Oct 052017

Gay men are at an significant statistically higher-than-average-risk-of-premature-death . . . . from anal sex. Period. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you different.

Women who engage in any type of sex with gay men also increase the probability of early death.

Gay men increase their infection rates of HIV, AIDS and HEP-C by anal sex. Oral sex is not much protection from HIV.

HIV is spread via body fluids including rectal fluid which is the fluid in the intestines and rectum. Cancer is spread in various ways but an easy route to anal cancer is anal sex. Condoms may seem to offer some protection but at best it is very little protection because: the withdrawn condom is covered on the outside with rectal fluid which can easily spread the HIV virus and because the condom cannot be removed without touching it with the fingers they become a source of viral infection. HERE. .

From CATIE: MEN WHO HAVE SEX WITH MEN ARE 131 TIMES MORE LIKELY TO GET HIV THAN OTHER MEN. Here. Death from HIV is no different than death from something else. Dead is the end.

Oct 052017

The black and the white races are different and; –unfortunately, based on history,  hostile. It’s an exceptional person, white or black, who can thrive with people of the other race because such behavior is impossible because of the hostility of black people against whites.
White people are constantly taunted by being labeled “white supremacists”. Proof white people want to get along with black people and want black people to do good is shown at every National League football game where the players are 75% black and the fans who pay about $100 per seat to watch them play are about 80% white. .