May 242016

Rights are abstractions that depend on the nature of the individual and a series of discoveries about led to the identifications of the attributes of Powers and the proper use of Power.

An individual alone in a desert island has no need for Rights because there’s no one who can abuse him/her.

When an individual is alone on an island all actions have no consequence on other individuals so there’s no need to identify concepts like Power or Rights.
When two or more individuals encounter each other how are they supposed to act towards the other or others?

Lets analyse “Justice”. Individuals must judge and evaluate the things around them. Is judgment automatically right? No. What causes judgment to be wrong? The lack of sufficient evidence, or the evasion of the evidence, or the inclusion of considerations other than the relevant facts of the case. How, can we arrive at the right judgment?

By basing it exclusively on the factual evidence and by considering all the relevant evidence available. But isn’t this a description of “objectivity”? Yes, “objective judgment” is one of the wider categories to which the concept “justice” belongs. What distinguishes “justice” from other instances of objective judgment? When one evaluates the nature or actions of inanimate objects, the criterion of judgment is determined by the particular purpose for which one evaluates them. But how does one determine a criterion for evaluating the character and actions of men, in view of the fact that men possess the faculty of volition? What science can provide an objective criterion of evaluation in regard to volitional matters? Ethics. Now, do I need a concept to designate the act of judging a man’s character and/or actions exclusively on the basis of all the factual evidence available, and of evaluating it by means of an objective moral criterion? Yes. That concept is “justice.”

Ayn Rand wrote that synopsis of Justice. Notice it involves thought.

Rights were recognized when the intellectual level reached a point where is was noticed that some of the actions of others caused problems with some people. Power was human action but the unjust use of it caused problems of justice. How can Power be controlled or directed so it’s good? One concept was that individuals have the ability to judge whether an action of another is harmful or beneficial to themselves. A way to control the power was needed so Rights were derived to control power and/or to keep it just.

Rights only depend on the nature of the individual analysed against other individuals or groups.

Rights don’t depend on the law although the law should be objective, i.e., apply to everyone in the same manner and the law should be just, that is correct. The law is implemented with Power. The law is counterbalanced with Rights which guard against unjust laws and the unjust application of the laws.

Government doesn’t need Rights because government has Power. Individuals need Rights because they need to control the great powers of government and the only way to do that is to determine that government must be controlled and the concept of individual right is the only tool available to control government.

May 242016

There’s not much to Hillary once her bona fides are known. Trump nicknamed her “Corrupt” which is worse than “Crooked” both of which apply but she’s far worse than “Corrupt”, she’s “Criminal”. Hillary is a disgrace to the human race, perhaps not as much as some of the ruthless, bloodthirsty conquerors only because she hasn’t had an army to physically conquer, murder and plunder those she hates, ant that’s a long list starting with people like Jennifer Flowers and Juanita Broadderick.

 Hillary is untouched by innocence. Hillary is a towering figure, a left wing politician who has practiced and continues to practice hypocrisy on a world-class level that is so brazen, haughty, dishonest, disreputable that it cannot be described by one word although “Crooked” sums them up rather well. She’s been criminally motivated since childhood and the level of crookedness shot up since she had a law degree. All that is known. All has been admitted. Trump doesn’t have to do anything to even acknowledge her existence because her corruption is so well documented. Hillary is a unique creature in the worst possible way, even worse than her husband who was intercoursing women while Hillary was destroying them. So much for her lie about supporting women knowing she had ruined the lives of Bills intercoursers.

Sleaze is routine with the Clintons. When Bill was president, Asian money men visited the White House many times — in some cases carrying large brown paper bags stuffed with $100 bills — as investigators Edward Timperlake and William Triplett II detail in their book “Year of the Rat.”

May 232016

Union members hate Hillary just like other common sense voters. What are they supposed to do in November?

“keep your mouth shut and vote for the man who knows how to bring jobs back to America, Donald Trump.”

No matter how much she cackles and bobbles, no matter how much shorter she is than Jennifer Flowers, Kathleen Wiley, Paula Jones and the other women who stepped up to help keep her husband satisfied, Hillary isn’t big enough to step into the White House again. Union voters favor Donald Trump to actually keep American jobs in America.

How strong is the unions support for Trump? While unions still tend to lean Democratic, their rank-and-file members are increasingly split between the parties. In 2008, 39% voted for Republican John McCain and in 2012 40% voted for Mitt Romney.

When”Working America”, the political organizing arm of AFL-CIO, interviewed Americans earning less than $75,000, they found out Trump was the favored candidate.

Who supports Donald Trump? The new Republican center of gravity which increasingly includes Democrats and Union workers.

May 232016

Sure she had an illegal computer server in her home with a back-up in a closet in Colorado but it was done on purpose to send wrong information to the Iranians, the Chinese, Russia and all points East of America. It was a super intelligent decoy set up by the Genius Lawyer from Wellesley.

It worked. It was easy for the Chinese and Russia to hack into. Guccifer did it. He’s not even a government and he admitted he did it and said it was easy. Well of course it was easy, Hillary didn’t want to make it hard otherwise the Chinese couldn’t hack into it. Brilliant?

Judge Andrew Napolitano told Megyn Kelly on Monday, “There’s a debate going on in the Kremlin between the Foreign Ministry and the Intelligence Services about whether they should release the 20,000 of Mrs. Clinton’s emails that they have hacked into.”

Brilliant? No, but the idea that Hillary set up her computer as a decoy so Russia could hack into it and think they were getting real good true and connect secret information is very plausible. It makes for a fascinating answer to why she who is supposed to be super-smart is so dumb about computers. Maybe that means she’s over-rated and not really so smart. Smart people can easily work computers and only an idiot would set up a computer in her home and make it easy for the Chinese to get the top secret information the idiot candidate put on it thinking, like an ostrich that if she has her head up her a** no one can see her.

May 222016

The following e-mail was sent to the Courier Times Reporter, Chris English.
Re: Your Rails to Trails Article/Report, here are 22 additional points that haven’t yet been brought up.

  1. If the trail is useful as a bicycling, jogging walking trail it would be even more useful as a road.
  2. None of the people who want the trail have any intention of paying for it.
  3. Payment for something they demand doesn’t seem to mean anything to the people who are demanding the trail.
  4. None of the people who want the trail mention their willingness to pay for the construction or maintenance of the trail.
  5. None of the people who are demanding the trail mention all of the trails that have been built. They are never happy and seem greedy in their demands without an offer to pay for their demands.
  6. Government is not supposed to provide trails. It was never given that power. People who want government to provide them with benefits should at least have the grace to explain how they will pay for what they demand.
  7. None of the people who demand a trail mention that the trail won’t be used for transportation which was the purpose of the railroad.
  8. None of them seem to realize automobiles replaced the railroad which is why SEPTA abandoned the railroad.
    If the people who are demanding the trail need exercise there are loads of places they can get exercise including all of the parks the taxpayers of Northampton paid for and which the people who want to exercise can use right now at no further cost to anyone.
  9. None of the people who want the trail are offering any of their land for a trail.
  10. The dilapidated railroad bridge over the Neshaminy creek would be extremely expensive to replace. It should probably be demolished by SEPTA because it’s dangerous as it is. There’s no dispute that SEPTA owns the dilapidated, dangerous bridge.
  11. SEPTA doesn’t have the power to lease the land. It was taken as an “Easement”, via it’s predecessor organizations for and only for railroad use.
  12. SEPTA may be operating “ultra juris”, above the law, by leasing the land because they don’t own it.
  13. When SEPTA abandoned the railroad they lost their control of the land because an abandoned easement, if it really was a legal easement taken and paid for by the government, reverts back to the property owner.
  14. The government took the land by Eminent Domain for a public purpose, i.e., to build a railroad, not to lease the land for non-railroad uses or purposes.
  15. That issue has never been brought up and it would prevail over SEPTA’s questionable use.
  16. Government didn’t actually take all of the land, only the “surface”. It issued an “Easement” meaning the railroads were given the power to use the surface of the land to build and operate a railroad.
  17. Northampton Township manager Robert Pelligrino explained the railroad was given a Fee Simple deed. He has been searching, unsuccessfully, for the deed. He will not find it because it does not exist.
  18. Government can take land but it must pay for it. That’s in the Fifth Amendment. None of the property owners were paid for the land or for the use of the land or for an easement for the use of the land in Northampton Township. That violated the Fifth Amendment and the violation continues.
  19. To emphasize by repetition: None of the property owners were paid for the easement for the use of their land in Northampton Township.
    The Right to own land applies only to individuals. No government entity needs Rights because they have Power. Rights are supposed to keep Power under control. When government took the land or even when it decided to use it but not compensate the property owners, it committed several Constitutional violations.
  20. In addition government is supposed to support the property Rights of the individuals. When it failed to do that it committed a violation of the Rights of the property owners.
  21. In addition it also had a duty to protect the Rights of the property owners which duty it also violated.
  22. There’s a law that covers a Violation of Rights under Color of Law. Cover of Law means when government uses it’s position as government to violate the Rights of an Individual. That law is codified as: 42 USC §1983. If SEPTA continues with its questionable claims to use the land for various purposes it may be increasing it violations of the Constitutions, both federal and state as well as the violations of the property rights of the adjacent landowners.

May 222016

The Media is full of wrong opinions disguised as “Reports” about Donald Trump’s speech at the NRA meeting.

They’re lying about Donald Trump. The media is covering up Trumps remarks and lying about Hillary Clinton in their zeal to elect another Left Wingnut.

A Hillary Clinton presidency would not only eliminate people’s gun rights but strip Clinton’s Security team of their guns too.

So said Donald Trump in a tweet after he promised to support the Constitution including all of the Amendments.

Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton “the most anti-gun” candidate ever to run for office and pledged to defend the Second Amendment during an address at the National Rifle Association’s national convention here on Friday.

“The Second Amendment is under threat like never before,” Trump told the crowd. “Crooked Hillary Clinton is the most anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment candidate ever to run for office.” “If she could, Hillary would ban every gun, destroy every magazine, run an entire national security industry right into the ground and put gun-owners’ names on a government registration list,” said NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre.

Trump also unveiled a new nickname for the presumptive Democratic nominee, calling her “Heartless Hillary” because, he said, Clinton wants to “disarm vulnerable Americans in high-crime areas…to take away any chance they have of survival.”

Sometime the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy or a good woman with a gun.



May 222016

Check the cyber attack against the entire country of Estonia that began 27 August, 2007 and ended three weeks later to verify the ease of getting inside a target computer. Hillary’s computer was easier to get inside of than the computers of the Estonian government. Computers in Estonia were shut down for three weeks.

What did Hillary have on her illegal rogue computer? Tens of thousands of e-mails from the State Department. As of this date over 1,200 were proven to be top secret. China and Russia have them.

Hacking into a computer has been going on since the 1950’s and cyber security is important because top secret information makes it important. Hillary should be in prison for setting up an illegal rogue computer in her home where it was easy meat for hackers to invade.

May 212016

In “The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich” William Shirer does a great job showing what happened in Germany that inflicted Hitler, the NAZI’s and World War II on Europe. He doesn’t explain why.

The most common explanation of the cause of Hitler and his support by the German People is the onerous conditions of the Versailles Treaty but Hitler wasn’t opposing the terms of the treaty when he became Chancellor of Germany, he was simply being a sort of politician.

Hitlers ideas came from deep inside his mind. He didn’t have a particularly distinctive childhood. He did what a lot of young German men did, he joined the army. He realized he could persuade people by speaking. Lots of people can do that.

Hitler came to power because of his ideas and the ideas of the millions of Germans who supported him. Leadership theories miss the origin of the thought that animates the individual.

People are trusting of others which means they can be misled by dishonest people but they can also be misled by people with wrong ideas. Hitler proves that. President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill prove there are good people who are leaders too.

When people begin to assemble their minds they are not conscious of the long term effects of the ideas they accept or reject. Stanton Samenow wrote about how criminals construct their minds in his excellent book: “Inside the Criminal Mind”. It goes a long way to explain how Hitler constructed a very distorted mind but Samenow doesn’t tie together all of the thoughts and ideas an individual uses to construct their mind. It’s not a criticism. Samenow’s book is important and should be read.

Every mind constructs a view “of everything”. Most people don’t give it much thought but that’s the subject of Metaphysics. Like a lot of things, Metaphysics can be hopelessly wrong but people can live their lives with many wrong ideas. The most popular metaphysical view, the one accepted by almost everyone is a combination of the two choices, the actual and the mystical. Hitler realized how to motivate people who accepted both reality and by imaginary world views which means they are never too sure of things so you might as well believe what Hitler said.

Germans were brought up to regard duty and self-sacrifice as cardinal virtues because they never really accepted the metaphysical basis of thought which leads to a vivid certainty. Instead they accepted reality when it suited them and the supernatural when that seemed correct to them. They didn’t know that only reality exists so they were helpless when confronted by Hitler who demanded obedience to Germany which meant to him, and self-sacrifice for Germany. For a modern day example of that listen to Bernie Sanders call for more taxes meaning more sacrifice as the patriotic thing to do. That’s called magical thinking.

Of course there’s no connection at all between Sanders and Hitler. Bernie is using the political process, not jackbooted thugs to get peole to support him but the principle of sacrifice is very, very dangerous.

May 212016

Who cares, really? Her interview of the presumptive 45th President was a big FOX Flop. Kelly failed to ask anything of substance proving she’s not up to the job. Trump came over as a leader in control of a reporter-ette. Kelly diminished herself, she didn’t need Trump to show the viewers how little substance she has.

There are loads of attractive women with better qualifications than Kelly. Some are working at FOX, others are in just about every big city that has a news or weather reporting program with an attractive woman. In Philly, a big city in the shadow of Manhattan is Cesily Tynan, a regular who does a great job of reporting the weather and who has appeared as the head of the major parades, the Flower show and numerous events in and around the city. Tynan could replace Kelly and walk on to FOX right now.

Kelly has a nice set of attributes but she’s not so unique but she lost her credibility. Time for FOX to replace her.