Dec 182017

Why are so many people not attending NFL games??
Is it because they don’t want to be pawns in a race war??
Is it because they want the NFL to be a football experience, not a race protest??
The problem is they can’t be asked because they aren’t there.
Is integration the right policy? Is diversity the best policy??
None of that seems to matter to the fans who have deserted and who continue to desert the NFL.

That’s the risk the protesters took when they stepped up.
Where and how does this end? At the moment no one knows.
But public protests have consequences. Empty seats are a consequence. Fewer fans are a consequence. No player has to agree with the fans but the fans reactions show their feelings over the protests and the $100 Million payoff.
In the end, race cannot be undone. Race is permanent. Reactions are an unknown part of the issue.

Dec 152017

Taxes are too high because Left Liberals demand even more government. Why don’t they support freedom? Letters to the editor of the Bucks Co. Courier don’t want government to stop taking as much money as it does. They don’t want a tax cut or they don’t want rich people to pay any less so they shoot themselves in their own stupid feet and refuse to accept a lower tax rate. These are incredibly stupid, math challenged people.

Dec 142017

On October 12, 2016, Kelly stated in a segment on her show with Fox News commentator Julie Roginsky that she, Kelly, is a lifelong Catholic. Why would that be important? Because of the anti-sex bias of Catholicism. Megyn Kelly is fascinated by sex, as Newt Gingrich observe. It’s because of her religious training in and by a largely misogynistic organization.
Questioning Amy Coney Barrett, nominated by President Trump to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit, Dianne Feinstein, the Democratic senior senator from California cryptically observed that Catholic “dogma lives loudly within you.” Feinstein was right on the mark because the Catholic church is in dogma and fact against sec even though in their view that God created everything so he created the sez drives in men and women too. Kelly has problems with that and it showed in her sneering remarjs against candidate Trump as she characterized Trump as a hater of women.
So Kelly would be and as a practicing Catholic is in fact concerned with how her religion-infused moral beliefs will influence her interviews and other work with people and the day-to-day lives of the American people. Official Roman Catholic teaching does not govern only private matters of church and family life. It is also deeply concerned with social order and the common good. And it has clear and authoritative positions on many controversial matters at the intersection of law, morality and public policy.

Some of those positions map onto politically conservative views. Pope John Paul II proclaimed that legislation permitting abortion and euthanasia do not truly have the force of law, because they are morally illegitimate. Quoting St. Thomas Aquinas, he admonished that an unjust law is not fully legally binding. That means he is opposed to American laws about abortion.

The U.S. bishops have taught that the Supreme Court decision constitutionally protecting same-sex marriage is a “tragic error” and have defended from the pulpit an expansive understanding of the free exercise clause that would protect the right of religious believers to refuse to serve same-sex couples. As a Catholic, a Roman Catholic responsible to and obligated to obedience to the Pope and the Cardinals and Bishops. that’s what Megyn Kelly is really truely about unless and until she remounces he religion

But other Catholic positions are congenial to political progressives. Pope John Paul II also condemned the death penalty as morally illegitimate in stable and developed countries such as the United States. Pope Francis has critiqued Trump’s immigration policy, saying that wanting to build a wall is “not Christian.” but the Vatican has massive, huge walls all around it so the Pope is being hypocritical. And let’s not forget that the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., a Baptist preacher, quoted Aquinas’s view on unjust laws in condemning Jim Crow.

These are confusing ideas in conflict with the reality of life.

Dec 142017

Massive legal and illegal immigration changed America into a massive welfare system and the establishment wants more. The people want less so Trump was elected to fix these wrongs and “Make America Great Again”.

Democrats won in Bucks County because Trump didn’t build the wall. 

Ann Coulter’s 2016 book “Adios, America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole” examines the destructive impacts of contemporary mass immigration.
Immigrants caused 9/11. An Illegal Immigrant murdered Kate Steinle. A chain Migration Immigrant Caused the bomb in the New York Port Authority. It goes and goes and goes and gets worse and worse and worse.
America needs the wall….America needed Trump and he showed up. Good..

Dec 132017

Roy Moore Lost but the Democrats almost made Jones lose and it’s two years until they, the Alabamians, get to get rid of Jones.
Alabama went for Trump in a big way so they aren’t dependable as Democrats. Maybe Moore was a little too crazy but Jones isn’t exactly a softie. He prosecuted some pretty bad actors and got them convicted and that goes to help his as he heads to Washington DC.

Dec 132017

USA TODAY made an unfitting scatological remark towards American President Trump. They are intellectual swine. Most Liberals and most Democrats Democrats lack the intellectual heft to grasp who Donald Trump is, having absorbed the Puritan hatred of the rich and the doctrines of Karl Marx so the president is condemned for his abilities/ Hatred of thegood because they are good is an age old phenomenon that persists among the intellectually vapid.
Where was the Left over the Obama presidency when the man who never released his school marks made the American Presidency the smallest it’s ever been and the smallest it ever will be??  

Dec 132017

Kaepernick may be the best quarterback but, unfortunately he probably has too much negative notoriety and loads of dislike among fans. But Tony Romo is available too.

Kaepernick may believe he isn’t being signed due to his decision to protest during the national anthem, is easily the best skilled quarterback available. He’s played in and won big games in the NFL, both in the regular season and the postseason. He’s better than Foles and he’s available. Tomo however is better, less controversial and could lead the Eagles to the Super Bowl…Yeah.
And if Foles goes down, the Eagles would be hard pressed to find a better option than having Kaepernick or Romo going in for him. 

The Eagles seem uniquely set up to sign Kaepernick, as they have a number of vocal leaders in the locker room that would support him — such as safety Malcolm Jenkins — and an owner in Jeffrey Lurie who would be open to signing the free agent quarterback.  

Add in the fact that he is reportedly working out in New Jersey, and Kaepernick should be at the top of the list if the Eagles do add a quarterback to the roster. Romo is probably a bit out of peak shape but he’s a more seasoned player and a better political choice.
You can bet the house that Pederson has already talked to Kaep.
What about the fans? Kaep started the protest against America. Philly fans might overlook that as he wins football games but they’d be ecstatic with Romo….

Dec 132017

It’s on several billboards in Dallas and Oklahoma City says Nick Fish of American Atheists
According to Fox News’ Lauren Green, the attention-seeking “American Atheists” are — like they do every year — putting up billboards in cities with large Christian populations.
Nick maintains that the main reason for putting up the anti-Christian billboards in Christian population centers is to “spark a conversation.”

“If you want to call that evangelizing — sure,” Fish told Green on Saturday. “We want to get our foot in the door — we want to spark a debate. We want to have a spirited debate like we are right now, and we want to have that in communities where people just aren’t thinking about that enough.”

What exactly is it that evangelical atheists want Christians to “think about”?

“Atheist voices aren’t being heard,” Fish explained. And “the assumption is everybody is the same.”

“Why take the image of the nativity,” Green asked. “You don’t think that would offend people?”

“The issue isn’t being offended,” Fish replied. “The issue is — again — getting our foot in the door, getting people talking about it. And so the only way to do that sometimes is to be provocative.”

Fish helpfully explained what his group wants Christians to think about: “We want you to think critically about your religion and we want you to think critically about what’s going on and what your preacher is telling you,” he said.

Fish zeroed in on what really chafes atheists about Christians. They “threaten” him with “eternal damnation,” he said.

“There’s a little bit of an imbalance there in what people see as offensive,” Fish added, laughing.

And remember. it’s the Winter Solstice that started the whole thing with candles and fires during the longest, darkest days of the year, . . . In the Northern Hemisphere. . . . . . It’s the opposite in the Southern half of the earth. It’s Summer down there which is the longest, brightest time of the year…. So the darkness depends on where on earth you are. See their billboard HERE.