Apr 022017

He’s behind the Hillary defeat because he didn’t see Donald Trump as a contender so he put his money behind Hillary. Now he’s trying to overthrow the American President.

Three liberal donor networks and foundations with ties to billionaire George Soros have joined forces to form a new fund to “resist” President Donald Trump. That’s where Hillary came up with her “Resist” idea. Soros. Trying to overthrow America.
The Solidaire Network, the Threshold Foundation, and the Women Donors Network, all San Francisco-based groups, mobilized to form “The Emergent Fund”.

The Emergent Fund, which carries a goal of fighting “immediate threats” to “immigrants, women, Muslim and Arab-American communities, black people, LGBTQ communities, and all people of color,” by Americans and especially white, Christians, non-blacks and non-LGBT’s. Soros is no friend of America.

Neither is The Emergent Fund which consists of very wealthy doners who are chagrined that Hillary lost and want to make sure President Trump leaves the Presidency very quickly. That’s their purpose. They support radical liberals, protesters, rioters, and groups like Black Lives Matter, all of whom call for the death of white police officers — not to mention white Americans in general. At the root of it all is the globalist liberal scum George Soros.

Apr 022017


Another actor who believes his own press clippings, Robert Redford writing in WaPo, an extreme Left newspaper, drew a comparison between Watergate and President Trump because the President said the media are “among the most dishonest human beings on earth” and that they are “the enemy of the American people”. Redford defends the media as though the media always tells the truth and there is no “Fake News” or slanted, biased, inaccurate reporting.

Redford isn’t a Rhodes scholar or a member of Mensa. He’s a guy way past his acting prime who was great looking when younger and who has celebrity among the other shallow, hollow Hollywood actors so he believes he’s an expert on people and especially on President Trump. Phooey on Redford for that.

Redford sees a connection an a conspiracy with Watergate and Trumps outing the lying media.

Do the media lie? Yes. Not always and not always on purpose but the media lies quite often and just because they get things wrong because they’re stupid doesn’t mean they are honest. They’re not honest.

The media has a Liberal, Left-Wing  agenda. In addition the media is duped quite a bit. Redford however sees the media as good, and Trump, like Watergate, evil.
Shou;d we believe him? No.

Redford described himself as “a bad student”. He attended U of Colorado but was kicked out after a year and a half. Nevertheless he feels sufficiently intellectually competent to psychologically and morally judge President Trump. If this sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit, it isn’t. Redford really is that unaware.

Robert, now 80 years of age is part of the silly Divesture movement to convince people to sell their fossil fuel stocks. These charlatans all use fossil fuel to power their cars and operate their electricity plants that power their microwaves and the ovens at the expensive restaurants where they dine but they want to eliminate the fuel that operates the machinery at an electrical power plant and they don’t want to invest in America’s future by, for example buying Exxon stock because Exxon extracts and sells fossil fuel based energy. They really are that naive. .



Apr 022017


When it comes to pro-life issues, not only is Tom Perez pro-abortion he’s connected to billionaire abortion activist George Soros. In addition Perez appears to be a Jesuit educated Super Catholic.
Thomas Jefferson referring to early Christianity in America wrote: “The metaphysical insanities of Athanasius, .. of Loyola, .. and of Calvin, are, to my understanding, mere lapses into polytheism, differing from paganism only by being more unintelligible.”

The Democrats support “Woman’s Rights” which is code for Abortion. The Catholic church which includes the Jesuits who educated Democratic Chair Tom Perez are a strong arm of the church so does he or doesn’t he support abortion?
If not, did the Democrats just elect someone who will agree with the Republicans, the Conservatives and the Tea Parties?

Jefferson also wrote: “The whole history of these books (i.e. the Gospels) is so defective and doubtful that it seems vain to attempt minute enquiry into it: and such tricks have been played with their text, and with the texts of other books relating to them, that we have a right, from that cause, to entertain much doubt what parts of them are genuine. In the New Testament there is internal evidence that parts of it have proceeded from an extraordinary man; and that other parts are of the fabric of very inferior minds. It is as easy to separate those parts, as to pick out diamonds from dunghills. Is this what Tom Perez will bring into the Democrat party? More religion than is healthy in politics?
George Soros gave the pro-abortion group Human Rights Watch $100 million to expand its efforts globally, and he funded fake Catholic groups that helped cover up Obama’s pro-abortion record in the 2012 and 2008 elections. Tom Perez is an Obama apostle who is a Soros apostle. Birds of a feather.

Jefferson also wrote: “The day will come when the mystical generation of Jesus, by the Supreme Being as his father, in the womb of a virgin, will be classed with the fable of the generation of Minerva in the brain of Jupiter.”

Jesuit is the short way to refer to a priest from the Order of Priests known as the Society of Jesus. The opening lines of the Jesuits founding document declared that the Society was founded for “whoever desires to serve as a soldier of God[2] (Spanish: “todo el que quiera militar para Dios”),[3] to strive especially for the defence and propagation of the faith and for the progress of souls in Christian life and doctrine.”[4] Jesuits are thus sometimes referred to colloquially as “God’s Soldiers”,[5] “God’s Marines”,[6] or “the Company”.

In 2013, Jorge Mario Bergoglio became the first Jesuit Pope, taking the name Pope Francis. Is the Democratic Party turning into a stealth Catholic organization with the election of a Jesuit Educated chairman? America, the Jesuit website headlines this: “New Democratic Party leader Tom Perez has deep Jesuit connections. They continue: Mr. Perez, who takes over as head of the Democrats during a particularly challenging period for the party, said Jesuit values have animated his career.

Perez graduated from Jesuit-run Canisius High School in Buffalo and would go on to meet his future wife, Ann Marie Staudenmaier, when she too was part of the Jesuit Volunteer Corp in Buffalo in the 1980s. They attended a Jesuit-run parish in Washington, D.C., and he has spoken at high-profile Jesuit gatherings in recent years. This establishes Perez’s deep Roman Catholic bona fides, as differentiated from Orthodox catholics who do not follow the Pope in the Vatican. Perez can be expected to give great weight to not only his Jesuit values but the values of Pope Francis which is more than a little problem in the deeply divisive clash going on in the middle east between Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. It is certain to be at least a speed bump in the international arena if not a major roadblock. It certainly means Perex will not be objective in the Middle East clash of religions which caused the War On Terror, the 9/11 attacks and the thousands of problems in Europe and other countries with refugees who come with their strong belief system that is opposed to the beliefs of the Pope.

The Papal Crusades enervated the leaders of the War on Terror. regardless of one’s religious or even ones non-religious values. it’s impossible for Tom Perez to be objective given is unusually strong Jesuit/ Roman catholic value system.
Houston, we have a problem. . . .

Apr 022017


Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez is a Trump Denier. He said: “The Republican Party doesn’t “give a s**t” about them” proving his manners and his English vocabulary are limited. He probably denies the Holocaust too.
Perez is so challenged. He has a law degree from extreme left Harvard so he’s uber Liberal but why is he so naturally obnoxious? Barack Obama went to Harvard too. Maybe they are living proof of why Harvard Law is in third place after YALE and STANFORD. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Chuck Schumer endorsed him. Need we know anymore?

Yes, because there’s more and for Amerifca it’s all bad as far as Perez is concerned. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) signed a 2010 letter to Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) accusing Perez’s division of “widespread politicization and possible corruption” related to the discredited allegations regarding the New Black Panther Party. In 2011, Grassley complained, too many new hires at the civil rights division had previously worked for “liberal advocacy groups.” That’s divisive political politics at the highest and therefore worst levels of the government. American government is supposed to be neutral, not an advocate for Left-Wing causes. That’s so Banana Republic.

Because of Perez and his campaign against Sen. Bernie Sanders, people of color were driven away from the Sanders campaign because Perez and others worked intensely to make Sanders appear out-of-touch with minorities. That’s race-based divisive politics. That’s why Hillary lost.

How bad is Perez? In 2013 an article about him called him: “Radical Tyrant Thomas Perez”. It said: “Mitch McConnell and Marco Rubio picked up on some of the problems with this nominee for Secretary of Labor…

“Tom Perez is more than just some left-wing ideologue — he’s a left-wing ideologue who appears perfectly willing to bend the rules to achieve his ends,” McConnell said. “This is reflective not of some passionate left-winger who views himself as patiently advancing policies within the bounds of a democratic system — but as a crusading ideologue whose convictions lead him to believe that the law simply doesn’t apply to him.”

“Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) urged his Republican colleagues to vote no because he said Perez had failed to answer lawmakers’ questions during congressional hearings.

“How can we possibly — I don’t care what deal was cut — how can we move forward on someone who hasn’t provided information asked for by a congressional committee?”

“But that’s the tip of the iceberg.

“Thomas Perez is the sick SOB who stopped federal funding for the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Young Marines program because that program contained a VOLUNTARY prayer stating “… I will set an example for all other youth to follow and I shall never do anything that would bring disgrace or dishonor upon my God, my Country and its flag, my parents, myself or the Young Marines.” Landrieu herself offered legislation to protect the program from Perez, she was so intent on making sure his action didn’t rub off on her re-election chances.

“Thomas Perez is the clown who headed up the DOJ’s jihad against the state of Louisiana for the sin of failing to register welfare recipients to vote with sufficient vigor, despite the fact that with 84 percent of the state’s eligible adults registered to vote there is hardly anyone left to register who doesn’t want to.

“Thomas Perez is the troglodyte who has attacked Voter ID laws in several states, using tactics Quin Hillyer rightly termed “racial scaremongering.”

“It was Thomas Perez who torpedoed the New Black Panther voter intimidation case.”
Now he’s running the Democratic Party. This can’t end well.