Apr 132017

It’s like the kids were kicked out of the White House when President Trump took over. He has a white house and a new Gold House where he likes to go on weekends. Good. Gold is a great symbolic color for America. Mar-A-Logo the Gold House shows what a glittering success America is and why so many people want to come to America.

Apr 132017

Seriously, it creates a shock wave that liquidates life in an instant. BOOM BOOM BOOM. 

Finally, 16 years after terrorists attacked Americans in New York an America president uses everything America has to wipe out the lives of terrorists. Well, not everything. A small nuclear bomb would work but instead President Trump used a large TNT type of explosive that creates a shock wave that travels around corners deep into the caves used by the cowardly Taliban, al-Quada primitives who want to murder people. Boom! They didn’t listen so now they feel the wrath of America. 

Apr 132017

Are you kidding? Do you know anything about the place or the people? The food; the fresh air; the many, many cultures and places within Russia? The people?
Or, are you like most of the lowing herd a believer that Russia is evil; that Russia is the enemy; that the world would be better without Russia?

Yesterday is gone. President Trump changed the calculus for the world when he unexpectedly won the presidency of the most powerful nation on earth and became the leader of the United States. He took over from Vladimir Putin the power of operating the most dangerous military in history.

America covers four time zones plus a fifth when it’s calculated to Hawaii. Russia covers 12. America has English as the major language. Russia has 160 ethnic groups who speak 100 languages. The longest railroad includes the Trans-Siberian Express.

Why then is America so much greater?

For starters, America has more people. Next, American’s have more freedom. Nest is a common language which serves to unite a culture because communication crosses the division within the people.

Apr 132017

One of the main purposes of rituals is to control your mind which in turn controls your actions. Rituals take over your mind. That’s their purpose and that gives the power of your mind to another person or to a group. It’s the basis of a mob mentality. Saul Alinsky studied how to organize a crowd. He understood the usefulness of mind control and wrote manuals about how to do it. He knew how mind control works. He explained how to use mind control to control a large group of people and how to use that group to force government to give more and more welfare money to the lower classes who he felt were entitled to the fruits of someone else’s money.

Religious Rituals operate in the identical way but the purpose of a ritual to religion is seen as an end in itself. That’s deceptive and that’s the wrong explanation. It’s a smoke screen to cover up the deceptive nature of the use of mind control.

The individual is taken over by the group which is taken over by the leader. It’s been re-named as “organizing” but that’s only the cover story. The real purpose of a ritual is to give the power to the “Leader” who is never called “The Leader” because that tips people off to the purpose of the leader which is to control the minds of the individual mob members.  person holding or controlling the ritual. A ritual works like a charm in getting control of a group.

Anthropological researcher Bronislaw Malinowski suggested people are more likely to turn to rituals when they face situations where the outcome is important and uncertain and beyond their control – as when sharks are present.

People perform mourning rituals in an effort to alleviate their grief – but do they work? Yes, research suggests they do.
Brazilian people perceive simpatias, (rituals) to be more effective depending on the number of steps involved, the repetition of procedures, and whether the steps are performed at a specified time.
Magical thinking is the belief that one’s own thoughts, wishes, or desires can influence the external world. … Magical thinking is also colloquially used to refer more broadly to mystical, magical thoughts, such as the belief in Santa Claus, supernatural entities, and miraculous occurrences.
It is religion sets up people to accept magical thinking so it’s no surprise when it happens. Secular people are immune.
Saul Alinsky knew it. So did Hillary Clinton and it got Barack Obama a shallow, incapable man elected president. It will take all of President Trumps abilities to restore America by taking it away from the Community Organizers, those stealth politicians who, like Hillary and Obama are concerned about themselves, not the people, not the country who and which are second to their plans to be elected President. President Trump outwitted and outsmarted them.