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Jul 202017

Who paid for Obama to go to three colleges? Oxy, Colombia and Harvard Law. Wiki lists Harvard Law expenses for one year at $92,450. Occidential is $67,806 and Columbia is $59,700. Two years at Harvard law, two  at Columbia and two at Occy come to $439,912.00. Where did Obama get $439,912 when he didn’t have a job?   Who bought him??

Jul 202017

He’s one of our hero’s.
The Viet Cong couldn’t break his indomitable spirit. He’s up against the taker of lives, brain cancer and Americans will do all we can to help this most courageous of people in the battle.

The VC beat America in South Vietnam thanks to American Traitors like Hanoi Jane Fonda and her enemy of America nutcake husband Tom Hayden, .. who although white, advocated the disappearance of the white race and although born in America fought to disappear Capitalism. Hayden fought for a democratic socialist order that would favor the collective good over the freedom of the individual which he detested. He teamed up with wrong thinkers like Bomber Bill Ayers as they played into the hands of the Viet Cong.

John McCain is a hero for his resistance to the Viet Cong while they tortured helpless prisoners and showed their true malevolence.
With that courage he in now fighting the greatest foe of human life, cancer. All the best in this battle John, ….America stands by it’s hero’s.
And we predict ex-president Obama will have nothing to say about Senator John McCain.

Jul 202017

He calleth the Congress back from their vacation to do the job which he has instructed be done. . .

His word carries the force of temporal power, the attribute to awe and majesty,

Wherein doth sit the dread and fear of kings;

But Wisdom is above this sceptred sway; It is enthroned in the minds of the leader. . . .

Take note: President Donald Trump told The New York Times Wednesday it would be improper for special counsel Robert Mueller to investigate his family’s finances in a manner not related to the probe into Russian election interference.
the President knows Mueller would cross a red line by opening a broad investigation into his family’s finances unrelated to the Russia investigation.

His opinion was very clear: “I think that’s a violation. Look, this is about Russia,” President Trump said.
The president was asked whether he knows if Mueller is looking into this and the president replied: “I’m not under investigation. For what? I didn’t do anything wrong.”

This is o great. . .

Verily I say to thee, . . .This Day Thou Art In America..

Jul 092017

FOX began losing to MSNBC and CNN when Megan Kelly left. Then they ‘fired’ Ailes and O’Reilly. They lost about 30% of their viewers.
The Wall Street Journal just issued a report with a rather false headline that FOX is still in the lead . . . yes but the cable market declined from 1.45 million a night to 1.25 million a night. Both FOX and CNN lost viewers. MSNBC gained some of them but overall many people tuned out.
Has to do with the untrustworthy factor. Like FAKE NEWS, people know not to trust the media. The media pushes an agenda by slanting their reporting. Trump exposed it. The people caught on and we just don’t watch as much.

Jul 092017

The cause of poverty is not the rich. President Trump has helped more people in six months than Pope Francis has in his entire life. The Pope has never worked for profits or wages. His church is not a supporter of capitalism. He asks and receives donations not from sales but from people who work for wages or for profits.

President Trump has never begged for free money. He earns money which is the opposite of the central message from the Church of the Pope. Donations, not profits.

Consider this. the Church of the Pope is operates independent of and in opposition to and with all other religions. How can Pope Francis consider himself an expert on relationships with that kind of record?


The pope wants America and all other nations to accept immigrants. Why not tell them what to do to fix their country so they could stay in it? Here’s why.

The mentation of beggers is different than producers. Explaining commerce is beyond he earthly mission of Pope Francis, born Jorge Mario Bergoglio in 1936 and beyond the goals of his priestly order, the Jesuits who are not concerned with this earth. Their expertise is the supernatural and they have all kinds of advice about the origins and workings of the neither world. President Trump and the people don’t work there. We live in the real world.
We operate according to the rules of science, not faith.

Why does the pope meddle in secular affairs when countries don’t tell the pope who to appoint to run the Roman church of the pope? Why doesn’t the pope follow his mission to promote the supernatural and tell people how to get to heaven? Does he even know?
Why does the church oppose homosexual activities? Didn’t the same God create homosexuals?
Same for the denial of human sexuality and all of the restrictions and prohibitions against contraception which deals with people who know they can enjoy each other but not conceive as the Pope want’s them to do. Imagine how many millions would be added to the populations if there was no contraception. How would they be fed. It’s unacceptable to tell people that God will provide when no manna from heaven shows up on the food plates of the poor. People have to work so the poor can be fed but the pope relies on mystic shibboleths to keep the donations coming.

Jorge Bergoglio operates in our world too. He uses the supernatural to justify himself in the non-supernatural. Many people get that and don’t go along.
Now the pope is going away from the bible and into climate stability. OK. If he want’s to pray for it, fine. That’s his side of the street. Running the world however is the job of the leaders of the various non-Vatican countries which is all of them except the Vatican. None of them have any advice for the pope. That’s the way it works.

Jul 012017

Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks, was asked whether the shooting that injured Rep Steve Scalise and four others changed his views on gun control, and he gave reporters a remarkably clear-headed and eloquent off-the-cuff response.

“Not with respect to the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment right to bear arms is to ensure that we always have a republic. And as with any other constitutional provision in the Bill of Rights, there are adverse aspects to each of those rights that we enjoy as people. And what we just saw here is one of the bad side effects of someone not exercising those rights properly.

“But we’re not going to get rid of freedom of speech because some people say some really ugly things that hurt other people’s feelings. We’re not going to get rid of Fourth Amendment search and seizure rights because it allows some criminals to go free who should be behind bars. These rights are there to protect Americans, and while each of them has a negative aspect to them, they are fundamental to our being the greatest nation in world history.

“So, no, I’m not changing my position on any of the rights we enjoy as Americans.

A lot of people can say the right thing when coached, but what they will say or do under fire. Yet this was the response Brooks came up with just hours after he was literally under fire.

The key to this response is that Brooks understands deep down what freedom is. He understands that freedom isn’t just about leaving people alone so long as they do the right thing and act as you want them to act. When people violate the rights of others it’s not because there’s a negative aspect to individual Rights. It’s because some people can’t or don’t play according to the rules. The idea of rights is to protect you from the government. There’s no downside or anything negative about that.

Jul 012017

They offer two large ham and cheese hoagies, 2 for $6. That saves about $5 right there. They also have several ovens that they use to bake the pies.

The Strawberry Pie is an amazing pie. The crust is great and the strawberries are cut into small squares so Lou’s use more actual strawberries. They stay apart and soak up even more of the sauce while they bake. The result is pure strawberry heaven. There’s no recipe on the internet that counsels small strawberry squares. It’s either slice them or half them but Lou’s found a new, better way.