May 302017

President Trump explained to the leaders of over 50 Muslim countries that terrorists do not worship God, they worship death.

He called the terrorists criminals and said the battle against them is a battle between good and evil.

He called on the heads of the assembled Arab and Muslim nations to drive the terrorists out of the Arab lands and to drive them out of this earth. His plan is to deny terrorists and their organizations control of territory and people and to strip them of their access to money.

Trump continued: “Religious leaders must make this absolutely clear: Barbarism will deliver you no glory – piety to evil will bring you no dignity.

“If you choose the path of terror, your life will be empty, your life will be brief, and YOUR SOUL WILL BE CONDEMNED.” Go Mr. President.

On the flip side are Americans like the Objectivists who want to defeat terrorism by talking it to death. Craig Biddle published “Ten Steps to End Jihad Against the West.” Those include sending American Military forces against terrorists. Where would he send them? Blank out. Who would they kill? Blank out.
Biddle wants to drop leaflets. His point is: “#6. Airdrop leaflets explaining the West’s new policy and encouraging the establishment of rights-respecting governments.

“After obliterating jihad-sponsoring regimes and jihadist groups, Western nations should airdrop leaflets throughout the Muslim world explaining that henceforth this is how the West will respond to any and all jihadist threats against Westerners, and encouraging the people of the Muslim world to make the choices and take the actions necessary to join the civilized world.” Ho Ho Ho.

The Arabs are part of the civilized world. Have been for quite sometime. President Trump is far beyond Biddle. He went into the Arab world and told them to drive the terrorists out of their cultures instead of dropping leaflets. Biddle has no good idea of the enemy we face or he would have kept his yap shut. He still has a chance to intellectually redeem himself. Get behind President Trump or keep up your schoolyard nonsense. Trump’s way will win. Biddle’s way will do nothing.

May 302017

NASA Released it’s plans for the Journey to Mars as soon as Obama can get away with it. 
NASA astronauts Kjell Lindgren and Scott Kelly recently harvested red lettuce grown on the International Space Station. Ex-President Obama loves red lettuce because it’s not white.

“NASA is closer to sending Obama to Mars than at any point in our history,” said NASA Administrator Charles Bolden. Good, say the Friends of everyone else. Just kidding but it would be nice.

May 302017

Four months into the presidency he has attracted enemies on both sides of the aisle. He has been too accommodating; sliding into the strategy of playing along; of appeasement; to get some of what he wants done. He needs to turn and fight while he has the people with him,. . . and he does.

Trump knows how corrupt and foolish the media is/are. He has Rush on his side too, as well as some of some of the best thinkers in the world on his staff but some powerful stinkers are against him. Hillary and Barack to name two who are almost un-America in their hate towards Donald John.

Trump has failed to kill Obamacare. Too many chicken-crap-weasel Republicans want to be re-elected and they fear the cheering from the mainstream media for all things Obama including Obamacare which means the crap-weasel Republicans will neither repeal Obamacare nor replace it with something better, … or worse if you are Libertarian.

Most of all, he needs to confront Congress on his Wall On The Southern Border With Mexico and on immigration right away before the courts put his immigration policies in a coffin and a grave. They already started.

Trump can re-word and re-issue anti immigration Exec Orders while he takes his fight to Congress. As president he can simply refuse to issue visa’s to people from and in terror-exporter countries.

Trump has fought his way out of many attacks during his short Presidential career so he can certainly do it again. Will he do it? Of course. . . Or maybe, . . . . I don’t know, . . but he’s a winner and winners win when they fight. The Left doesn’t fight. They engage in sabotage so they are disarmed in an open fight against President Trump. Good. He’ll win again and again. That’s good for Americans. That’s good for America and ultimately that’s good for the rest of the world.

May 302017

He’s a pastor from Lebanon PA, who thinks science is so settled about only men or women being created that he uses his version of science to deny homosexuals based on his interpretation of the bible that only two sexes were created. He believes homosexuality is chosen and a man decides to be gay or a woman to be lesbian.

He is Jeffrey Griffith. He is not only Christian, he’s a pastor as well as “an educator” although we are left to guess if he is employed as a teacher. Educator is one of those vague terms that could include the precocious child in a sandbox showing mama how the car-car works all the way up to a tenured university professor of nuclear physics. Jeffery’s writing is vague so the fact he doesn’t write that well would rule him out as a real teacher.
Jeffery is a pastor from Lebanon who hasn’t yet grasped the differences between heterosexual, homosexual or lesbian, not to mention trans-sexual, bi-sexual, in-transition on questioning. LGBTQ.

Pre-diluvian (before the biblical flood) Pastor Jeffery naively seems to think every heterosexual is in possession of an identical sex drive when we know sexuality follows a continuum from barely male to almost uncontrollable male. Psychological and philosophical studies of human sexuality places sexual orientation on a continuous spectrum from heterosexuality to homosexuality, with sexuality ranging from exclusive attraction to the opposite sex to exclusive attraction to the same sex. A continuum means millions of people with subtle differences in their sexual inclinations. The pastor seems completely uninformed about that fact of human nature as to be in clinical denial about sex.
People like pastor Jeff show how much work is yet to be done to educate the educators about human behavior and how wrong is is to use the bible to do it.