Oct 092017

Saturday Night Live must be salivating about all the possibilities for merriment based on the predatory race-based players refusing to at least just stand there while the National Anthem is being played. Note that some of the take a knee’ers probably don’t even recognize the anthem,

Colin Kaepernick is so dumb he walked away from millions of dollars for his foolishness. Foolish because not only did he get nowhere with his taking a knee, he made things worse for the entire professional football industry. Kaep’s income turned out to be a three-year deal worth a $39,4  million. He could have earned $126 million if everything went well. Now he can’t get a job where he will be recognized because he made himself into one of the most hated people in the world. 

Oct 092017

Power obviously overcomes personal appearances when it comes to getting women to watch as they exposed themselves and both Weinstein and Weiner had the underlying psychosis. Somehow their sexual distress drove them to exhibitionismm most likely their attempt to overcome their perceived lack of appeal to women.  In law exhibitionism may be called indecent exposure, “exposing one’s person”, or other expressions. There’s a psychological basis for such exhibitionistic disorder deviant behaviors. 

Exhibitionistic disorder involves exposing one’s genitals or sexual organs to a non-consenting person. This condition falls under the psychiatric category of paraphilic disorders, which refer to persistent and intense atypical sexual arousal patterns that are accompanied by clinically significant distress or impairment. Exhibitionistic disorder was referred to as exhibitionism in previous versions of the DSM.
Many people on the prowl for cash like Hillary Clinton whored themselves prostate for harvey and he obligingly walked all over them.
It’s been written that people knew about Harvey Weinstein. Like the New York Times, for instance. Sharon Waxman, a former reporter at the Times, writes in The Wrap how she had the story on Weinstein in 2004—and then he bullied the Times into dropping it. Matt Damon and Russell Crowe even called her directly to get her to back off the story. And Miramax was a major advertiser. Her editor at the Times, Jonathan Landman, asked her why it mattered. After all, he told Waxman, “he’s not a publicly elected official.” This is the world of a human pig, the world of Weinstein.

According to The Weekly Standard, more than 20 people in one magazine office alone all had the story about Harvey Weinstein’s “mistreatment” of women.

So why didn’t anyone write it? Everyone had the story.

The reason no one wrote it is not because the press wanted to get Weinstein, but couldn’t prove the story. No, it’s because the press was protecting Weinstein.
Bill Clinton offered get-out-of-jail-free cards to a whole army of sleazeballs, from Jeffrey Epstein to Harvey Weinstein to the foreign donors to the Clinton Global Initiative. The deal was simple: Pay up, genuflect, and get on with your existence. It was like a papacy selling indulgences, at the same time that everyone knew that the cardinals were up to no good. The 2016 election demolished Clinton world once and for all, to be replaced by the cult of Obama, an austere sect designated by their tailored hair shirts with Nehru collars. “That is not who we are as Americans,” they chant, as Harvey Weinstein’s ashes are scattered in the wind.

Oct 092017

The final price tag for the 2016 Presidential election, primaries and the General is in: $2.4 billion according to campaign finance watchdog OpenSecrets.org. The total cost of all of the 2016 campaigns was $6.5 billion. Of that total Russia spent $100,000. What percent is that? Russia spent one dollar out of every $65,000 dollars. Russia was outspent $64,999 dollars to one. They spent one penny for every 6,499,999 pennies that was spent. Russia was not only out spent, their spending was irrelevant.

Oct 092017

They’ve become what they always wanted to be, the biggest joke on Saturday Night. Are they backed by America-hating George Soros? 

SNL is no longer funny. Watching these little ultra left squirts degrade, and belittle people who have different political views made really crappy television. 

SNL is finished. Too much hate and racist politics has taken over. Alec Baldwin has been the best undertaker ever with his lousy acting especially because he put his heart into it. He really does hate President Trump.  

All that’s left is to announce the replacement. 

Oct 092017

“With television audiences declining every week and fans growing increasingly tired of the disrespect of the flag, the league and the players’ union would find it in their best interest to end the liberal activism and focus on football,” said 2ndVote. “After all, millions are finding it in their best interest not to watch the NFL at all.”
The Washington Times Reported: NFL players’ union teamed up with Soros to fund leftist advocacy groups.
Tax documents show NFLPA activism goes beyond take-a-knee protests. “Clearly, ‘social activism’ by NFL players includes aligning with George Soros and other liberal organizations in support of the left’s agenda,” said 2ndVote, a conservative watchdog group.
The NFLPlayersAssociation, the players union, issued a statement in support of players who have protested racial injustice by sitting or taking a knee during the national anthem after Trump suggested in a Sept. 22 speech that team owners should fire those who refuse to stand.

The idea of eliminating “racial injustice” appeals to most people but outside of the differences because of race none of the protesters have any information or facts to back their play.

In a joint statement, the NFL and NFLPA said they met Tuesday to discuss “the important issue of social activism by NFL players,” but 2ndVote urged them to call a halt to the political advocacy.
“With television audiences declining every week and fans growing increasingly tired of the disrespect of the flag, the league and the players’ union would find it in their best interest to end the liberal activism and focus on football,” said 2ndVote. “After all, millions are finding it in their best interest not to watch the NFL at all.”

Oct 092017

Twenty-six year old Reid’s salary is $5,676,000 per year. ALMOST $6 MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR. He thinks he’s oppressed. He thinks black people are oppressed but offers not details of the supposed oppression. 

Reid said: “The act (taking a knee) is designed to press for equality and tackle what Reid says is “systemic oppression.” “”He (Vice President Pence) knew our team has had the most players protest,” Reid told NBC Sports Bay Area. “He knew that we were probably going to do to it again. This is what systemic oppression looks like. A man with power comes to a game, he tweets a couple things out and leaves the game with an attempt to thwart our efforts.”

So Tweeting is ‘Systemic Oppression’??
For the record, Reid is a black male.

He claimed the VP’s walk-out was ‘a PR stunt’ missing the point about Reid’s PR stunt that caused the issue.

He should be fired from the NFL for attempted fraud but he is a great football player and if he can get his day job separated from his politics maybe people would pay to see him play. Unless, and until that happens he should not be allowed to wear the 49er’s uniform.