Sure, Obama ruined most of the Medical Insurance Market but the cost of medical care drove everything. Of course, government regulations for decades helped increase the cost of medical care. So whose fault is Obamacare? Obama’s. No denial is possible. But, and this is a major but, a big part of the high cost of Obamacare is the high cost of health care which are caused by the loss of a free market for medical care.

High Medical Costs could have been fixed without a government takeover and the implementation of a government run totalitarian style medical system worthy of the Soviet Union but it would require a lot of new information being generated about health care and the identification of the costs caused by government regulation.

One example is the cost of licensing health care practitioners. Government licensing the professions is itself un-constitutional. Government was never given the power to license doctors, accountants, engineers and other professional people.

Another huge problem for health care practitioners is high liability insurance cost which is caused at least in large part by government regulations and human greed. 

The jury system is partly responsible because jurors have compassion as well as a desire to help victims, even when the victims are victims of their own stupidity or their own greed. Jury awards way out of proportion to injury or even despite no medical cause for injury, just a large insurance company that will have to pay an unfortunate victim with a greedy lawyer driving the immoral rewards.

Government Medical Care is here to stay. Even the advocates of repeal don’t really want repeal. they want to tweak the government system which means keep Obamacare but change some elements of it.

So tough luck for Americans who are innocent victims of Obama.

There’s an even a bigger set of issues here caused by a President who has become an outcast among most Americans because of his evident distain for American values, his bigotry towards certain classes and races of Americans, his detachment from the problems he has caused, his rationalizations, his retention of an impeached Attorney General, his silent support of the ideas of Reverend Wright and many additional issues whereby President Obama has demonstrated why he is the worst American President ever. Would that the man would have compassion and step down. Vice President Biden, as phony a man as he is would not be as bad.

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