In December the economy added 74,000 jobs but 347,000 additional people couldn’t find employment and left the workforce.  The federal government doesn’t count them as unemployed. They are out of the workforce but not counted. Why not? It’s called rigging the information. Propaganda in plain English.

The number of unemployed when all of the people who want a job but cannot get one stands at 13.1%. The number the federal government tells us is 6.7% which is propaganda.

There are nearly 92 million Americans outside the workforce, resulting in the lowest participation rate in 36 years.  The President’s ‘promise zones’ should be called ‘Broken Promise Zones’. They include all of America. Broken Promises for five years and three more broken promises and propaganda to go before Obama’s term is over. But then he’ll be treated as an expert and will be constantly pushed in our faces with more of his special brand of, -well it should be called what it is, his constant damage to the American economy. Is that sabotage?

Tax, spend, borrow and regulate are his policies, policies which cause joblessness, dependency and more crushing debt yet President Obama and his appointees constantly increase taxes, -[Obamacare is a tax according to the Supreme Court and is the biggest tax increase ever in America], spend more than any previous administration, borrow even more from the citizens and foreign governments, issue more regulations on top of too many regulations which increased the dependency of millions on government. Those actions work against a free market, destroy Capitalism and are deadly to the people of the United States. America needs less government.

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