other words. Their cockeyed ideas cause them to write the word must cease to exist because it provides too much clarity to the idea of separate races. It is also offensive to the small minds of Wiki. Their solution?

Replace the word with other words. They believe words like:  populations, people(s), ethnic groups, or communities would work, missing the essence of the word racism which is race. A community with four races or two different ethnic groups even if they are the same race, a people like the American Indians or a population of perhaps Ivory Coast which includes white and black ethnics conclusively proves Wiki’s mistakes in the matter of race, racism and different races.

How can race be ignored? More important, why should race be ignored? Even more to the point, what’s wrong with race? OK, many on the Left who want to avoid offending minorities while greatly offending majorities by trying but failing to mis-inform  their minds, dislike the un-equalness of nature and thereby prove how poor is the reasoning ability of the Left and Wiki. Their strategy? Eliminate the word.

Wiki pretends to be the final intellectual word, the end-all of superior judgment and the sole arbiter of culture, race and peoples but they make massive errors in their attempts and fail in the process. In other words, they got it wrong.

Racism is a valuable tool. Oprah and Barack routinely use it against white people.Without race they cannot play the race card. What would Jesse and Al do if they lost the reason to jink about  fighting whiteies? Race is needed to identify characteristics of various peoples, cultures, populations and communities. It cannot be eliminated because that would continue to promote injustice. Anti-semitism is perhaps the greatest example for the identification of race. Eliminating the idea of Semitism which provides the base for the idea of those against Semites would really confuse the people in the Middle East. The Arab world would be left with one less neighbor to eliminate. They wouldn’t like it if they couldn’t hate Israel. They would be left only with Christians to murder.  Murder, according to all the bibles is allowed for God. The Middle East wants to act for God. Losing an entire race would remove their reason to exist.

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