The man who received the highest number of votes for Supervisor ever, Larry Weinstein, was passed over by the Northampton Board of Supervisors in favor of a supervisor who is selling electricity to the Sewage Board. Weinstein was not voted to be Chairman or Vice Chairman. He has the same status on the board as the minority supervisor, Dr. Kim Rose. (See Footnotes #1 and #2). That would be none. The three rulers, Komelasky, Silver and Moore, the Northampton Troika, constitute a majority. They don’t need Larry Weinstein and they just advised him they don’t by not appointing him Chairman or Vice Chairman.

Being chairman is difficult you say? Think again. Come to or watch a Supervisor meeting. See the involvement of the Township Attorney with the chairman. The attorney gives the answers unless the Township Manager does. The Chairman is the person with the gavel but the power may or does lie elsewhere.  

The suspicious votes which shoved Weinstein’s record-breaking number of votes aside, happened less than three weeks after the politicians who run Northampton refused to honor an agreement to sell the old Richboro Schoolhouse to the Community Torah Center. The details are simple. When the time to bid expired only one bidder had submitted a bid.  The successful bid was ignored and another bidder “appeared”. Shortly after the first bid it was increased $50,000 because, apparently, someone reveled their first bid was too low. Is Northampton Corrupt? Is Rice White?

Political Bias Against Weinstein? Crony Appointments? How obvious must Corruption be for the community to holler Enough!

Corruption includes but is not limited to: bribery, extortion, cronyism, nepotism, patronage, graft, and embezzlement. All seem to be happening in Northampton. Northampton is close to Philly and other known sources of corrupt politicians so Northampton is not unique but when politicians don’t follow or break the rules the community is at risk. With the recent history of physical assaults during and after Northampton Government meetings, with the un-announced assignment of a plain clothes detective to government meetings, Northampton is further along the Corruption Trail than is evident to a casual observer. All’s well ’til the hurricane hits.

The appearance of impropriety is often like seeing only the tip of an iceberg. Repression of political opponents is another sign there’s more to Northampton Politics than meets the eye. Overlooking Larry Weinstein is a blatant slap in the face to the citizens of Northampotn who turned out and voted for Larry. What does that mean to you? More important, what are you going to do about it?

If history is a guide, very little. There are no more than 10 Northampton citizens at large interested enough in the township to follow the issues. The record setting budget was presented by the township manager. Robert Pellegrino and there was only one  dissenter, Democrat Supervisor Frank Rothermel. How little and how ineffective is the Board of Supervisors when one lone supervisor reads and comments on the record busting budget? How pathetic when so few Northampton citizens show up at the Supervisor Meetings.   

Who’s in charge of Northampton? (Hint: his initials are: George Komelasky). It’s sure not Larry Weinstein, the top vote getter who should do something about it like change his political party. Why be loyal to people who dream up ways to poke their finger in your eye and get away with it? Why support the ruling elite when it’s all one way against you. A moment when you are tested may go un-noticed but when the snakes are out in the open the test is as clear as can be.  

Footnote #1. Democratic Bucks County Commissioner Diane Marseglia is going to run against Republican State Senator “Tommy” Tomlinson per the December 10, 2013 report in the Courier. Rumor is Supervisor Dr. Kim Rose wanted to run for State Senate.

#2. Dr Kim Rose may be gearing up to run for Commissioner Diane Marseglia’s seat as Commissioner.



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