He has the reasoning ability of a sperm cell. He blames the GOP for refusing to pay people for not working. He hates and blames: the GOP, the Republican “Far Right”, the Tea Parties, Republican voters, the Right, the Far Right, Ayn Rand, followers of Ayn Rand, Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, Representative Paul Ryan, House Speaker John Boehner and probably Aristotle. He included all of them (except for Aristotle) in a recent column printed in the Courier Times on January 3, 2014. Why the Courier disgraces itself by printing such a hateful, race baiting columnist is a mystery. Maybe Robinson is part of the reason the Courier is losing readers.

The Courier and Robinson should understand people who collect unemployment benefits don’t read the Courier or Robinson. the Courier however is on the side of Robinson so they are beyond the reach of reason on this issue also.

But Robinson’s mission is to spread hate like the nitwits who spoke at NYC Mayor deBlasio’s inauguration. Robinson has pathological issues in addition to a low intellect. Only brain damage could cause so much hate.   

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