Called Locomotive because it hits the taste buds like the engine on a freight train.

Makes two generous servings. Double everything for four. Forget doing this for one person or even for two small servings, It’s that much trouble. And buy good stuff. Life is short.

Serving bowls, frozen, two

Romaine lettuce, — 1/4 head

Iceberg lettuce, —1/4 head

Olive Oil, —1 1/2 Tablespoons

Fresh garlic cloves, — 1 or 2

Anchovy fillet, — 1

Apple cider vinegar, — 1 1/2 to 2 Tablespoons

Mayonnaise, — 1 1/2 Tablespoons

Worchester Sauce — 1 teaspoon

Fresh lemon, — 1 Tablespoon of juice

Mustard Powder, — 1/2 teaspoon

Accent or Sugar — 1/3 teaspoon


Pepper, Fresh ground

Parmesan Cheese, Fresh Grated, — 6 to 8 Tablespoons

Blue Cheese, crumbled, Treasure Cave, — about 1/3 of a pack

Egg, small, fresh, — 1

Croutons, small, — 1 handful.

Pat individual lettuce leaves dry and chill in refrigerator to increase crispness.

Put the olive oil in a large, high quality Teak salad bowl. If you don’t have one this salad is a great reason to invest inone. It’s that good.

Crush garlic cloves in a garlic press and add them to the large, high quality Teak salad bowl.

Crush the anchovy in the mixture. Have one while you are working. Enjoy life.

Use the tablespoon to crush and mix the oil, garlic and anchovy. Leave for an hour or two, if possible. Time gives the oil a deeper garlic flavor. Yum!


Add vinegar, mayonnaise, Worchester sauce, lemon juice, mustard powder. Substitute Guldens mustard in a pinch but don’t waste money on Grey Poupon. It doesn’t have enough flavor.


Time wilts the lettuce so working quickly to keep the chill on everything , tear the lettuce into eating size bits and put it in the Teak bowl. Break the raw egg and drop it into the center of the pile of lettuce. Pierce the yolk. Using a fork and a tablespoon place them together in the bottom of the bowl and gently lift the lettuce from the bottom of the pile to the top. Do this until the dressing coats each piece.


Sprinkle the Blue Cheese over the top and lightly use the fork and Tablespoon to toss the salad.


Add the croutons.


Notes: Garlic powder cannot be substituted for the fresh garlic. The flavor is too small compared to fresh. Balsamic or Tarragon vinegar’s give a smoother flavor than Apple cider vinegar. An inexpensive red jug wine works instead of Apple cider vinegar but the flavor is not as pungent as the Apple cider vinegar. Plain vinegar seems too sharp but a smaller amount will work fine. The anchovy can be omitted but the flavor will be thinner and not as wide in the mouth. The raw egg makes the leaves shine and adds to the texture but doesn’t seem to affect the flavor. The mayonnaise imparts sufficient egg flavor. Don’t dare substitute salad dressing for the mayo. If you use an egg make sure it’s fresh and try to remove the harmless little white squiemey thing or take a chance a guest will hurl or scream when it appears on their fork.


Don’t worry if people say they don’t like anchovies ‘cause they probably never tasted them. There’s no way for them to know they’re in there so they eat ‘em. Course if someone tell’s me that before I start I would not add them, just as you wouldn’t either.


The deeper color of the Romaine makes the salad look more luscious. The Iceberg keeps the shape of the stuff. So… 100% Romaine looks wilted and too dark. 100% Iceberg looks like potato salad. Bib, lettuce, Boston, Hydroponic and other lettuces favored by Gender Liberals are a waste of money because the dressing is so powerful none of the subtle taste differences come through. Don’t go adding ham or chicken to this stuff. It grosses them up or something. Ugh! This dressing is for older folks whose taste buds are almost shot. They need strong flavors. Don’t add bacon bits either. The crunchy texture doesn’t belong and when they bite into a bacon bit they think they cracked a crown or something so have a heart!


This dressing wilts the leaves rather quickly and makes the Romaine limp and almost unappetizing so keep the lettuce and the individual bowls cold. Refrigerated leftover salad can be eaten the next day but it looks awful and the croutons are so soft they almost gag. Better to eat this stuff right away… or throw it out.


Taste the dressing after each ingredient is added. Get to understand how each affects the result. Use the amounts above as a guide but change the amounts to get the taste you like. After doing this two or three times you will know how the final result will taste as you go along so you can confidently adjust the ingredients as you make the dressing. The quantities are not critical and the dressing depends on each ingredient but it seems to taste OK even when different amounts are used.    



Sauté   garlic, onion and mushrooms in olive oil and add them to any store bought   spaghetti sauce because after this dressing otherwise the sauce will seem   weak. Plain or buttered rolls or bread will also taste weak so make up some   real garlic butter with fresh cloves for garlic bread


All white wines taste like they soured after tasting this dressing so serve this stuff with a rough Red wine like a good jug Burgundy or Pinot Noir. A strong Chianti seems best… better than a Borolo or a Bordolino. Anything better will really be wasted because the dressing flavor will just overpower it. Boujelois works too but the flavor of the wine will thin out when it hits the dressing. Chilean, Greek and Bulgarian Reds work too.


Strong flavored entree’s should follow this because the taste is seriously damaged for awhile under the onslaught of garlic, vinegar, Worchester and Parmesan. This dressing is like life. It’s loaded with pure pleasure. Eating a little or eating fast is missing a lot. This is living large. ©,™

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