Aug 032017

To grow, you have to learn new things. Obama has basically a closed loop system. He arrived with a set of very radical left-wing beliefs. He interpreted all the information he got through those left-wing beliefs. He surrounded himself only with people who had only left-wing beliefs. And — and so by the time he left, there was no reason for him to have grown.

I mean, I think his national security team probably thinks they’ve been very, very clever. They’ve weakened America in Cuba. They’ve weakened America in Venezuela. They’ve weakened America in the entire Middle East. They’ve weakened America in dealing with Russia. They actually probably think this is a success because their left-wing view is that a strong America is dangerous to the world.

MALKIN: Yet. I will tell you this. The Trump administration represents a return to law and order. And this poses an existential threat to the rule of the mob. That’s a social justice agitators who’ve had their way for the last eight years, the anarchists, the collectivists, the anti-capitalists, the Occupy Wall Street crowd, every last subsidized George Soros outfit community organizing group in America, many of them of course taxpayer subsidized.

And we’ve seen these outbreaks of violence, this deliberate disorder on the part of many of these groups, and it dates back years and years and years. It is not just America. It is a global movement.