He’s against “Economic Inequality” and “Social Inequality” yet he favors education. He thereby contradicts himself.

One of the great levelers of society is education. More education is seen as an advantage compared to less education so most leaders including de Blasio promote education. Education also provides the ability to earn more income for graduates. More income is what deBlasio is against because it means less equality, right? If someone makes more money because they have a superior set of intellectual skills, viz., they know more than un-educated people, doesn’t deBlasio know education increases income inequality? A better education means more unequal treatment as graduates get better jobs, How can de Blasio support more education if it makes people less economically equal?

De Blasio is an unabashed Progressive. Progressives have all sorts of conflicting theories like making things economically equal but educating people which increases the income of those who are better educated. Progressives are merry about taxing success then saying they are not penalizing success. Confused? Maybe you aren’t a Progressive.

Is there more about Bill deBlasio that’s not good for society? Yes. He talked about some of his agenda in his inauguration speech He is not grounded in the values in the Constitution but in the values and virtues of the Left. That’s too bad.

There is a lot more to New York City than Bill de Blasio, otherwise many businesses would leave, lots of people would refuse to visit and many would move away.



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