May 022017

Gobermouch bed-wetter Colbert is an unevolved slob who makes porn stars Ron Jeremy and John Holmes look like Mother Teresa. Colbert unnecessarily used inappropiate language to condemn President Trump. He said Trumps mouth is: “Putins C*ck Holster”. Who wrote this scheiss? Why did Colbert say it? Give the man a Pink Hat

Colbert brought American TV to a new low by using porn language to describe President Trump. His wife should be embarrassed because he disgraced her by her being associated to him. He turned his show, the network and himself into pornography.  In fact his language was worse than porn. It was crude, tasteless and childishly obscene. .

The hashtag #FireColbert has been spreading around Twitter, along with calls for people to boycott sponsors of the late-night show. We support the boycott and more. We can’t however boycott. We never, ever watch the juvenile slob.

It’s a measure of how far CBS has fallen that this passes for entertainment. 

Colbert was born in Washington, D.C. in 1964 to Roman Catholic parents who he disgraced by lowering American TV into cheap scatological pornographic maledicta.  Colbert proved he has insufficient intelligence to engage in political satire which he proves by his bawdy house vocabulary. Colbert can’t do any better because of his pornographic intellect. America’s Gollum. See The Hobbit. . 

May 022017

The press has abused the First Amendment by lying. Lying is protected as speech under the American First Amendment. The amendment doesn’t say that but it means that.

Protecting lying wasn’t the idea behind the First Amendment and it’s protection of speech. The idea was to expose lying and liars by printing the truth but for decades the media has been publishing lies about many things.

It took Donald Trump to make that so obvious that the media, the press, movies, comedy shows and the actors and actresses who star in ads that present the ideas to the public are now so disrespected that they have lost their credibility.

No one want’s to watch a Fake News show or read Fake News in the newspaper or in a book.  

It turns out that the press has become the adversary party. Both Democrats and Republicans voted for Donald Trump despite the constant bad publicity given to him by the mainstream media.

It turns out that the people decided the press was no longer to be trusted. Who cares about the White House Correspondents or their dopey, Trump and America hating comedian? Not the people who didn’t bother to watch their dinner.

President Trump should never, ever consider showing up in a room that’s been hostile to him for years. The mainstream media loathe him even more than Putin or Kim Jong Un.

What will replace the mainstream media? where will American’s get their news? the Internet. It’s already happened and President Trump knows it which is why he uses the internet to communicate with Americans. He tweets. that’s the new media. . .