Aug 052017

It’s doubtful that the very biased special prosecutor Democrat Robert Mueller can distinguish the likely guilty from the probably falsely accused. His built in Liberal, Democrat bias means he cannot be objective. He’s the classic definition of a biased man.

Although it’s highly doubtful Mueller is non-partisan, the people he has hired are highly partisan, biased liberal Democrats to the core. At least four of them, Andrew Weissmann, James L. Quarles III, Jeannie Rhee and Elizabeth Prelogar contributed to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and Ms. Rhee represented the (almost certainly corrupt) Clinton Foundation.

The deck is stacked against the president. Mueller will investigate Donald Trump, not the Russians. No you say? Wanna bet? 

President Trump has weighed in: “You are witnessing the single greatest WITCH HUNT in American political history — led by some very bad and conflicted people!” Trump said on Twitter. A Witch Hunt was elevated to the clergy by the book The Malleus Maleficarum, usually translated as Hammer of Witches. It is the best known and the most important treatise on witchcraft. It was written by the Catholic clergyman Heinrich Kramer (under his Latinized name Henricus Institoris) and first published in the German city of Speyer in 1487.[8] It endorses killing women who are called withches and for this purpose develops a detailed legal and religious theory.
It was a bestseller, second only to the Bible in terms of sales for almost 200 years.

Malleus wrongly elevated sorcery to the criminal status of heresy and prescribed inquisitorial practices for secular courts in order to find and destroy witches. The recommended procedures include torture to effectively obtain confessions and the death penalty as the only sure remedy against evils of witchcraft. It was typical to burn witches alive while tied to a stake. The witch trials in America at Salem and other American places occurred in the late 1600’s. The episodes in Salem Mass. are Colonial America’s most notorious cases of mass hysteria.

Aug 052017

To stop the destroyers of America who constantly act to weaken instead of strengthen America and our founding principles president Trump introduced the Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy Act (RAISE Act). The RAISE Act is aimed at creating a skills-based immigration system that will make America more competitive, raise wages for American workers, and create jobs. Americans deserve a raise. Who could oppose that or even a part of it?

Aug 052017

People it’s been said soon look like their pets and the Tea Party is now firmly in the Republican camp. It’s what happens when the dog catches the car. 

Sarah Palin endorsed anti-establishment Donald Trump. Of course..
Most of the political figures associated with the Tea Party movement are gone from public office. Representative Michele Bachmann retired in 2014. Senator Jim DeMint resigned from the Senate to take over the Heritage Foundation. Former Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli lost his bid for governor in 2013. The governor he sought to replace, Bob McDonnell, is currently appealing his conviction on federal corruption charges. Former Massachusetts senator Scott Brown was once hailed for winning “the Tea Party’s first electoral victory.” He lost his reelection bid to Democrat Elizabeth Warren in 2012, and a subsequent race for the Senate in New Hampshire last cycle.
The Tea Party brags: “we win by electing Republicans” completely missing the purpose of most Tea Party people.

The Tea Party actually now represents the true GOP “establishment.” It’s jarring to hear Nikki Haley, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, and Trey Gowdy now described as “Establishment” figures. The Tea Party Express, Tea Party Patriots, and Palin all cheered when Mitt Romney picked Ryan as his running mate. How quickly the outsiders become insiders.
The 2016 Republican presidential field burst at the seams with Republican officials once considered tea-party favorites: Scott Walker of Wisconsin, Rand Paul of Kentucky, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Rick Perry of Texas. A 2010 Newsweek piece on the Tea Party included Carly Fiorina’s Senate bid in California, and even John Kasich ran that year by saying, “I was in the Tea Party before there was a Tea Party.” Ted Cruz, of course, gave the movement one of its biggest victories when he upset Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst in the 2012 Texas senatorial primary.

None of these candidates have re-united the movement that roared in 2010. Perhaps Cruz came closest, but as Palin’s endorsement of Trump demonstrates, Cruz wasn’t everyone’s first choice.