Oct 062017

The races are different. See: “The Bell Curve” (1995) for some information about the differences in intelligence by race. 

Race-based intelligence differences are denied by some scholars and affirmed by others. Reporting and reading about the two opposite viewpoints. i.e., there are no differences or the differences are sufficient to be important in analyzing race, can be a huge undertaking but the issue at it’s base is rather simple. People differ in their intelligence. Those differences can be separated by race that show there are differences by race.

How important is high intelligence? That depends on the issue.
From Charles Murray, 1995: “Here is the truth: the relationships between IQ and social behaviors that we present in The Bell Curve are not only “significant” in the standard statistical sense of that phrase, they are powerful in a substantive sense,”

History can be analysed with or without reference to intelligence or race. The outcome of a war can have a racial component. Race wars are obviously race based.

Is there a “Superior Race”? If there is, is it the white race?
“Probably not” and “No” are the best answers.
That should be the absolute end of the idea of “White Supremacy” but many people’s careers depend on the idea that white people are superior. Too bad. Those careers are lies.