Jun 112018

Marie Dolores O’Neill, “Lori”, passed away May 5th, 2018 at Penn Hospice at 73 years of age. Beautiful, smart, well-dressed, sophisticated and loved, she favored her left-hand but persisted without complaint in the right-handed world. Marie was a favorite and much-loved relative and had many friends and companions over the years. She will be greatly missed. 

Marie lived in the Oxford Circle section of Philly for 53 years and in the Logan/Art Museum area for 20 years. She graduated from Saint Martin of Tours; Little Flower high, and received her degree from Temple University. She was a paralegal manager at Dechert LLP aka. Dechert Price and Rhodes, an international law firm of more than 900 lawyers in 28 locations around the world. When she retired has co-workers gave her cash and the firm matched the amount. Marie donated all of the money to the Lithuanian Orphans, we think in Georgia.
Her car was a Volkswagen that she kept in good repair for many, many years. She often loaned it to her older brother when he needed to travel to the Main Line to get his degree.
Marie loved her Sunbeam too. Her oldest brother rebuilt the top of the engine for which she was immensly grateful, but she gave up owning a car because it wasn’t much needed in center city. Two neighbors let her use their Prius and she often drove them to and from the airport.

Her half great granduncles, Pat and Mike Shugrue were Sheriffs in Dodge City and Pat succeeded William B. (Bat) Masterson. 
The Irish roots of Marie are long and deep with some ancestors coming from Castlemaine, others from Cork in Ireland and some from Germany, but the Lithuanian roots are deepest.
Grandpop O’Neill, — William J. Sr, who was Irish and German & grandmother Kathryn (Catherine?) Emanual Allison Raith whose father was a German Raith and her mother was an Irish Sughrue therefore Katherine was 50% Irish and 50% German whose Shugrue grandmother was an Irish Sughrue and Irish Flavahan from Timothy Sughrue and Julia Cronin. Cronin came from a Cronin and a McHenry. The Sughrue ancestors go back to about 1793. On the Raith (German) side the record shows it goes back to about 1760 or so in the South West of Germany and the area around Heidelberg, Baden-Wurtemburg and the Black Forrest.
On Mom’s side 100% Lithuanian.
Dad was 75% Irish, 25% German, – based on half of his fathers ancestry and half of his mothers. .
Marie was 50% Lithuanian from Mom and 37.5% Irish and 12.5% German from Dad.

‘Lori’ was clearly light-hearted and happiest in her Philly home and the Logan Circle and center city areas. 

Marie loved cosmopolitan Philadelphia; great libations; and her nieces and nephews. Hobbies included trips to European and African locations, –Lithuania was a special trip as was her first international trip to Casablance, Morocco in Africa, eventually travelling to Egypt where she toured the Nile river; to Prague, Paris, and Ireland as well as Nova Scotia and Kansas for her Shugrue family ancestors. She left behind two older brothers, Bill, an engineer, marketeer and manager, and Frank who lives on a small cow farm in Alabama which suits him just fine; five nieces, Terree, Traci,  Suzanne, Nancy and Megan; one nephew, Christopher; five grandnieces Autumn, Sequoya, Aidyn, Bryn, and Francesca, four grandnephews, Hunter, Roark, Zachery and Egan, a grandniece Caroline, and a great grand step-nephew Alex Scofield of Philadelphia as well as her cousins Patricia Doyle-Kras, Ed, Dorthy and Dave Danasavich, Frank McDonald, Joe, Paul and Anton Stone. Her Dodge City ancestors, the twin sheriffs Pat and Mike Shugrue were born in County Kerry, Ireland. Marie was delighted to travel to Dodge City, Kansas for a Shugrue family reunion.

Marie rarely missed a birthday, a dance recital, or a family gathering.  She enjoyed her independent cosmopolitan life in the city as well as her travels to other places and to the homes of her relatives. Her ashes will be suitably dispersed over the land. She remains deeply loved and locked forever within our hearts and our memory.

Apr 302018

Those are the separations of the five seats of power that are needed so a free people can remain as free as possible.

The media can be crazy and corrupt but it must be kept away from government.

The biggest separation is God from Government. When government and religion combine the people cannot be free to live their lives according to their own desires. These are the separations that were made when America was founded and they caused America to endure.   

Apr 172018

It happened in Philly on Thursday and was protested over the weekend by people who objected to a private store calling the police because two black men had used the rest rooms and were sitting but who did not purchase anything from the store.  The two black men claimed they were waiting for a friend. No racial data was provided for the friend.

Mar 212018

China’s Supreme People’s Court stated they have banned over six million Chinese people from travelling. Banned without trial. Banned by Big Brother from travel, almost like House Arrest as a result of what the government calls and  mis-characterizes as “social misdeeds”. HERE. And HERE.

This is what George Orwell and Ayn Rand warned about 50 years ago.

China is a place to stay away from. Arrest and prison and even though it took president Trump to get three basketball players released from prison, (HERE) you won’t be that lucky, Stay away from China. It’s one of the most dangerous places on earth.

Mar 192018

He is against America and bastardized the memory of Alexander Hamilton. Elisabeth Vincentelli, of the New York Post (which was founded by Hamilton himself), wrote that Hamilton and Burr’s love/hate relationship “fails to drive the show—partly because Miranda lacks the charisma and intensity of the man he portrays”, and that “too many of the numbers are exposition-heavy lessons, as if this were ‘Schoolhouse Rap!’ The show is burdened with eye-glazingly dull stretches, especially those involving George Washington.” The portrayal of Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and other white historical figures by black and Hispanic actors is audacious, parasitical and false to history as would be a portrayal of Martin Luther King by a white man. And what is the point? Truth is it’s own reward but the Liberal Left is in love with bastardizing the founding of America and Hamilton the play is replete with disinformation.

Hamilton is wrongly portrayed as an immigrant, not as the settler he was which goes to the discrediting of Americans in favor of immigrants because immigrants didn’t build America, American’s did.
Vice President Mike Pence was lectured from the stage by Lin-Manuel who said: “We, sir,—we—are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights\. Manuel is not the diverse America he falsely claims he is. He’s a New Yorker born and raised in Manhattan. Yes, Miranda was born in New York City and raised in the neighborhood of Inwood which is right in Manhhattan. American as apple pie Miranda is the son of Luz Towns, a clinical psychologist, and Luis A. Miranda, Jr., a Democratic Party consultant who advised New York City mayor Ed Koch. Miranda is one of the American’s who hate America and hypocritically deny and protest their New York, Manhattan American roots. Shame on him.