Apr 192017

A bit of WWII history: “After visiting Moscow in the winter of 1941–1942, British Foreign Minister Eden had already advocated sacrificing the free and independent Baltic states to secure Soviet cooperation in the war.” Prime Minster Churchill and President Roosevelt went along with Stalin taking over Lithuania. Against the bigger, murderous Soviet Union Lithuania had no chance for freedom.

The Soviets took Lithuania on June 14, 1940 just as they recently took Crimea; sent tens of thousands of Lithuanians to Siberia and took away the freedom of the Lithuanians. Today, the Lithuanian language has been “Russiafied”.

What did the rest of the world do while Russia was taking over control of Lithuania? Nothing. The U.N. did nothing. Great Britain? Nothing. Europe? Nothing America? Nothing. Shameful.

In the final days of Gorbachev’s rule he sent the Soviet Military into Lithuania where they murdered 11 innocent Lithuanians:
VILNIUS, Lithuania, Sunday, Jan. 13, 1991 — A column of Soviet Army tanks, plowing through a street crowd of civilians and a cordon of parked cars, seized the television broadcast center of Lithuania in the early-morning darkness today in a fusillade of cannon and gunfire. At least 14 civilians were killed and 700 or more were wounded.

Today, Lithuania’s defense minister and military communications officials told The Guardian that they were “taking very seriously” Russia-organized propaganda efforts to undermine stability in the Baltics, which consist of Lithuania and its northern neighbors, Latvia and Estonia.

“Russia is a threat,” Lithuanian Defense Minister Raimundas Karoblis told The Guardian. “They are saying our capital Vilnius should not belong to Lithuania because between the first and second world wars it was occupied by Poland.”

“There are now reports that Klaipeda never belonged to Lithuania, that it was a gift of Stalin after the second world war,” Karoblis said. Klaipeda is Lithuania’s third-largest city.

“There are real parallels with Crimea’s annexation [from Ukraine] … We are speaking of a danger to the territorial integrity of Lithuania,” Karoblis added.

Lithuanian officials said attempts to dispute or alter history could be a prelude to offensive action, similar to more than a decade of such disinformation efforts in Ukraine that led to Russia’s annexation of the Crimean peninsula.

Last year, (2016), NATO jet scrambled in response to Russian warplanes venturing close to NATO-member airspace 800 times, a huge jump from the 400 tallied in 2014 and 2015.
The Lithuanian Embassy in the United States continued to operate during the NAZI, Soviet and Russian occupation. America never recognized Russia’s claim to be the legitimate ruler of Lithuania. While it didn’t mean much in practical terms, it was a great symbolic gesture towards free and independent Lithuania. With Putin’s aggressive leadership Russia remains a problem for Lithuania so it’s very conceivable that President Trump may have to get involved against Russia and Putin.




Apr 192017

Americans are smart enough to know what to buy. WalMart proves that everyday. Buy American only works if the producer offers the best or lowest priced products. No one should waste money and President Trump certainly knows the value of money.

It’s almost impossible to hire non-Americans because there are so many more available but President Trump doesn’t want American companies to hire capable but lower priced foreign workers. That position is immoral. Companies shouldn’t waste money either . 


Apr 192017

No one counted the shots he fired at people.
Some people just don’t get this “Law ‘n Order stuff. Hernandez didn’t. A World Class football player, Hernandez was a great example of how to ruin your life. Found guilty of at least one murder he hung himself in jail. Good riddance.
He had mental problems. No one could be so wrong so often and done so many wrong things without having an intellectual defect.
Why did he hang himself? No reason. No answer. His name will be erased from as many places as possible.
An unmarked grave would be a fitting place for someone so wrong. He becomes yet another example of an evil person.