Aug 082017

Many countries don’t have a free press. America does but it’s corrupt. It’s one-sided, slanted towards the Left, meaning towards Socialism. It’s not traditional corruption where bribes are exchanged for favors. It’s a press that’s hostile to Liberty; to Freedom; to free individuals in favor og big government responsible to take care of everyone in some fashion or other

The premise has documentary backing. Pew Research Center in 2004 undertook surveyed 547 local and national reporters, editors and executives. The result? Thirty-four percent of national press identified as liberal, as opposed to 7 percent conservative. That’s bias. Bias instead of objectivity is corruption of the media.

At a certain point, it’s impossible to staff a journalism business based in New York City without letting at least a few pinkos in,” wrote Muto in his book about the liberal bias in the media. That corrupts the objectivity.