May 212017

Good and evil is not an original phrase for President Trump or Ayn Rand but President Trump told his newly formed 50 plus member Arab equivalent of NATO to drive out the Terrorists because they represent evil he was following in Rand’s footsteps.

In Atlas Shrugged Rand wrote” ” The truly and deliberately evil men are a very small minority; it is the appeaser who unleashes them on mankind; it is the appeaser’s intellectual abdication that invites them to take over. When a culture’s dominant trend is geared to irrationality, the thugs win over the appeasers. When intellectual leaders fail to foster the best in the mixed, unformed, vacillating character of people at large, the thugs are sure to bring out the worst. When the ablest men turn into cowards, the average men turn into brutes.”

President Trump’s speech was the best since Ronald Reagan in going after evil. He said all countries must work together to “honestly” confront “the crisis of Islamic extremists and the Islamists and Islamic terror of all kinds.” Calling on the assembled members to “drive them out” of their countries and mosques the President was showing them how to eradicate this blotch against Islam.

Trump held individual meetings with leaders of several nations, including Egypt and Qatar, before participating in a round-table with the Gulf Cooperation Council and joining Saudi King Salman in opening Riyadh’s new anti-terrorism center.

Great speech by a great, great man. Sorry for sounding trite but the truth is often so simple it seems trite.