Apr 302017

According to Paul Kersey, SBPDL 8% of those arrested on NYC were white people. In other words, 92% of the crime in NYC was not done by white people. Does that mean white people are able to live without committing as many crimes as other races? It seems so.
Make America Great Again? To do this means being honest about which racial groups are not responsible for violent crime in America (or for the explosive growth in the police/prison-industrial complex). In New York City, President Donald J. Trump’s hometown, white people are not responsible for nearly all, 92% of the violent crime.

Baltimore, MD ended 2015 with 344 homicides, which was the highest homicide rate in the city’s recorded history, and its homicide rate (52.5 per 100,000 people, surpassing the record set in 1993) became the second highest for cities in the United States behind St. Louis and ahead of Detroit. Baltimore is a city with a 2015 population of 621,849; which means that Baltimore had a homicide rate 14 times higher than that of New York City in 2015. If New York City had Baltimore’s homicide rate, then New York City would have had 4,814 homicides in 2015 alone.

The United States has a total population of 316 million. 72.4%, 227 million self-identify as white. 12.6%, 42 million self identify as black. White people have a lower arrest rate, 2.7% compared to the arrest rate of black people, 6.1% so lets not blame white people for having the most criminals.


Apr 302017

Did they intentionally lie about the Republicans, the Conservatives and the Tea Party people? 

Political commentator Joe diGenova thinks the public fury about media bias in favor of former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton backfired, helping President Donald Trump win the White House.

DiGenova, a pithy former federal prosecutor, says “the American people are not stupid. They watched the uncritical love affair” the press had with Obama, where “he got a pass for every lie, every failure, and the most bankrupt foreign policy since World War II.”

DiGenova believes the major news outlets: CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN were “so drunk with adulation that they abdicated their responsibilities.” HERE. The press purposely refused to report about Obama’s lack of transparency and his often wild lies. “If you like your plan you can keep your plan. diGenova thinks the public took note, starting to rally towards those the media clearly despised. To diGenova, the mainstream press became “bootlicks”.

What about Eric Holder? His lies about Obama’s gun-walking aimed at trapping American gun store owners was criminal because some people were hurt and others were killed with the illegal guns.

Further, diGenova says. FBI Director James Comey is someone diGenova calls “dangerous” and should have been replaced by Trump.

“The notion that a civil servant will not obey the lawful orders of the President of the United States is unacceptable in a free society. Civil servants are not self-actuating figures. The Democrats have empowered them to think they are indispensable. They are not,” he says.

The newest revelations of just how extensive Obama’s politicization and weaponization of America’s intelligence leaves diGenova startled. Democrats and some in the press and intelligence community have tried political machinations about phony Russian entanglements by Trump, and diGenova says this is a “political fight to destabilize the Trump presidency to bring his negatives up and try to delegitimize him.”

Apr 302017

How did the people of Massachusetts ever vote for annoying Elizabeth Warren who is seen on the Bill Maher show bobbling her head and waving her arms that show her blue jacket sleeves are too short?

“They don’t like you, Pocahontas.”

That’s what Bill Maher said to Senator Elizabeth Warren Friday night 4/29 on his show, as the two discussed why so many blue-collar workers are for President Donald J. Trump and not her.


Apr 292017

The three major spokesmen for Ayn Rand’s Philosophy, Objectivism went full-on blind when Donald Trump appeared last year. They still haven’t regained their sight as they continue to oppose President Trump.

Named by Ayn Rand herself as her intellectual heir in a fit of pique after she was rejected by her younger lover Nathaniel Brandon, Peikoff sort of went into an intellectual cave and passed the judgment of Donald Trump to Yaron Brook, ex-Mossad.

Brook currently serves as the president and executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute, a non-profit organization in Irvine, California that promotes the novels of Ayn Rand and her philosophy of Objectivism.

Yaron Brook was born and raised in Israel (by parents who were Jewish socialists from South Africa). A friend lent him a copy of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged when he was sixteen, leading to his embrace of Objectivism. He served as a First Sergeant in Israeli military intelligence (1979–1982) and earned a BSc in Civil Engineering from Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa (1986). In 1987, he moved to the United States, where he received his MBA and PhD in finance (1989, 1994) from the University of Texas at Austin.

Brook claims the West isn’t at war with terrorism, but the ideology of Islamic totalitarianism. He repeatedly says that just like in World War II, America wasn’t at war against Japanese Kamikaze pilots or German tanks, but the ideas of Nazism and Japanese Imperialism.

Yaron however gets Trump wrong: “He has crazy views on many issues. Particularly on immigration, on illegal immigrants, I think his views are nutty. … His stuff on trade is nutty. He’s not a free-trader. Indeed Donald Trump is not a capitalist. He doesn’t believe in freedom, he doesn’t believe in capitalism. Donald Trump is a statist. … He’s somebody who’s made his wealth by using eminent domain. He’s made his wealth often by playing the legal system to his advantage in ways that are borderline immoral if maybe illegal. He is a bombastic, crude human being who should not be president of the United States.. . .ultimately Americans will reject him.”. . . How wrong was/is Brook? HERE.
DAVID KELLY born June 23, 1949 in Shaker Heights, Ohio is an American philosopher, author, and advocate of Objectivism, though his position that Objectivism can be revised and influenced by other schools of thought has prompted disagreements with other Objectivists. He is also founder and senior fellow of The Atlas Society.

These three men are opposed to President Trump supposedly because Donald Trump doesn’t meet what they believe is Ayn Rand’s criteria for president. All three are massively wrong.
The point of Ayn Rand’s character Howard Roark is: he chooses his own set of independent standards. He is ruled by a compulsion to make money in real estate, to win, to win over opponents. Donald Trump is far more than Howard Roark who was a fictional character meant to illustrate how the correct strengths of character, the correct virtues and values will lead to a moral life.

Rand’s characters were not driven to excel in deals. Donald Trump is. Trump has almost no connection to the fictional characters in Rand’s or any other authors fictional novels. Donald Trump excels in real life. He makes deals that make him lots of money. That’s not even a consideration for Rand or her novels.

Apr 292017

“Crazy Coot” Bernie Sanders declared that “the American dream is more apt to be realized in…Venezuela” than here. He concluded by asking, “Who’s the banana republic now?”

Venezuelans are starving and the remainders of the Chavez regime are sending gangs of armed thugs into the streets to attack anyone who protests. Where are all of the people like all of the people who praised the Venezuelan regime as a paragon of socialism? They suddenly don’t want to talk about it.

This is just the tip of an iceberg of insensitivity, ignorance, and denial about socialism’s ongoing and historical track record.

Hollywood and the American Left has almost ritualistically refused to publish the failures of their God, Socialism or show or talk against the horrors of Socialism, which is how you get a majority of young people having a positive view of socialism.

What have they missed that they can believe that? Here’s what they’ve missed: the artificial famine in Ukraine, the Soviet Gulags, the forced deportation of Lithuanians, the persecution of Christians, China’s Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution, the killing fields of Cambodia, North Korea’s horrific prison camps and famines, the systematic impoverishment of Cuba, and now Venezuela’s collapse into starvation and mass-murder. All of this should be absolutely required background knowledge for any educated person.

If you don’t know them, go look them up, because you’re precisely the sort of person who needs to learn about them.

As Venezuelans scream “we want food” in ongoing protests roiling the country, it’s important to remember how many of our celebrities plumped for the corrupt regimes that led to the starving people in the streets — celebrities who were, are and will continue to be free and well-fed.

Obama fanboy Sean Penn was pretty much Hugo Chávez’s BFF, praising him at every opportunity. When Chávez died, Penn mourned him and said, “Venezuela and its revolution will endure under the proven leadership of vice president [Nicolas] Maduro.”

And so it has. Maduro has continued Chávez’s policies with results that would only surprise small-minded people like Penn.

Obama and Marx fanboy Little Michael Moore, a documentary movie maker and Castro supporter extraordinaire who never misses an opportunity to stick his fingers in a dictatorial pie, always talked up the way Chávez allegedly shared his country’s oil profits with the people. After meeting Chávez, he tweeted, “He used the oil $ 2 eliminate 75% of extreme poverty, provide free health education 4 all.”. Then why are there food riots Mikie?

In 2007, Naomi Campbell (right. Naomi who?) interviewed Chávez for British GQ, calling him a “rebel angel” and praising Venezuela’s social programs.

“I am amazed by what I have seen here in only 24 hours,” Campbell was quoted as saying after visiting the new Children’s Heart Hospital in Caracas. “It’s marvelous to know and see what is being implemented here in Venezuela.”

Where’s Campbell now? CNN reports violent crime is rampant and gunshot victims are sitting in filthy hospitals with no medical supplies. One victim of an armed robbery had a “makeshift surgical drain, made from an empty gallon bottle, [that] draws fluid from his lungs. All the supplies, from gauze to syringes, had to be purchased out of his pocket.”

Where’s Michael Moore touting this free health-care? Did the armed robbers get the free education, or what?

You’d think that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Commie-and-socialist-loving dummies would rethink their support for an ideology that leads again and again to mass violence, mass oppression and mass starvation. But no, they keep on spouting their nonsense as if they haven’t been proven wrong at every turn.

Another unbalanced man, President Obama visited and praised Cuba and the Castros last year.

Castro flipped Obama the bird when he criticized Obama, who appeared to anger the revolutionary leader with his March 2016 trip to Cuba in which he called for Cubans to look toward the future. A week after the trip, Castro wrote a sternly worded letter admonishing Obama to read up on Cuban history, and declaring that “we don’t need the empire to give us anything.”

Castro went on to further criticize Obama for not apologizing to the Japanese people during a May trip to Hiroshima, describing Obama’s speech there as “lacking stature.”

Socialism has been tested out more times and in more variations than probably any other social system, It has been implemented in every continent, every culture, every stage of economic development. It has always led to disaster, to the extent it has been implemented. If you’re lucky, your country gets off with a mere economic crisis, as in Greece. At the worst, your country is in for decades of living hell.

This, too, should be seared into our brains so that we never forget and never repeat it again. Because it hasn’t been, somebody is always trying to make us repeat it.
Ronald Reagan said that freedom and democracy “will leave Marxism-Leninism on the ash-heap of history,” but he may have underestimated the usefulness of Hollywood idiots.

Apr 292017

The ranking of college majors shows Journalism majors are not the lowest ranked students. The lowest rank goes to Education majors, those headed towards teaching students but are those categories accurate?
In 2007, among high school seniors who took the SAT and intended to major in education, –the average scores were a dismal 480 in Critical Reading, 483 in Mathematics, and 476 in Writing.
Compare those scores with the average scores of students intending to become engineers—524, 579, and 510. Or to students intending to enter the fields of communications and journalism: 523, 501, 519.

The most competitive, elite colleges and universities, like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and Princeton, do not offer undergraduate majors in teaching or education. Why?
Teaching is considered a noble profession. Parents teach their children. Corporations teach their workers and encourage them to get more education. Why then are there no barriers to dumb people to become teachers?
First, college students are slightly more intelligent than those who do not attend college even though there are many rich, famous and capable people who do not go to nor graduate from college.

But this is about the media; those who report on or comment on the news. How smart are they? Smarter than teachers, –as the SAT scores reveal, — but not as smart as engineers. If the media are so smart, how come they backed Loser Hillary? Did they even know that there were only two choices; Hillary or Donald?

What explains the media’s lack of foresight? Their inability to see that not voting for Trump was a vote more for Hillary? Do they even get this two choice stuff? Indications are they don’t. Even the uber Ayn Rand insiders, Leonard Peikoff and Yaron Brook missed the blindingly obvious fact that it was either Trump or Hillary so they choose Hillary by default. they still hate now President Trump. Stupid mushrooms.

Curious thing. The “official heir” to Ayn Rand, Leonard Peikoff could not figure out that it was either Trump or Hillary. Not approving Trump approved Hillary. How dumb are Leonard and Yaron? Dumber than a box of fungi, … mushrooms. What caused their intellectual blindness towards the savior of the human race, a combination of Howard Roark and John Galt. Well, not really. Trump is neither Roark or Galt but neither are Peikoff and Brook. Mushrooms…. “Shrooms”.  . 


Apr 292017


The enemies of President Trump certainly are.

There are more people predicting President Trump will fight a nuclear war over North Korea then explaining why it won’t/can’t happen. It won’t.
Why not? For one, President Trump is a high stakes gambler who fights with psychology. He want’s to stop a war, not start one. 
Second, there are more than two choices. Detente is a third. Negotiation a fourth.
Third, what country, culture, dictator or President-For-Life would provoke the biggest military power in history? China? Russia? North Korea?
Fourth, North Korean missiles have been “exploding” (being exploded by the CIA?) shortly after launch. Exploding missiles have insufficient range to be militarily useful. Without dependable missiles the “crazy, fat kid”. CFK as Senator John McCain called him may nuclear bomb his own country is a nuclear tipped missile blew up on or near it’s North Korea launch pad. When North Korean missiles refuse to deliver nuclear bombs the danger of war disappears and may take the CFK with it. 

Apr 282017

President Trump gets the benefit of international panache from Slovenia born Melania. Slovenia was/is a communist country that was part of Yugoslavia, a cobbled together country with four warring countries, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia forced together in 1918 and held together by Tito, a rather reprehensible character who met a bitter end.

Serbs who lived in other areas were constantly crushed especially by the Ustase, a product of Croatia, a supposedly Roman Catholic culture who bitterly hated the Serbs who remembered the Battle Of The Blackbirds from 700 years ago when the Serbs were crushed by the Ottoman empire. The ignominy was continued and perpetuated by President Clinton sending rockets into Serbia in a fight in which America had no business. It was up to Europe to handle but Clinton needed a way to cover-up his Monica affair to steer international attention away from his fellation. A low point for America. And he got within a hairs breadth of returning to the White House, the cad.

Tiny Slovenia seems to have been sort of bypassed by all the goings on around it and although communist came through relatively unscathed. Melania speaks Slovene, English, German, French and Serbian. Quite an achievement. A great bit of preparation that brings her international allure to America and to our White House. Her and President Trumps decision for her to remain in Manhattan until their 10 year old son Barron competes his current year in school shows the caring nature of Melania and the President.