The Left hates it. So does most of the Right because both Left and Right support the greater good theory of government as well as the idea of living for things greater than oneself. Most people support selflessness. In practice that means self-sacrifice, self-abnegation, self-denial, self immolation and of course self-destruction in favor of the culture.

Most people deny that your life belongs to you. That’s the message of abortion foes, that the woman should sacrifice herself but that comes from the idea that living for yourself is immoral. Capitalism gives your life more importance than the lives of others and locates the purpose of your life as doing what is good for you.

Let’s not fall for that old cliché that you are your brothers keeper. If you default on your own life, how could you take care of your brother? You must come first. A rule of law that considers your duty to society as more important than your duty to yourself is impossible to keep but that’s what the culture wants you to accept and in the process you will work for others before yourself. That’s most immoral. That’s what all Socialist systems and all dictatorships depend on, –you working for them.

Hillary thinks “it takes a village” but the village can not eat. That takes individuals. The village cannot breathe. That takes an individual. But tribal cultures never admitted the importance of the individual because the weak wanted to capture the muscles of the strong so they invented the idea that the group is more important than the individual. The problem for them is the individuals who make-up of the group. they hate doing the arithmetic because it means counting the individuals. The number of individuals is the proof the individual exists, the group is noting buy a word that includes each individual. That’s why the number is important. 

Capitalism doesn’t come into existence on it’s own. It’s a difficult intellectual achievement to resist Group-Think and to be able to support the idea that each individual is moral so long as they understand their first requirement to help themselves and that no other individual must be served by you. Only Capitalism supports that.

Notice the similarity between the Religious Right, the Socialist Left and the Environmentalists who want you to sacrifice yourself to God, Society and the Earth. That’s what Capitalism is against. It’s you first.

None of the Group-Thinkers, neither the Religionists, the Socialists or the Greens want a strong individual because an individual understands your life should not be sacrificed in favor of something or anything else. Your life is an end in itself. A proper culture would admit that. Capitalism does. The others don’t.

The Religionists, the Socialists and the Greens may disagree on many things but they are united that they want you to sacrifice your life and work in favor of their cause. Capitalism opposes them. 

The similarities among the Group First crowd knows they must live according to the principles of Capitalism and that’s what’s so great about it. They live here in the real world where their individual needs must come first but they refuse to accept it while they practice it.  Everyone who thinks about morality knows Capitalism is the only moral system.

the Civil Rights movement was jump started by one individual, Rosa Parks who did not think she should give up her seat. That’s individualism. That’s Capitalism. That’s the part of the Civil Rights movement the Left and the Right get wrong. Civil Rights apply to individuals. Capitalism begins with individuals who are free. that’s what’s so great about it.



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