Oct 102017

You have no right to protest in my living room because I’m in charge of what is allowed inside my living room. It’s private property so I can kick you out if I don’t like what you are doing. Same for a football stadium. If you act up the owner can kick you out.

It’s a Private Property Issue, not a free speech issue. Talking during a movie can get you thrown out of the movie. Same for protesting against America inside a stadium that is completely under the control of the NFL.

But Megyn Kelly said: “…those players have every right to take a knee. No they don’t. They have no right to protest inside a private, not public stadium. Government cannot stop them but the property owner can and should because of the disrespect to the fans, the flag and the country.
The wayward players can protest on public property. they can protest in the public square in any city in America but they cannot bring it into my home. I forbid it and I’m in charge, same as the NFL is in charge of the stadiums at football games. . .