Apr 052017

Here are some photo’s taken around just the Northern part of Ireland. the beauty of Ireland is far greater than just these 41 photo’s but the 41 give you some idea of the beauty of the island.
Here’s our favorite pub in Dublin because of the name. Living in a beautiful place doesn’t go well when the government is hell bent to make your life miserable as the English government did in Ireland.

But Ireland is one of the most beautiful palces on the earth. You are encouraged to visit this wonderful island and it’s culture, two cultures really because the rest of Ireland is different than the North because the British influence has almost disappeared.

Here’s some photo’s of the rest of Ireland. The flight from Boston to Shannon, a town on the West side of Ireland is shorter than going to Los Angeles from Boston. Rent a car and drive around the island if you have the time. they drive on the other side of the road but you can learn to do that quicker than you would think because sitting on the wrong side of the car makes you aware that somethings diffferent. Exercise a bit more caution than normal but by all means at least give it a try. It’s much, much easier to get around Ireland by car. In addition your time is your own so if you want to linger a bit you don’t have a schedule to keep. Ireland is the place to linger.

The beauty of Ireland appeals to most people but you may begin to question why the Irish left such a wonderful, almost magical place. The answer was: a bad government.

Apr 052017

The reason the Left refuses to accept President Trump is because they only accept Democrats as authority. The reason Islam refuses to accept any legal authority except Islamist authority is identical to the reasons Democrats refuse to accept President Trump. Only a Sharia president is acceptable to Islamists. Democrats ~ Islamists. That’s where the evidence leads. That’s the way the world works.
Thanks for that from Rush Limbaugh on today’s show.

Apr 052017

Russia is not the Soviet Union. Neither is it the home of the Socialists who have taken over so much of America’s intellectual world. America is Marxist because of Marx and America’s Liberals, . . not because of anything Vladimir Putin did to America.

Obama, not Putin botched up Syria. Trump had nothing to do with it. Same for Iran, Iraq, Libya and “The Arab Spring”. Those are Obama failures,.. aided and abetted by Hillary and people like Dr. Evelyn Farkus who get policy all balled up with their ignorance and praise of Socialism.

President Trump and Vladimir Putin can easily and certainly join together like President Roosevelt and Josef Stalin did against the NAZI’s. Stalin ruled by terror, and millions of his own citizens died during his brutal reign. Putin has no similar history so it’s far easier for President Trump to work with Putin, Russia and the Russians to defeat ISIS, Al Qaeda and the entire bunch of terrorists in the Middle East and around the world.  

This is not hard stuff but don’t get all twisted up in the anti-America/anti-Russia rhetoric of the American left and let this opportunity pass.
Obama was intellectually challanges so he couldn’t deal with Putin. President Trump has the capability to handle Putin and get Russia’s help to defeat the Middle East problems. It’s a unique and historic opportunity.

Apr 052017

The Chairman of the Northampton township PA, Mr. Barry Moore squared off against the editors of the Bucks County Courier Times for their mistakes reporting about several incidents at last months Board of Supervisors meeting. The Courier had a front page above-the-fold article about a Northampton resident and provocateur, Don George, who has been an irritating, insufferable presence for decades. From campaigning around his neighborhood it’s been confirmed he has few or no friends among his neighbors. The local police have been involved because of his behavior on numerous occasions.

The incidents began when the irritant jumped in front of others, took the microphone and began to insult supervisor Kin Rose. Supervisor Eileen Silver started a protest on her own by singing into her microphone to drown out the irritant. Supervisor Weinstein thought the resident deserved an answer to a legitimate question which provoked supervisor Silver who shouted BULLSH*T twice, jumped out of her chair, made a mocking, bowing gesture towards supervisor Weinstein, stormed out of the meeting and slammed the door behind her. She returned later in the meeting without comment.

The Courier reported the incident on their front page as a rebuff of the citizen to a supposed Right To Know request. That was a mistake. The Courier should have known Georges comments to the board were an attack on supervisor Rose. The Courier even showed a photo of George in his home with numerous documents when the issue had nothing to do with Right to Know and everything to do with his irritating behavior at the February BOS meeting.

Then the Courier Editors wrote an editorial criticizing the innocent supervisors and praising George.

So the chairman of the BOS wrote a letter to the editor explaining the outrageous behavior of George without mentioning his name. The Editor then explained they were criticizing, not the irritant and line jumper but the supervisors.

How much “FAKE NEWS” did the Courier create? They got their report of the meeting wrong. They got the issue wrong. they switched the issue to another issue and when it was explained to them yet again the still got it wrong. See the Letter to the editor HERE.

When the Courier gets so much so wrong so often about one small issue at the township level its easy to extrapolate their mistakes to the county, state and federal levels. Multiply the mistaken Left-Wing editors at one small newspaper by the thousands of newspapers and the diabolical nature of FAKE NEWS is revealaed as the Potemkin Village it really is.

It’s enough to make people distrust newspapers which would make the Couriers effort worthwhile.

Apr 052017

Obama appointee Dr. Evelyn Farkus justified the spying on Trump when she said: “That’s why you have all the leaking”.
Rush said: “Evelyn Farkas is an Obama Pentagon Russian expert who told Mika Brzezinski on PMSNBC a couple of days ago that the Regime, the Obama Regime was indeed collecting intelligence on the Trump campaign!” HERE.
Breitbart is incredulous that Farkus Admitted Obama spied on Trump. HERE.

Obama should stay in the South Pacific because after the election while he was President he directed the United States Government to destroy the Trump presidency. 

Even Left Wing sources confirm Obama’s espionage against President Elect Trump. SNOPES supposedly a truth detector admits and confirms Obama’s espionage against President Elect Trump. HERE.
Americans were tricked into electing Obama. It’s time to clean house. It’s time to correct the record of the disastrous Obama presidency.
Obama cheapened America. Obama spied on Donald Trump. Obama directed American Intelligence against Donald Trump.
We are seeing the tip of Obama’s political iceberg. It’s like a slow motion movie of the breakup of the Titanic by an iceberg.
But the Left Wing Noise Machine has gone into action to continue the espionage against President Trump. The American Left-Wing Is more dangerous to America and Liberty than Russia.

Apr 052017

Where’s the beef? Susan Rice helped Hillary by showing President Obama how Donald Trump was helping himself by Not Working With the Russians.

The Mainstream Media Has Lost It. Hollywood freaked out. The Unions support President Trump. Susan Rice was spying for The Russians. Inquiring minds want to know how crazy American Politics has become.

First Liar Loses. In 2012, Susan Rice, Barack Obama’s national-security adviser, flatly lied on five (5) Sunday news shows, saying that the attack on the Benghazi compound was “spontaneous” and the direct result of a “heinous and offensive video.”

“That’s why you have all the leaking.”

At the end of the interview, Dr. Evelyn Farkas said, “we have good intelligence on Russia … that’s why you have the leaking. People are worried.”