Jun 252017

See what the worst building ever looks like HERE.

The designer of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, California did it. Guess he was a one-trick-pony because he has some other piles of rubble called buildings but none as pleasing as Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Biomuseo looks like pieces of colored cardboard folded and put together. Not pleasing at all. Goofy, really. Makes you appreciate some of the best designs like Fallingwater, the Manhattan Guggenheim and the Sydney Opera House in that order. Designers get away with junk designs like Biomuseo because so few people are equipped to analyse and judge designs. Pity because it allows peddlers of crap designs to get away with intellectual rape and it makes the work of the few geniuses like Frank Lloyd Wright difficult to get the credit for the innovative genius’ they are or were.

Some buildings are designers poking their fingers in the intellects of people and getting away with it.

Jun 252017

The woods are all green in the summer. The trees are full of branches, none of which are straight and pushing into it all are these huge ivory colored planks of concrete; concrete isn’t natural. It’s man-made. 

Fallingwater is far from “Organic with Nature” It’s a massive intrusion into the green woods. It uses red painted steel. No red in the trees in the woods. It uses layered stone unlike anthing found in nature. The stone is cut and chiseled and glued together into rectangular shapes. Need it be said that nature doesn’t make concrete? 

Wright’s Fallingwater is a stupendous design that’s an engineering nightmare full of stupid design flaws from the failure to specify stainless steel for the wet environment to the complete failure of his oversized railings on the decks that caused cracks and a collapse that was only saved because some engineers worked up soloutions to the devilish Wright’s awful engineering failures. . Wright, a bone Fide genius without any competition or contemporaries, was a pretentious and bratty artist probably because he had to deal with so many bratty, pretentious ignorant clients and of course with the stupid media types and the public who could neither recognize nor understand Michaelangelo on Market street.
Look at the Guggenheim. A stupendous almost superhuman effort in the middle of Manhattan that will stop you in your tracks when you come upon it.

Jun 242017

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani calls President Trump and tells him:

“Donald, I had a wonderful dream. I could see all of America and each house had a banner”.

“What did it say on the banners” Trump asked. 

Rouhani replied: “United States Of Iran”. 

Trump said: “You know Hassan, I’s happy you called because believe it or not, last night I had a similar dream. I could see all of Tehran and it was more beautiful than ever and on each house flew an enormous banner.”

” What did it say on the banners”Hassan asked.

trump replied: “I don’t know. I can’t read Hebrew”.

Jun 242017

From The Federalist: “FBI made a poor decision to gaslight Americans by claiming that the assassination attempt wasn’t premeditated terrorism but a spontaneous “anger management” problem. Or, as Jason Beale put it: (Jason Beale @jabeale) “Their conclusion? Just a down-on-his-luck guy. No planned target. Pix not surveillance. Names lacked context. Jobless. Nothing to see here.”
Really? No. of course not.
The Federalist again: “The FBI’s briefing appears so contrary to the facts as to be insulting. When a man with a history of hating Republicans cases a location, takes pictures, verifies the targets are Republicans before opening fire, has a list of Republican politicians in his pocket, and shoots and nearly kills Republicans, it’s hard to swallow the FBI’s contention that the shooting was “spontaneous” with “no target.” The agency should reconsider whether it wants to troll Americans about something this serious.”

Jun 242017

June 23.   See the very heated, partly out of control interview by Tucker Carlson of college professor Lisa Durden who was suspended almost immediately from Essex County Community College  HERE.

Quoting from the Daily Caller Report:  “Durden railed against white people in the Fox News appearance. “Boo hoo hoo,” she said. “You white people are angry because you couldn’t use white privilege card to get invited to the Black Live Matter all black Memorial day celebration. … Black Lives Matter decided to have one day where they didn’t want white folks who were going to be off the rails.”

“This particular day, they said stay your asses out,” she said, when Carlson asked her if it is racist to exclude white people from the event. “We want to celebrate today. We don’t want anybody going against us today.”

“Carlson called her demented and sick, which prompted Durden to call America a racist society that forces African Americans to exclude whites. At one point Durden was so out of control that Carlson threatened to shut down the interview.” Dememted seems about right. Sick fits too because of Durden’s twisted ideas about race and race in America. 

Durden made the points that there’s Mothers day and Puerto Rican day which justify to her that excluding white people is not different. She’s wrong. Those days don’t exclude white people as Durden wants done. Essex did the right thing and Tucker should be commended for getting Durden’s views into the public square.

Jun 242017

He designed a house on the side of a hill jutting out over a waterfall which hid the waterfall. The house was extremely damp but it was and remains a masterpiece of architectural design. It is said of Fallingwater that no other house has anywhere the connection with nature of “Fallingwater”. The owner was appalled that Wright designed the house on the “wrong” side of the stream but went along with Wright. He bought a masterwork worthy of Michelangelo. Falllingwater is that great.
It has sound. Wright put the house where the sound of the fallingwater is a large part of the charm of the design and provides evidence of the brilliance of Wright. How many buildings come with sound? Fallingwater certainly does and the sound is the name: Falling water.

Yes, it is a damp house because of the stream but dehumidification is rather simple these days with air conditioning in the summer and depending on the type of heating used in the winter the humidity can be completely controlled.
How expensive was the house to design and build? Very. It was worth the money and the owner, Kaufman had plenty. He even had an engineering complay study the design and it was found to be inadequate so Kaufman sent the engineering drawings to Wright who apparently rejected the additional reinforcement so Kaufman had it installed secretely and even the additional reinforcement was insufficient to keep the deflections down. It was strengthened during the recent renovations.
Also, it’s not “connected with hature” as it is so often said. First of all, nature abhors straight lines, at least in the woods where the trees caren’t straight. Next, it is nad of man-made materials by men who purposely constructed it. Nature doesn’t work like that, even with evolution and the sort of predestination that seeds use to grow and reproduce. It’s not, in those senses at all natural.
In the sense of the supreme capability of man, of people to consciously use and change so-called natural things there is a naturalness about Fallingwater. That’s what architects do. they use nature and that’s part of the natural nature of things.
Anyhow, it’s a circular argument that one can use to suit one’s purposes and so rather meaningless. the fact of Fallingwater is a testement to humans everywhere and it’s a spectacular achievement. . 


Jun 232017

After losing to Trump the left has lost it’s mind in the weeds of hate. How will this end? Civil War??
Russian President Putin asked: “Have you lost your senses?”

Every news cycle brings more hate. Every left wing-nut is adding to the nut-bag. #BlackLives Matter inspired the hate that executed two Brooklyn police officers; five more in Dallas and three in Baton Rouge.

Wrong/bad ideas have consequences and the Left is drugged-up on hate and won’t be calmed down because their hatred of America was vaccinated into them in the mandatory government schools where they read crap History like Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States”, a thoroughly anti-America Socialist clap-trap of Marx inspired hate-based attack on individualism which is the foundation of America and the poison to the Left Wing-nuts who hate, hate, hate President Trump and his vision to restore America to Americans. Government taught American’s to Hate America by using Zinn’s Peoples History.. 

“Much of what is seen in today’s left started with Howard Zinn. He stoked the anger, he leveled the charges of institutionalized, never-ending, and unforgivable racism. He pushed the narrative of “white superiority”, now morphed into “white privilege”. He pressed the foolish notion that socialism was the superior political system. He made up the narrative of purposeful, indiscriminate, racist genocide of native Americans. He made up the narrative of America being founded unjustly, by greed, so flawed that it had to be remade in his image of a Marxist paradise. He virtually invented the anti-American outrage so prevalent today, persuading our celebrities, our media, and an entire generation that America is, and has always been, awful.

“This from a man who excused Castro’s Cuba, exalted Mao’s China, praised North Vietnam, and to my knowledge has never uttered a negative word concerning the hundred million plus people slaughtered by socialist regimes in the twentieth century.”

Astoundingly, the lying crap-weasel Zinn succeeded in bringing America his wrong and dark vision of America by using the hidden Left-wing agenda of publiching companies that supply the government schools. That’s how America went from a shining city on a hill to Zinn’s contrived polemical history published 37 years ago in 1980 to a place where so many have not only believed him uncritically, but have assimilated his myopic vision.

America has been sabotaged via government run education which President Trump has promised to “reform, whatever that means, but it will be resisted by a massive underground army of government paid and government sponsored political operatives deep within the Deep State.

Look at what Zinn has succeeded in getting the left to profess:

♦ 1. The left has adopted his uncritical belief in Socialism. They will not look at socialism’s clear and present historical mountain range of flaws.
2. The United States has no trait worthy of praise. We have such a poisonous system, that it must be destroyed. At any price.
3. They will continue to believe that they, the left, can do no wrong.
4. They can overlook a hundred million people being slaughtered as a trifle not to be mentioned.
5. They can allow narratives to be made up in order to further their cause. Truth need not apply.
6. Look at the past few months and you’ll see his influence. Hillary Clinton only lost the election because of “Russia, Russia, Russia”. And James Comey. A narrative so contrived, Howard Zinn’s ghost is laughing.  After all, it couldn’t have been anything she did, didn’t do, her weak campaign, or unlikability. Socialists in their Zinn heaven can’t do anything wrong.

Zinn believers believe Trump’s greatest sin was suggesting America was ever great, or could be great again. What a horribly wrong thing to say. Ergo, he must be racist, hate women, and must not stand for anything else worthwhile. He’s not even human.

More Zinn: Trump must be brought down at all costs. He must be destroyed by the Zinn inspired revolutionary “resistance”.

Zinners believe nothing the leftwing democrat/media complex has done against Trump is wrong. Making up sources, narratives, literally lying, all that is okay because it furthers the agenda. Just ask James Comey, or Reality Winner, the other leakers, CNN, MSNBC or comedian Amy Schumer’s little uncle Chuckie Schumer. Burn down the house. Ignore the malfeasance. It’s for the cause. Howard would be proud. The Left should be ashamed.

It’s wonderful that we helped elect president Trump  and we’re not going away.