May 182017

He’s a compassion inspiring personality with numerous missing links. He failed to graduate from the University of Mississippi. Wiki also confirms: Smith married female Virginia Donald, a University of Mississippi classmate, in 1987. They divorced six years later with no children.

In 2017, Smith confirmed he is gay, saying: “I don’t think about it. I go home to the man I’m in love with.” (sic, grammar). A reporter confirmed “He is also gay.” Smith believes his sexuality is a piece of his personal story, but not the most defining factor.”

Oh yeah? The first thing that’s reported about a newborn is it’s sex. It’s the most fundamental attribute of a person and it is their defining factor. Being gay means a lot of things are different than people who are not gay. Wiki claims: homosexuality “also refers to a person’s sense of identity.” How fundamental in your sense of identity? What does that actually mean.

‘personal identity’ usually refers to certain properties to which a person feels a special sense of attachment or ownership. Someone’s personal identity in this sense consists of those features she takes to “define her as a person” or “make her the person she is”.

The word homosexual is a Greek and Latin hybrid word. A hybrid word is an invented concept that combines two different attributes. In the case of gay is means a female male. A lesbian is a masculine woman. Hybrid. Two different attributes compared to single attribute words like Male or Female.

How important is a word? What is a word?

Basically, fundamentally, a word is a label that’s attached to a concept. What’s a concept? A concept begins with a mental integration of two or more things which are isolated by abstraction and united by a specific definition. Get it? Look at two females. They are different than everything except females. Female unites them into a thing. Female is defined by the definition of the common things that make each women female. Same for homosexual.
Is homosexuality normal. Yes for homosexuals. No for males or females. A male cannot be a homosexual because of two definitions. The definition of male and the definition of homosexual.

Shepard, actually David Shepard Smith is a normal homosexual. That affects notonly his view of a lot of things in ways that are different than males, …zFor example males don’t go home to the man with whom they are in love. Males go home to the woman with whom they are in love.