Apr 012017

Don Miller was a friend. We went to Oshkosh, Wis. for the EAA fly-in. Don had the rather original at the time idea to import large pleasure and commercial yachts built in Taiwan because of the very low prices and rather great boatbuilders in Taiwan. He imported thousands over many years. All terrific boats, probably some mis-understood by the buyers but Don was serious and prospered. His company was Marine Trading. His boats were Marine Trader boats. Simple enough.

We met at one of the many boat shows that are held along the East coast. He had his office in Tom’s River NJ.

More on Don. He was a good guy and a good friend who flew airplanes and made boats. A good set on memories from rather long ago. . 


Apr 012017

The Russian Main Intelligence Agency is the GRU. Did they spy on the Trump campaign? Or did they rely on reports from President Obama who surveiled Donald Trump as well as every other person in America according to the Snowden Archives?

In addition to Obama and the GRU, Germany sent the BND, Israel sent the Mossad, France sent the DGSE, Great Britain sent Mi6 and China sent the MSS.

Obama had to spy on Trump and Trump is spying on Barack, Michelle, the Clinton’s, the Bush’s and even Jimmie Carter. That’s what spys are for and that’s what spies do.  

And for all of you Obama haters, the ex-Presidents need to be protected and for that the Secret Service is used. That’s a spy agency.

The difference with Obama is he used the spy date for political purposes. Political Espionage. He engaged in Political Espionage to help Hillary defeat Trump. Obama failed.

As President, Donald Trump will not prosecute Barack Obama. It’s just not done. Obama is safe from prosecution for his crimes and for his Constitutional Violations even though he’s become a sworn political enemy of President Trump. . 


Apr 012017

He was very serious as he revealed one of his psychotic dream sequences when he told Rodger Stone: It Looks Like Russia ‘Installed’ ‘Trump and His Crime Family’ ‘To Loot and Destroy America.
Maher sat out the November 2016 Presidential Election in a rubber lined room playing with whatever delusional folks have in their toy boxes other wise he would know what even kindergarten children know viz., Donald Trump won the election. .



Apr 012017

Bill Binney is an ex-NSA analyst who exposed more and more NSA spying not only on candidate Donald Trump but said: “It’s Still Going On against every U.S. citizen and everyone else without warrants which is a violation of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.” 

Carlson has been a ratings star on FOX along with Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity. Fox News apparently isn’t missing Megyn Kelly as much as everyone thought it would.
Rachel Maddow caused her ratings to be inflated with her outright nonsense release of stolen President Trump tax returns.

Maddow is insufferable and proves it every night. Her popularity is her negativity and her distorted, dysfunctional analysis of issues. She is proof of the distortiom and dysfunction of the Left which explains her popularity among and with the left half of the Bell Curve.
Maddow is called gay but she’s a lesbian: A female who identifies as male. There are four alternate gender issues: LGB and T in addition to male and female. Maddow is a quadruple L.

A Lying Left Liberal Lesbian.