Apr 112017

These are two very capable people but they are not always on the same pages. Two strong people with exceptional minds who may clash but at the end of the clash they will be useful to the President.  That’s why when they disagreed the President told them to meet together and work out the issues. 

That’s how capable managers manage independent, competent, powerful people. 

Apr 112017

She served two tours in Iraq and recently met with Assad but she’s no Philadelphia Lawyer, any one of whom could explain to her that the American President is Commander in Chief and Congress already approved the purchase of Tomahawks. President Trump simply ordered them fired at Assad who should be out of power soon. No one had the power to overrule President Trump so he said “You’re Fired” to the missiles.

Now the President sent Tillerson to Russia to mansplain to “Little Vlad” about how America is back from the cowardly, terrorist cowed Obama years and we’re ready to go against the evil in the world.  Vlad can look but he better not go agaisnt President Trump or America will take Crimea away from Vladdie. . 


Apr 112017

On April 5, 2017 Nature, the International Journal of Science published an article written by nine climate experts that proved more CO2 means more food because plants feed on CO2 and produce OXYGEN which benefits air breathing life. Human babies thrive on more oxygen. People breathe easier and live longer when the air has more oxygen in it.
Humans invented many useful devices that use fossil fuels to produce useful, life lengthening devices and those processes increase CO2 which helps plants that produce Oxygen which helps humans breathe better. It’s a natural symbiosis between plants and humans.

Apr 112017

Sec. State Rex Tillerson is a practiced Russian hand, used to dealing with the dysfunctional nation. Ahead of Mr. Tillerson’s arrival, the Russian Foreign Ministry in a statement blamed the U.S. for pursuing a policy of “American exceptionalism,” that tried to punish Russia economically and limit its influence in international affairs.

It is however clear that Russia limits itself economically because of it’s vast bureaucracy and it’s unprecedented governmental corruption. So far as it’s limits in international affairs that’s because it prefers to use force and/or bribery to expand it’s influence. That’s how it stole the Crimea from Ukraine. Putin simply threatened Ukraine with force unless it agreed to give Crimea to Russia. The United Nations and ex-president Obama agreed with the theft. President Trump may have something different to say about that.

Apr 112017

President Trump was outlined by Ayn Rand back in 1943 as a heroic character who took on the Establishment which had him arrested. Gary Cooper played Howard Roark who acted as this own lawyer and won his freedom. Donald Trump, like Howard Roark has a strong and clear sense of reason, rationality, morality and justice. 

Ivanka resembles Heroic Dagny Taggert in Rand’s seminal 1957 novel “Atlas Shrugged” which is a tough read for many people, 1,184 pages, but not Paul Ryan who gave a copy to every new staffer. Likewise Rand Paul owes his name to his fathers adoration of Rand’s Free Market principles. Daniel Hannan, the Tory MEP many see as the intellectual architect of Brexit, keeps a photograph of Rand on his Brussels desk.

Put more baldly, the reason why Republicans and British Conservatives started giving each other copies of Atlas Shrugged in the 80s was that Rand seemed to grant intellectual heft to the prevailing ethos of the time. Rand was a prophet who also influenced Donald Trump when he said he read and admired Rand’s novel “The Fountainhead”.

Rand created Dagny as a female character on a par with any folk hero or medieval knight, …or presidents daughter. Dagny Taggart is the force behind Taggart Transcontinental Railroad. Gladstein (1984) describes Dagny as “that rarity in American fiction – a heroine who not only survives, but prevails.” (p. 685). Ivanka told an interviewer she can tell her father when he’s wrong and he listens. She also gave the impression he’s not often wrong.

Ayn Rand, born in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1905, was 12 when the communists and Lenin shot their way to power. She witnessed the crushing immorality of Communism first hand. She saw her father impoverished and her family driven to the brink of starvation by the irrational but powerful Soviet revolution, an experience that forged her contempt for all notions of the collective good and, especially, for the state as a mechanism for ensuring equality. The Soviet Union eventually destroyed itself but not before people like Stalin, Molotof and Mao tortured and murdered 120 million. Rand was correct about the evils of Communism and of course Socialism, two principles rejected by the free world.

Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead are eminently great reads. A book that explains Ayn Rand’s philosophy which undergrids all of her work was written by Leonard Peikoff and was reviewed by Rand herself before publication; “Objectivism, the Philosophy of Ayn Rand” commonly referred to as “OPAR”. Many readers of these books say: “they changed my life”. Quite a compliment and which explains why so many leading figures pay so much attention to Ayn Rand. So do I.