Oct 072017

Genesis is about the evil committed by Adam and Eve which got them kicked out of paradise. Many believe it wasn’t an apple but sex that was forbidden. . . But if God had really wanted people to refrain from evil acts and thoughts, like the act and thought of disobedience, then, says Christopher Hitchens, “he should have taken more care to invent a different species.”

Hugh Hefner is being given credit for either freeing people to talk about sex or revealing the insides of women but he didn’t invent women, sex or the camera which he used to show what previously hadn’t been shown, at least not too often and not so explicitly. America has a Pilgrim Problem; a massive sexual repression not visible in other cultures.
No doubt Hefner made sex more normal In America. In public his versions of woman usually were no more revelaing than a bikini and Hefner didn’t invent that either.

Hefner also seems to have invented the centerfold. Males figure that out and count it as a blessing. It also gives a rather tedious issue to religions which can protest against human behavior without the fear of ever losing the issue. Sex is here to stay. That’s a wonderful thought.