May 062017


Obama ran and won the presidency twice because of his successful appeal to the black people to engage in race based voting. Michelle and Barack as well as prominent black politicians and agitators fostered the idea that you should vote for a candidate because of race and race alone. Obama was to be “the first black president.” Millions of black voters were told to vote for him because of his black race. They ignorantly and happily complied.

It was wrong for him to expect people he persuaded to make race the central factor to stop doing so when a white woman was the candidate. Hillary wasn’t black but Barack had persuaded black people that race is the over-riding factor so his first message was so well learned that it worked against Hillary. Black people stayed home. they had no candidate to vote for because Barack and Michelle and many other prominalt black peole made being black so inportant that the black voters looked around, found no black candidate so they didn’t vote.

It’s not ironic that Barack helped Trump win because Barack took the black voters out of the election. It’s exactely how race based politics works,….. and it’s why most people detest it.

May 062017

The big guns are religious, hence President Trump will visit Mecca, The Vatican and Jerusalem. What about the dangers from Socialism which is Marxian?

Where is Ground Zero for Socialism? It isn’t Moscow. Is it Beijing? No. China is on it’s way to Capitalism even as it stubbornly tries to keep China running with totalitarianism. China is unabashedly Socialist, …. but it’s on it’s way to more individual freedom as China accepts the sovereignty of the individual mind which will enhance the trust among people who trade. Trade leads to Capitalism but Capitalism requires a mind free to make deals based on self-interest. China is far from trusting the people but the trend has been in that direction. It won’t get there soon, …. but it’s headed there.

America is the largest Socialist culture in history. The Left did that by controlling the message. When children are captured and taught the state is superior; that individuals must come second; and that welfare is needed; . . .  that culture, ..this America, … is Socialist, not Capitalist.

The biggest subject of all is philosophy. Capitalism is a political system based on the ethics of self-interest which is based on a culture run with Reason based on Reality. The alternatives are Mystic (religion) based, Fantasy,  . . .not reason, . . .  accepting State controlled politics which is where America is . . . and even with a practical President which is what President Trump is, America is still going further Left everyday because the Socialists control the kids. How?

By controlling the textbooks, by controlling the media, …by controlling Entertainment. America is therefore by default and thereby Socialist. It’s not a theory, it’s a fact.

Will America change? Not soon.