May 112017


Buchanan claims: “. . after 1989, no new national consensus emerged over what ought to be our role in the World. What should we stand for? What should we fight for?”

We want to live in peace. Period.
What’s keeping America from meeting it’s goal? Terrorists. Buchanan however doesn’t get that. 

Buchanan claims Bush the father was correct when Bush said Pearl Harbor was caused by, …Ready for this? “America”. Bush 1 blamed Pearl Harbor on American Isolationism…. He really said that.

But America didn’t bomb Pearl Harbor. The Japanese did that. Nothing America did made it necessary for the Emperor of Japan to bomb Pearl Harbor. Nothing.
But Bush the father said it because he believes America provoked Japan to bomb Pearl Harbor.

Buchanan’s “Blame America” idea seems to agree with Bush I’s dumb idea that America caused Pearl Harbor because of America’s Isolationism and next Buchanan blames 9/11 as “payback” to America because America put American military bases: “on the sacred soil of Saudi Arabia”.