Aug 062017

Invite the Central American Countries to join America and build the wall on the Panama border with Colombia. the Panama Columbia border is only about 160 miles but it’s such a physically dangerous place we may not even need a wall to keep out illegal aliens. 

It would mean seven countries would become part of America. Sure, we get 7  more states and 43 more millions of people but there are so many immigrants from those seven countries already in America that most people wouldn’t notice a few more.
It would stop most illegal immigration cold because the Mexicans, Belizeans, Costa Ricans, Salvadorians, Hondurans. Nicaraguans and Panamanians wouldn’t have to travel to get to America. When they wake up in the morning they would already be here.  
There’s the welfare but there’s also Capitalism which is what makes the biggest difference between Cuba and Puerto Rico so the new states would immediately be on their way to more prosperity.
The corruption would have to be stopped. We have a lot of experience stopping corruption. Hillary didn’t get elected so we have a record of going in the right direction.
All of the people already speak our second language, Spanish,…. so assimilation would be easier than bringing in Middle Easterners and we could encourage them to visit in the winter when the weather in the seven new counties is gorgeous.

Plus we may not have to build a wall at all.