Aug 192017

You have enemies who hate you. What should you do about them?

You can oppose the obviously wrong but the question is: “why do some people have wrong ideas?”

Plus, you must hate evil so saying you don’t hate or that hate has no home here is silly because it’s massively false. You should hate wickedness and depravity but the present situation seems to be anti-Trump. The rally of 20,000 today, Saturday, August 19 was opposed by a larger counter rally that was larger than the rally. Which side had more bigots and haters? (Hint: the larger rally had more people). You can do the math from there.

Aug 192017

Check the history books. How often has humanity murdered their saviors? 

Check President Trump who correctly blamed both sides for the battle of Charlottsville. Obviously he is correct yet the Fake Media continues to mis-characterize his words as though the fighters are moral equals even though they are both breaking the law. The Fake News people are crucifying the president despite his correct analysis.

Children learn to speak but many people never learn the difference between words and the things the words represent. they believe a Confederate statue is the same as an active Confederate soldier. The distinction between the intellect and reality is not merely unknown to this mentality, it is incommunicable.

Aug 192017

No, of course you can’t . . . . . unless you own them. Both crucifixes and monuments are symbols. You may be offended by a crucifix, quite a few people who are offended by Christianity in general are offended by a crucifix. If you want to remove them from the public square the public square must be controlled by crucifix destroyers.  

Aug 192017

A history book chronicles the events of the American Civil War, a brutal war fought BETWEEN AMERICANS. The movement to remove Confederate (American) Statues recently ran into opposition at Charlottsville, Virginia where a protest agaisnt the destruction of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee was met by a counter-protest. Was the counter-protest inspired by Anti-America ideology?

Yes, of course. Called “Antifa” meaning Anti-Fascist which is a far left ideology that’s in direct opposition to the far right ideology that decided to protest the removal of the monument to Robert E. Lee, the general of the army of the Confederate states. Neither group represents most Americans.

But the issue is the removal of Confederate statues. The removals are ill-advised and have served to disrupt America.

The issue is that black people are offended by Confederate statues because the Confederates supported slavery.

But Confederate statues do not offend by their presence. It requires a mind that decides it is being offended. The actual offense is in the mind of the beholder. The statue is inert. It is neither offending nor pleasing unless and until an individual decides and chooses to be offended or pleased.

Everyone in America has the right to be offended or not, but no one has the right to act simply because they are offended.

No one is telling anyone that they must like the Confederacy. No one is telling anyone they must hate the Confederacy either. The fact is there is no Confederacy. It ceased to exist at the end of the Civil War when the Confederate States were once again part of the United States.

the movement to destroy Confederate statues is as useful as a movement to destroy the Civil War. There’s no war to destroy. There’s no Confederacy to destroy. Neither the Civil War nor the Confederacy exist.

Those who support the destruction of offensive statues better not try to destroy the statues of saints which offend them. That would lead to an even worse war than the ill-conceived war on Confederate statues. Imaging people who object to Christianity destroying Christian symbols. Imagine they want to destroy the Washington Monument because Washington was a Christian,– Or to destroy the statue of Robert E. Lee because he prayed to a Christian God. What would you do? Whatever you decide to do informs your decision about the destruction of Confederate monuments.

You may be unfit to live in a free culture.  


Aug 182017

The congressman compares different things to make his point that the two fighting sides in Charlottsville are different. He fails to comprehend they are both wrong. President Trump understands the side that showed up to fight the NAZI flag flyers was a George Soros Anti-American group sent to cause trouble. The congressman is sort of stuck on the first part so he misses the moral deficiencies of the second part.

Fitzpastrick has a law degree but he should have paid more attention to philosophy and ethics.


Aug 172017

Are you nuts??
620,000 dead. Read that again……620,000 dead from the Civil War but it’s not enough to have killed Confederates, their existence must be purged from history. All the Memorials must be destroyed, . . .for what purpose?? To eliminate any reference to slavery??

If that’s the goal, …if that’s the objective, eliminate any reference to slavery then the entire history of the world from the ancients to the moderns will have to be destroyed and made invisible in the future.

Why should the history of slavery be forgotten? Why?
Why are the descendants of slaves ashamed of their history? Why aren’t they proud to have prevailed despite the suffering and death?

The 2000 U.S. Census counted 163,036 people with the surname Washington. Ninety percent of them were African-American, a far higher black percentage than for any other common name.

Look to Israel. A modern day monument to the courage and heroism of the Jews who survived the Holocaust and as a proud memorial to those living today.

Why not honor the descendants of slaves by erecting more monuments to them like the MLK statue in Washington, DC?

Why alter history? Why not embrace it; study it; memorialize it and use it to show how to live today despite the losing sides in all the wars.

Look to Japan. A formidable enemy that has become not a nation of losers but of wonderful winners.

Look at former enemy Germany, now a bastion of freedom after two world wars.

Slavery didn’t start in America. It started in…. well, not in America and it was purposely and clearly ended in America in 1863 with the Emancipation Proclamation. That’s 154 years ago. That’s eight generations ago. Child,
parents, grandparents, great grandparents, 2nd great grandparents, third great grandparents, fourth great grandparents and fifth great grandparents ago…..One child living today and going back seven generations to two parents, four grandparents, eight great-grandparents, sixteen great great grandparents up to the 5th great grandparents i 255 people who existed since the Civil War for each living person. How many were slaves?

For each black person in America today whose fifth great grandparents were alive in America in 1863 during the Civil War means there had to be a total of 128 slaves living in 1863 for one black person to claim they are the descendants of slaves. If any one of their 127 ancestors was not a slave then that one non-slave ancestor who was not a slave in America in 1863 means not all of their ancestors were slaves.
Seven generations of parents, grandparents and great grandparents since the end of slavery in America means each black person alive today had 127 ancestors who were not slaves since slavery was outlawed, made illegal 154 years ago.
Out of the total number of ancestors each black American has today a maximum of 127 could have been slaves and each black person alive today has an additional 127 ancestors who could not have been slaves at all.

But if the Confederates had not left the Union beginning in 1860, 157 years ago would Lincoln have issued the Emancipation Proclamation?