Oct 112017

Black people have a Congressional Black Caucus. White people don’t. Black people have #BlackLivesMatter. White people don’t. White people are hated because of their skin color.
Racism towards white people exists. Now I know that your first bigoted instinct is to immediately discredit me for being a spoiled white man who doesn’t understand black peole but I’ve been to more black countries than most people so you lose on that one.

White people oftentimes aren’t allowed to have problems. Our “white privilege” supposedly prevents us from fully appreciating the suffering of others, and is to blame for our narrow-minded and superior attitudes. Pardon my french, but that’s crap. White people invented compassion.
Any type of prejudice or discrimination towards any person based on their skin color is blatant racism regardless what the less enlightened people think.
A “Miss Black America” contest is held every year in the United States. If a similar pageant was organized exclusively for white women, protesters would be screaming “Racism” and calling for justice and claiming society was moving backwards. If black skinned people can celebrate their culture, why can’t I do the same? Racism. RACISM AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE.
The Legacy of slavery.
Slavery ended in 1865 with the 13th amendment. That was 152 years ago. That was almost eight generations ago. There have been no slaves in America for 152 years yet some people claim and actually believe slavery was eliminated just a little while ago so they bring it up as oppression even though it’s false.
There are millions more white people in America so there are more targets to hate for those who hate white people.
Where does the hate end? Nowhere. Hate is part of humanity so we’re all stuck with it. Happy Hatin’t.