May 132017

A major problem for the social system based on everyone being the same as everyone else i.e., Socialism is the fact that more education increases the intellectual differences between people making the distinctions between the classes more obvious thereby destroying socialism. Some would say that’s appalling. Others would welcome it as sotto voce proof of the superiority of a system that rewards some classes of people more than others. President Nixon and Patrick Moynihan said about IQ and Race: know the truth,.. don’t admit it.

aT THAT TIME, what both Herrnstein and Jensen were saying—and being pilloried for—was that you can’t close an IQ gap that’s hereditary by Head Start and free school breakfasts. Jensen’s famous 1969 Harvard Educational Review article was called How Much Can We Boost IQ and Scholastic Achievement? HERE.

The answer, then and since is “Not much.”

May 132017


NO. Most emphatically NO.
Would democracy help Iraq? Maybe. Why not an enthusiastic YES!
Because the people of Iraq don’t seem to want Freedom. They don’t seem to want a culture based on Liberty. They prefer their political system which is part of Islam.
Should America try to change Iraq to a culture based on Liberty? Not really and America should be careful how much trying should be done.
Iraq would be better with a culture based on Liberty but that and it is up to the Iraq people to install it. First they must overthrow their religion-based political culture. The smart money bet is: that’s not happening.
Israel has a sort of system based on both a secular and a religious base so Israel is not like America which is a secular based political system. America is not hostile to religion but it has tried, unsuccessfully, to keep religion and government separate. That’s very different from Israel and almost impossibly different in Iraq and most perhaps all of the Middle East countries.
America needs to back out of Iraq. If there are strategic reasons for America to keep military people in Iraq, then OK, American military can be there but not without Iraq approval.

May 132017


The Party Picked The Winners long before the election.
Here’s how corrupt a township supervisors race is in little Northampton Township, Bucks County, PA.
The Republicans Party, . . .The Democrats Do The Same Thing…
The Party picked their candidates in February.
One “Race” for Supervisor has only the party pick. Period. No Competitor. . .No Debates
. . . No Competition, ….just the good old corrupt Party Pick/ / / But there is another spot, …Another Supervisor’s Race. The party picked their candidate five months ago but one private citizen, Retired Air Force Jay Russell whose family has been in Northampton Township since the 19th century got himself on the Republican ballot. The Republican Party shunned and ignored him.

Jay Russell is on the ballot but the Republican Party refuses to tell that to the people. Instead they print a so-called “Official” ballot without Jay Russell’s name on it and they give it to the blind voters who don’t know the Republican Official Ballot is not official at all. It’s rigged because it does not show the Republicans who are on the ballot. It only shows the Party Picks. The other Republican candidates aren’t on the so-called “Official Ballot”.

Political parties become corrupt as they are successful by running government to their own ends. They engage in ruthless behavior and deceive the voters to fill their own pockets with ill-gained wealth. Northampton township in not an exception to the corrupt party rule and has provided many examples. For instance, an elected official, lets say a supervisor owns an insurance company so he can sell insurance to government at different levels. Is that corrupt? Does it give the appearance of corruption? Is corruption more or less probable when elected government officials whose duties may include approving the purchase of insurance even though the official may recuse himself from the decision? It’s like the knowing wink or the nodding head signal which is not the same as an admission that the fix is in but the appearance of impropriety comes up.
In the case of an election, the Official Republican Ballot and the Official Democratic Ballots are not the same as the official republican ballot or the official Democrat ballot which contain all of the candidates. the Official Republican Ballot for Northampton Township does not have Jay Russells name on it even though Jay is on the actual ballot.

May 132017


Big, big “but” here.

It’s FREE THOUGHT that the Courts should be supporting. That issue is much larger than gay and lesbian lifestyles and beliefs. Courts have been getting it very very wrong. They have been against FREE THOUGHT. LGBT Court Rulings have overlooked THOUGHT CONTROL.

If you disagree with anyone over any issue you must be free to at think about the issue and conclude whether or not you should take the actions demanded by the gay/lesbian “customer”. Why is “Customer” in scare quotes?

The preponderance of American Law customers can force business people to work for them the courts have been almost unanimous against business owners, managers and workers having the right to refuse to make gay/lesbian cakes and to refuse to photograph gay lesbian weddings.

The shoe was on the foot of the gays and lesbians and their supporters and against business people who provide goods and services but a Kentuucky state court and the Kentucky appeals court just disagreed.