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May 252017

Blacksplaining is blaming the failures of blacks on people who had nothing to do with them. It is a hybrid of envy, whining, looking to scam whites, seeking power by the unqualified, and rejecting personal responsibility.

Whitesplainning was designed to insult whites on every level. It is reverse racism and an invented word to define a non-existent idea. Liberals and other haters of white people because of the color of their skin is repulsive and false. It has infected white people who decided to hate people who are normal. Choosing to demean whites with a term coined by racists who are wracked with envy driven hate is an attempt to invert race based ideas and to wrongly blame white people for the situations of black people. Of course the left is behind it, as is usual for hate based politics and ethics.

What racists call “White privilege” is the accrued knowledge, work ethic, and moral guidance that comes from functional families with good parents. Black privilege is and should be, — identical, but– because of the inversion of the correct value system by the American Left far too many of them wrongly blame white people who as it turns out have been taxed, taxed and taxed again and again and yet again by a wrongly praised “welfare system and a welfare state government that defied freedom and condemns personal Liberty, —  to solve a problem that is not a problem hence cannot be fixed. One cannot fix a functional system. Capitalism is the system where people get the consequences they cause. Welfare inverts that relationship.

The Left decided to condemn the victims who are blamed for causing for example special race based considerations, lowered standards, and celebrity victimhood. And it has nothing to do with improving black lives but everything to do with illicitly increasing wrongfully gained leftist power.
It’s the raced based equivalent of President Obama’s apologizing for the successes of Americans.

May 252017

He promised us he would build a wall but so far, nothing. No wall, no fence not even a foundation but he’s still President. And it looks like Melania is having problems with him. She slapped his had away as he reached back for hers while they were arriving in Israel.

Meanwhile, where is our wall? 

Illegal Immigration is down sharply since President Trump took over from the unfortunate president whio preceeded him and who purposely encouraged more and more illegal immigrants to illegally enter America.

May 252017

A criminal conspiracy exists when two or more people agree to commit almost any unlawful act, then take some action toward its completion. Terrorism is a crime that requires conspiracy which can be used and is useful in stopping Terrorists. It’s time to check out what Donald Trump meant when he said: “there’s something going on in those Mosques.” 
President Trump told the Arab Summit “This is a battle between Good and Evil.”
“DRIVE THEM OUT of your places of worship.
DRIVE THEM OUT of your communities.
DRIVE THEM OUT of your holy land, and

Albert North Whitehead, writing “Religion in the Making” wrote: “Indeed history, down to the present day, is a melancholy record of the horrors which can attend religion: human sacrifice, and in particular the slaughter of children, cannibalism, sensual orgies, abject superstition, hatred as between races, the maintenance of degrading customs, hysteria, bigotry, can all be laid at its charge. Religion is the last refuge of human savagery. The uncritical association of religion with goodness is directly negatived by plain facts.

May 252017

Something is causing Roman Catholic churches to close. Saint Therese of the Child Jesus Church and Saint Madeleine Sophie Church in East and West Mount Airy, Saint Augustine Church in Montgomery County and The original Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Chester County closed in 2016. Sacred Heart Parish, another Montgomery County church, closed in 2014.Saint Madeleine Sophie closed in 2013. Assumption in Lower Southampton closed in 2010. The writing is on the wall, so to speak. Similar trends have been underway in Boston, New York, Detroit, Philadelphia, that have closed over 1,000 Catholic churches. What’s been going on? Could that trend help eliminate religion based terrorism?
More people get information from the internet so they no longer need to congregate to learn about their neighborhood. The internet easily explains evolution and creation so most people abandon creationism.
A recent National Geographic report confirms, the world’s newest religion is: No Religion.

May 242017

Ex French President Hollande actually and seriously said: Trump’s excesses “make you want to retch”. The Guardian, a British newpaper/internet, believes Obama did not surveil the Trump campaign despite the clear, unambiguous evidence that Obama did surveil Trump Tower as well as General Flynn and most other Americans durung his 8 years as president. Edward Snowden who is a political refugee from America had to flee to Russia after he showed the massive surveillance programs Obama continued and began.
Obama didn’t have the courtesy or the respect for Hollande, for the French people or for Europeans. He refused to attend the display of the European leaders after the 2013 Bataclan theater attack in Paris. The Europeans cannot protect themselves. They rely on America to do that but they despise billionaire President Trump.

President Trump and America will have to eliminate ISIS and the terrorists. Not only can’t Europe do that, they are welcoming Middle East terrorists into Europe.
ISIL, an Islamic terrorist organization cheered and congratulated the Terrorist who bombed the Manchester theater murdering 22.
Hollande cannot help Europe agaisnt the Terrorists. The French have designated over 700 danger zones within France where police refuse to enter because of the Middle East residents will noit let them enter/ Hollande cannot police his own country. He has to hide the police from the lawless people inside France.

After the Bataclan murders Obama expressed his sorrow over the murders. President Trump is going after the Terrorists. That’s the difference between President Trump and Obama. Obama talks. Trump acts. Hollande can’t fo either well. He’s been replaced by a muc younger man because Hollande wasn’t good for France or for Europe. For America? America didn’t need Hollande.
France has 66 million people. Great Britain has 65 million people. America has 360 million. America has more people in California, New York and PA than France has in the entire country. France has 259 thousand square miles. Great Britain has 81 thousand square miles. Germany has 38 thousand square miles. One state, Texas is larger than all of France. Fifteen states are each larger than Great Britain. America has 3,797 square miles. America is 14.7 times the size of France and 81 times the size of Great Britain.

Add England. France and Great Britain together and America is 1.5 times more people and 8 times more land. How preposterous that England, France or Germany separately or combined have any advice America should take seriously
Who cares what Hollande, Merkle or The Guardian think?

May 242017

How could he forget he’s supposed to support his religion, not the politics of The Green Party? But Pope Francis threw out his mandate from Saint Peter to lead his flock in the way of the Lord and jumped onto the totalitarian dictatorship that takes no advice from America or our President.

Helping the poor was thrown overboard by Pope Francis as he gave President Trump, who is not Catholic, a book designed to eliminate cars, electricity and jet aircraft because of “pollution”.

 POLLUTION IS NOT IN THE BIBLE, THE KORAN, THE VEDAS OR CATHOLICISM. The Pope has lost the plot of Catholicism. Instead of helping our President fight Terrorism he took the lower, easier road to fight gas and oil. Instead of trying to find an issue to help the poor, he left that up to God only knows what while he urged Trump to fo what? plant more trees and raise fewer cattle? 

May 242017

How many saviors have been killed by the people?

What is the psychological need for and the meaning of the Crucifixion? That explanation is the job of ethics. To explain the morality of the destruction of the perfect embodiment of a particular ethical vision. In terms of the Christian morality, Jesus Christ is the supreme moral ideal, a being without sin, in whose perfect image we believe we should strive to fashion our own souls.

OK, for a moment look at  the cross on which the perfect was sacrificed to human depravity. The highest, noblest, most perfect person, a God, was willing to sacrifice himself and die in agony for the sake of persons who are low, ignoble, sinful, evil. The morally superior chose to be immolated for the sake of the morally inferior.
The notion that such a sacrifice is in any sense right, that people may accept it, profit by it, and go on living—living at the price of the perfect man’s torture, living on the blood of the ideal—is  monstrous. A monstrous injustice, as profound a perversion of morality as the human mind can conceive.

Look at it in terms ot Terrorists who willingly kill themselves to achieve paradise. That’s as crude and stupid a bargain as can be made yet it persists precisely to the extent to which one may feel love and admiration for so-called religious reasons. By that doctrine a terrorist is driven to hate this world, hate humanity, and find existence unbearable. And yet this is the symbol hanging, as moral inspiration, over our lives in the Western world.
Of course, there is another, non-Christian way the symbol of the cross can be interpreted, but it is hardly more encouraging: as a signifier that humankind has a predilection for crucifying its saviors. that helps explain the hatred of President Trump by Christians. It follows from their moral code of hatred of the good for being successful. 

In traditional moral terms the message of the crucifixion  is unequivocal: the importance of the sacrifice of the higher to the lower; the immolation of the higher in favor of the lower is intrinsic to the very idea of sacrifice.

When someone gives up that which they don’t value in order to obtain that which they value—or when they give up a lesser value in order to obtain a greater one—that’s not a sacrifice. It’s a called a deal, a bargain, a gain.

Notice we cannot give up or renounce or sacrifice what we don’t have or that we don’t value. If sacrifice is desirable  terrorists must have something to sacrifice, their life,– to achieve paradise. Pay for eternal pleasure by murdering yourself plus enemies. Sacrifice your life for the cause.

But Terrorists aren’t told murder is evil;
They’re told that virtue consists of  killing enemies. 

We and they aren’t taught to see moral significance in the cultivation of intelligence, but we are encouraged to admire the surrender, the sacrifice, of intelligence to “faith.” We are not taught to
attach moral significance to the nurturing of our own ability, but we are taught that virtue consists of placing our ability at the disposal of those less able than ourselves. We are not taught to find moral significance in the struggle for happiness,
but we are taught to applaud the sacrifice of our happiness for “the good of others.”

To sacrifice our happiness is to sacrifice our desires; to sacrifice our desires is to sacrifice our values; to sacrifice our values is to sacrifice our judgment; to sacrifice our judgment is to sacrifice our mind. Self-sacrifice means—and can only mean—mind sacrifice. If our mind and judgment are to be objects of sacrifice, what sort of efficacy, control, freedom from conflict, serenity of spirit, or self-esteem will be possible to us?
To those who might find mind sacrifice an overly theatrical term, consider the following illustration taken from the untheatrical world of academic psychology.
If compliance with and conformity to the norms, expectations, and values of “the group, the collective or the faith” are regarded as the cardinal good, the mind of the individual has to be an
object of sacrifice. Thus, in the above example, the person capable of principled moral reasoning needs to sacrifice his ability and his judgment to those who have not yet attained a “postconventional” level of moral reasoning: the sacrifice of the higher to the lower.

From The Fountainhead, “We have never made an effort to understand what is greatness in man and how to recognize it. .. . We have come to hold . . . that greatness is to be gauged by self-sacrifice. . . . Let’s stop and think for a moment. Is sacrifice a virtue? Can a man sacrifice his integrity? His honor? His freedom? His ideal? His convictions? The honesty of his feelings? The independence of his thought? But these are a man’s supreme possessions. Anything he gives up for them is not a sacrifice but an easy bargain.
They, however, are above sacrificing to any cause or consideration whatsoever. Should we not, then, stop preaching dangerous and vicious nonsense? Self-sacrifice?
But it is precisely the self that cannot and must not be sacrificed. It is the unsacrificed self that we must respect in man above all.
In order for human beings to accept self-sacrifice as a moral ideal, they have to remain ignorant of the concept of rational selfishness. Moralists have commonly declared or implied that our basic alternative is to sacrifice others to ourselves
(which they call “egoism”) or to sacrifice ourselves to others (“altruism”). This is equivalent to declaring that our basic choice is between being a sadist or a masochist. Just as healthy sex consists of the exchange of pleasure, not pain, so healthy relationships of any kind consist of the exchange of
values, not sacrifices. But if one wishes to control the minds and lives of other human beings, it is imperative to maintain a kind of blackout on a nonsacrificial view of human relationships—to herd people into the pen of self-sacrifice under the threat that sacrificing others to themselves is the only alternative. In the perpetuation of this fraud, religious leaders and political leaders have reinforced each other through many centuries.

“In the hunt for their own happiness,” wrote Adolf Hitler, “people fall all the more out of heaven into hell. “

May 242017

The following is a contribution of the Ancient Battler against the received wisdom of the deep state.

“For hours the former CIA Director balanced angles on pinheads as he wove his web about how Donald Trump sold out his candidacy and his country to “The Russians”, None of or very few of the elected Washington Republicans asked: ‘why the notes of the former CIA director contained nothing about Hillary and the Russians?’
“The former CIA Director had no information on President Bill Clinton’s involvement with “The Russians” and Bill’s collection of millions of dollars frpm “The Russians” for his speeches. Nor did the former CIA Director’s notes reference the massive collusion of presidential candidate Hillary. His testimony was missing the facts about Hillary’s campaign manager who registered as an agent for “The Russians”. Also missing was the former CIA Directors note about Hillary selling 20% of American’s Uranium to “The Russians” in exchange for their “donation” of $50 million to Hillary’s Clinton Foundation.
“What is striking in it’s absence is not only the indifference of The Elected Republicans towards or their failure to support the elected Republican President but their purposeful bent over position and their silent support of those out to get President Trump.”
These are disgusting people. Simply disgusting.

May 232017

It’s like the Left blames the bank for tempting the robbers. 

Ex-president Obama apologized for tempting Muslims to fight against America. He tried to explain to Americans that putting terrorists in Gitmo helped the terrorists recruit more terrorists. That’s as ridiculous as blaming the Jews for forcing the NAZI’s to build concentration camps and ovens. 

The Huffington Post actually proposed America should stop fighting the jihadists, free the terrorists in Gitmo, apologize for fighting the terrorists in Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. They proposed we should sit down with the terrorists and talk. 

TALK?? Talk gives the Terrorists more time to build nail bombs and pressure cooker bombs. Talk has zero chance of success. President Trump when he was running for the presidency said we should bomb the shi* out of them. That’s a good start.

But Medea Benjamin of the HuffPo wants to spend more money educating potential terrorists to decrease the threat. It’s the ‘Show ’em we luv ’em’ school that recomends the best things that don’t work against Terrorists. She also wants to spend millions to explain to terrorists that we understand their hate towards us. But their hatred is unreasonable so reasonable people can never understand the terroriats degree of hate and how evil they are in their hearts.

That’s how the Left actually helps and supports more terrorism. Instead of condemning the terrorists they are making excuses for them.
How about this? One religious group seems to provide terrorists so it’s reasonable to ecpect there are more members of that group who also hate the West. That’s where searching for Terrorists would make sense to look among that group.
America also needs to find out why some, perhaps many American teachers hate Amrerica and prove it by their words to their students.