Dec 132017

The Courier Times quoted the Lower South Township Manager saying he doesn’t believe there were any attempts by anyone to influence the decisions of any board member. That pretty much alibis Hoopes and Waltman. The Feds must be pretty ticked about the alibis.
The only other serious charges are money laundering but the Feds admit the officials were caught in a sting operation which is easy to explain as putting temptation in front of an unsuspecting victim. It may have been worse for the Feds because they put so much temptation i front of the suspects that it would be unconscionable to not bite on the sting. The feds created and carried out a series of crimes to entrap the victims.
It almost seems the victims have a massive legal case against the government for what the government did.
The problem is no one can see into the mind of anyone so we don’t know how guilty the victims are but we do know that at the moment they are innocent because they haven’s been found guilty. Just make sure you don’t leave your car keys around these people. That means the people on both sides of this case.

Here’s part of the story from the Courier. “Statements made by two high-ranking officials indicating the board was influenced by the pair are wrong, several supervisors said.

“Lower Southampton officials soundly rejected statements made in a Dec. 5 indictment by two high-ranking public officials accused in a federal corruption probe that the pair controlled decision-making among township officials and employees.

“Township Manager John McMenamin, supervisors Chairman Keith Wesley and Supervisor Joseph McFadden denied any knowledge of alleged illegal and unethical actions described in the Dec. 5 indictment that outlined new additional charges of bribery, extortion and fraud against former Lower Southampton District Judge John Waltman, 60, of Lower Southampton and former Director of Public Safety Robert P. Hoopes, 70, of Doylestown.

“These guys were completely rogue,” Chairman Keith Wesley said in an interview following the Dec. 6 board of supervisors meeting.

“Among the examples cited in the Dec. 5 indictment of Hoopes and Waltman bragging about political influence was a conversation from early November 2016.

“According to the document, Hoopes was asked if someone could “influence the LST’s Board of Supervisors to take a favorable view” of a new lease offer.

“Yeah, I can do that,” Hoopes said, according to the document, adding, “I’ll make it happen.”

Dec 032017

Mueller needs to investigate Obama the Crap Weasel who needs to start defending President Trump and putting Trump and America first instead of secretly meeting and supporting putting Macron first and trying his best to disrupt America and Trumps agenda.

If Obama wants to go to work for the U.S. Government he needs to file his application and get in line with everyone else, the cad. 

Nov 302017

The non-white KneeTakers scored massive millions of illicet, stolen money that will be taken without the consent of the innocent unrepresented victim/fans of the KneeTaker/NFL Owner Coalition’s hoax. The KneeTakers And the NFL Owners should be arrested for Theft By Deception of money from the fans.

Nov 242017

Only about a million say the liberal articles designed to evoke sympathy for lawbreakers who refuse to come out of the shadows and get legal….plus almost three million more when their family is included and the family gets into America when the illegal children become citizens.

Activists have succeeded in getting a group of illegal aliens, AKA “Dreamers,” associated with the belief that they are “innocent children brought into the country illegally through no fault of their own.”
That’s a big whopper. They are here illegally. They got here illegally and they are staying put because they believe they will be granted amnesty for their illegality and become American citizens who can then get their entire family into America and became citizens because of their lawbreaking.. and the lawbreaking was, is and continues to be their own fault.

Unfortunately for the rule of law most Americans view DREAMERS more sympathetically than other illegal aliens and are willing to spare them from deportation. That is because of the focus on them as kids rather than as part of a family unit. Ironically, however, the open borders crowd change their position and insist on preserving family unity whenever deportation leads to a separation of family members.

Although some of the so-called “Dreamers” were brought into the country by a parent, anecdotal information suggests that it is common that many others either entered illegally on their own or were brought by smugglers paid by one or more parents residing here illegally. For those “Dreamers” who came on their own as teenagers and do not have parents here, they clearly should be treated the same as those a few years older who were not minors when they entered.

As DACA status for some 800,000 illegal aliens expires, Democrats, Liberals and the Hate America crowd are pushing not merely for the DREAM Act, but also a GENERAL AMMNESTY for all illegal aliens on grounds that anything less than a full amnesty would separate families.

Rather than trying to justify a program that that grants legal status to “Dreamers,” a rational immigration reform approach would insist on treating them as part of a family. All family members who are illegally in the country should be subject to deportation at the same time. If there are nuclear family members who are not deportable because they have become U.S. citizens, they offer the possibility for the non-citizen family members to eventually gain legal immigration status if they are not ineligible.

Nov 222017

HERE. “We, of European descent, who happen to have been born in Africa should not be surprised by any of this; we have lived with the same paradigm. Simply because of our race we have been vilified and discriminated against virtually all our lives. Nothing, we or our hard-working ancestors have achieved is appreciated, let alone, lauded. Some of the best run countries are now, without question, the worst governed and hundreds of millions of poor Africans, bereft of hope are testament to this. Much of this would have been avoided had white-Africans not been exiled and excluded. Sadly, it appears America is on the same slippery slope to disaster.”
And: “Looking back at the personalities and institutions involved in the demise of Rhodesia and the forced transition to Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe one is struck by a common thread. Anyone familiar with the history knows the world was overwhelmingly hostile and stridently opposed to the continuation of any semblance of European rule, no matter how competent or well-intentioned it might have been. ‘White’ was simply not ‘right’ and it had to go.
Probably the most effective institution driving the anti-white African agenda was the British Broadcasting Corporation [BBC] which was commandeered by radical authoritarian liberalism after WWII.

Same thing is going on in South Africa.. . . . and in Europe. . . . and in the United States….

Nov 182017

Yeah, well don’t be surprised that the officials of the Roman church that stands against a woman’s right to choose, hate the President of the United States… If you wondered why they didn’t hate President Obama who also supported abortion it’s because they didn’t have their little red hats, ….they weren’t Cardinals yet.

“They” are two new Cardinals, Tobin and Cupich, just a 65 and 68 year old who follow another man, the Pope, the leader of one of the most misogynistic ‘no women allowed in management’, religion. Instead of trying to bring people together the Pope want’s confrontation and opposition, a Culture of Encounter” as he phrases it. He aims to continue the bully tradition of the Roman religion against which Muslims remind themselves daily that the Vatican directed the Crusaders into the Muslim lands with the aim of destroying the upstart religion. It never apologized and it never backed off so it you want to find the fountainhead of the hate in the Middle East look inside the Vatican.   .

Islam and Muslims are far more dangerous than the President of America but that’s no matter to Cardinals Cupich and Tobin.
Nothing is their appointment or their service history in the article in CRUX, (means cross in Latin) mentions God. HERE. Hypocrites….Misogynistic bully-boys in red hats who haven’t learned to respect the American separation of church and state.

But worse than the hypocrisy, worse than the ignorance of a normal male life with a wife and children, they haven’t respected the common human attribute of supporting America even though they live and work here. Men like these disgrace the pleasantry of Rome. HERE.



Nov 122017

It’s not safe. White or black, ….. it isn’t safe from the youth gangs according to Ellen Packer in her letter from Baltimore. HERE. 

Back in the day I worked in Baltimore. It was a great place. Plenty of customers and lots of attractions. Later I took the family to the Inner Harbor. Had the best crab cakes on the earth, no argument.

Those days are over according to Parker. Baltimore isn’t safe and it’s more than race.
There will be 350 murders in Baltimore and that’s not including additional killings that don’t fit the profile of murder. Traffic deaths for example from criminal activity.

What’s the answer? …

There isn’t any. Baltimore is going to continue to get worse.
So make sure that when you’re going thru Baltimore on the Interstates to keep moving and hope there are no accidents to slow you down.

And take pity on the decent people who live in Baltimore and can’t afford to get out.

Nov 012017

The driver barreled along the bike path for the equivalent of about 17 blocks, or around eight-tenths of a mile on the West street bike path, from West Houston to Chambers before slamming into a small yellow school bus. No civilian or pedestrian had one small pistol which could have stopped him long before he had driven 17 blocks, killing 8 and injuring about 31. 

What good does the 2nd Amendment do when a mayor can violate the Constitution and prohibit people from having a small pistol??