Apr 132017

Are you kidding? Do you know anything about the place or the people? The food; the fresh air; the many, many cultures and places within Russia? The people?
Or, are you like most of the lowing herd a believer that Russia is evil; that Russia is the enemy; that the world would be better without Russia?

Yesterday is gone. President Trump changed the calculus for the world when he unexpectedly won the presidency of the most powerful nation on earth and became the leader of the United States. He took over from Vladimir Putin the power of operating the most dangerous military in history.

America covers four time zones plus a fifth when it’s calculated to Hawaii. Russia covers 12. America has English as the major language. Russia has 160 ethnic groups who speak 100 languages. The longest railroad includes the Trans-Siberian Express.

Why then is America so much greater?

For starters, America has more people. Next, American’s have more freedom. Nest is a common language which serves to unite a culture because communication crosses the division within the people.