Dec 082016

She makes people absolutely hate her when she talks down to them in her speeches. Even worse are her gestures that show her superiority over the audience, her closed fist with the raised thumb but the clincher is when she dismisses everyone with her “shaking her rattle” gesture, almost like cracking the whip on her audience. She made hand chops to the audience. 

Hillary disdains people. She feels superior to everyone. It’s visible and palpable when she uses her rattle shake and crack the whip gestures. She’s signaling disdain, perhaps even hate against others but she’s insecure.
She couldn’t keep her husband sexually satisfied. He kept rejecting her in favor of almost anything wearing lipstick or a skirt because Hillary is sexually inadequate. She seemed perpetually mad and annoyed during the campaign. that wasn’t the time to reveal her flaws and quirks, of which there were many. The best thing about Trumps win is Hillary’s loss but of course you knew that too.

Dec 082016

Of course President Trump will be great for America and he will succeed to “Drain the Swamp” in Washington, DC. The underlying problem in America however is much bigger than the swamp in Washington DC. The bigger swamp affects every individual. It’s the leftward tilt of America. Proof is the number of voters who didn’t vote for Trump.
Therein lies America’s biggest problem and it will be impossible for Trump to move America back to a free market country. America is a Socialist country run by Liberals who think more in line with Putin, Stalin, Castro and Marx than Jefferson, Washington and Adams.

A free country is easily captured by turning the minds of the individuals to Socialism. That was accomplished decades ago. John Dewey began his takeover of young minds around the 1920. His work can be read in every textbook used in the government run schools.

Dewey merely repeated the themes of Immanual Kant ot the 19th centuary who showed how incompetent people are. Kant was wrong. Dewey was too but most people were too busy trying to get on with their lives to monitor what was silently going on. President Obama is a Stealth Socialist and a closet tyrant who hides his beliefs and continued to move America to the left, away from Individualism.
Changing that is not what President trump has promised.
Trump can drain the political swamp in Washington, DC. He can also change the direction of America away from Socialism and towards Individualism but that’s a Herculean job that Trump never signed up for.

Dec 082016

The powers of Bucks County have approved in principle a paved bicycle trail for an abandoned railroad line running from Philadelphis to Newtown, PA. The has been partially built in Philadelphia and partially approved in Bucks County. Northampton Township however has yet to approve their portion of it. Huge public meetings have been held to allow the people to voice their approval or disapproval because it requires Northampton Township to spend $5 million tax dollars for the roughly million dollars a mile to pave over the railroad tracks so bicycle riders can negotiate the terrain.

Public land is not part of the free market. It cannot be bought or sold by citizens. Government controls it and in the case of the abandoned railroad line it was removed from the owners by The Railroad Act, a set of federal laws whereby the government gave itself permission to take and use the land for railroads. Much of the taken land was not paid for. It was simply taken in “The Name Of The People”. That’s not freedom, that’s tyranny.
So Tyranny came to Bucks County and a railroad was built but people did not need to ride the government’s train. The line was abandoned and a vocal group of bicycle riders are asking government to pave over the railroad tracks so they can easily negotiate the terrain which runs thru tunnels and over streams.

It is appropriate therefore to name the bicycle trail according to the fundamental idea that underlies the government controlling private land. “The Ho Chi Minh Trail” fills the bill, don’t you think? And isn’t it disgraceful that so many accept the tyranny that has been masquerading as a government of the people?

Dec 072016

Japan, more specifically the Japanese people make it easy to forgive the atrocities committed by the Japanese military at Pearl Harbor and in Asia during World War Two. 9/11 however is a different story. Fifteen years after the sneak attacks on 9/11 the enemy is not conquered. Forgiveness for 9/11 is impossible.

Perhaps President Trump will defeat ISIS and Radical Islamic Terrorism. Maybe he will work with Vladimir Putin to get the job done. It seems Europe will not be much help. Europe needed America’s help to get past two world wars. Europe had to be bailed out twice in the 20th century by America and Great Britain and it looks like America and Russia will need to team up to defeat ISIS.  

Perhaps one day the Middle East will be safe again like Japan become safe once it was defeated. Perhaps. Perhaps not. No way to predict but based on the extreme hatred of Israel and America, the Great and Little Satan’s it looke impossible.

Still, things change over time so here’s hoping the victories to come in the Middle East will result in peace. It’s a good thing to wish for on New Years Eve. 


Dec 072016

The 747 was designed over 50 years ago. One 747 costs over $400 million but with the modifications needed for Air Force One it’s probably more than $750 million. One 747 can seat up to 605 people, fly over 6,000 miles and needs a two mile long runway.

A comparable Airbus model 380 also costs over $400 million, seats over 840 people and also needs very long runways. 

A Learjet 45 seats nine passengers and can out climb the fastest 747 or Airbus and costs only $13 million. If Trump decides to change Air Force One to a Lear 45 he can save almost $400 million.

One 747 costs more than 30 Lear 45’s.

The 747 used by the President is large enough to carry long all of the media and press people.

Let the press travel in their own aircraft or go commercial. Why should the taxpayers pay for the press?  


Dec 062016

Eleven years ago, ….read that again just to make sure you know that for the past 11 years Al Gore has been working to solve the so called Climate Crisis. America invented the first Nuclear bomb in three years.

Gore founded and operates an apparent scam called: “The Climate Reality Project” that according to Wiki was “Founded by former Vice President Gore in 2005, The Climate Reality Project (formerly the Alliance for Climate Protection) is a non-profit organization devoted to solving the climate crisis.” 

How incompetent is Gore and the people who work at “The Climate Reality Project”? Almost four times as long as the discovery of nuclear power and neither he nor they have solved the climate problem. Sounds like “The Climate Scam”.
German economist Ottmar Edenhofer, who co-chaired the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Working Group III, stated, “One must say clearly that we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy…

Dec 062016

Fortunately, President Barack Obama, and, his twisted, failed administration, is almost gone in part because Hillary Clinton, was not elected President. M

Wow! Perhaps we’re expecting too little of Trump.

Maybe he wasn’t just the better alternative in a dreadful election. Maybe he’s now telling us to expect more. And not to be so shocked any more.
America has seen mocements that encourage cop shootings, riots in our streets, double digit inflation, bombs blowing up in our cities, cities that are shooting galleries, a skyrocketing jobless rate, no economic growth, private land being confiscated, the worst racial tension in a lifetime, illegal aliens pouring into the country, sick veterans receiving lousy care and lousy attention … AND … under President Barack Obama, a national debt that DOUBLED in just eight years … to more than $20 TRILLION Dollars!

We were ripe for Trump. And he knew it.

In June of last year, Trump entered the race for president. In just over a year, he’s single-handedly defeated the Republican party.
Entirely. . . . . Completely. . . . Let that sink in.
In fact, it was so thorough, the Republican party now suffers from an identity crisis. “The Democrats are going crazy. I mean, you know, the British under Thatcher used to have what they called the ‘looney left.’” The Democrat Party was flattenized.

Trump even dismantled and dismissed the brand and value of the Bush family, the Clintons And Obama is petrified that he’s next.Stunned that Trump was elected and afraid Trump will rub out programs that were improperly installed using improper edicts …. and erase a legacy that never really existed anyway.
Talk about an over-night house-cleaning! To lots and lots of folks, this is fun stuff.

Trump exposed the fraud perpetrated on the American public by Hillary Clinton … and her grifting husband … and their sham-foundation. He brought her to her knees. Literally. People in fright go wobbly. She did it for all of us to see. Look for more.
And now it’s time for the disinfectant.
Trump has thoroughly debunked and decimated any value the news media once had. Yesterday, he gathered together all of the bigwigs … at his invitation … and he spanked them. Woodshed-style. Held little back. Pounding them as we wish we could.
They’re walking around in intellectual baby blankets. Madonna is reduced to a sniveler. Little Miley stopped twerking. Megyn Kelly was revelaed as a Self-righteous, nauseating sanctimony. Their ship sunk without lifeboats. Then goofus Jill Stein proved why there’s a loony bin.

He’s not President yet but world leaders responding to him as if he is. Some even rushed to make the first bow or the first call or to be the first brown-noser. Powerful presidents don’t have to be liked by others. Fear will do. I doubt Mikhail Gorbachev much liked Reagan’s command to “Tear down this wall” … but he did. Obama was never feared. He was mocked.
He spoke to the President of Taiwan. Taiwan, a country abandoned by the United Nations to Red Communist China. Good. That’s why we elected him. To overthrow the Establishment that has taken America to one war after another, with zero gains for anyone but that Establishment. A phone call with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen has rattled the entire Liberal Cabal.

Trump unified the “silent majority” in a way that should scare modern liberals as never before.
He’s whipped the entire political establishment into pure panic. Exposed them for who they are … and for what they are. And no one was spared. Not Democrats nor Republicans nor Libertarians. Everyone in the swamp was fair game.

Trump authored a brand new message to the taken-for-granted African-American community …… ”At this point, what do you have to lose?” And they knew the answer instinctively. And it seems lots of Latinos understood his message more clearly, too … and disappointed the media … and joined him.
One man has done all of this in one year. One guy … on his own dime.
And already the media fops have tattooed him as do-nothing guy … and unserious man. A pretender. That shows and proves how dumb they are.
Anyone can claim that Trump was a lousy candidate. And scream that he’ll make a lousy president. That’s your right. Just don’t ever say he’s not effective. Or strong-willed. Or determined. Or a success. Or a winner.
And a survivor.
He survived feminists galore, FOX News, CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, and the New York Times. He rolled over Reuters, the AP, Don Lemon, Jake Tapper … and pretty much anyone else who tried to orchestrate a lying narrative … so they could flip the American public and change the political winds. Trump blew that wind right back at ‘em.
The press colluded … and they failed. Miserably. And they’re still colluding … and still failing.
And now we all see the national wounds.

High school football players on their knees during the national anthem … because the press and their teachers propagandized them. Weepy college fops too distraught… Woe is me! … to go to class … because they’ve been emotionally warped by Sixties’ retreads who rule the schools and won’t let this nation move past “Hey, man!”, a power-fist salute, and crap Bruce Traitor Springsteen and sniveler Joni Mitchell songs. They all look like kindergarten crybabies, .. which is what they are and have been all along. The adults are in charge again.

We have more than six generations, from John Dewey to Obama completely polluted with crap-nonsense about everything from sex to food to music. Nothing’s real anymore. It’s all a big, lying propaganda blur.
And the saddest reality of all? Those generations really do hate America. And don’t even know why.

The most disrespected of all is the silent majority … that endlessly mocked crowd of “head-down folks” who make this country go … day after day after day.

Being labeled and called “Deplorables” did it. That was the last word-straw. Pushed ‘em all over the line. And they pushed back. And they’re not done. Just as Trump’s not done.

Buckle up, buttercups. Reality showed up, maybe just in time.

One 70 year old man. Donald Trump turned all of this upside-down. In one year. Single-handedly.
I guess there’s hope yet for all of us deplorables out here.
I’m lovin’ all this Trump stuff. Hope you are too.
Happy Days, …….

Dec 062016

Who names their kid Lourdes? Answer: Madonna. What about actually naming your kid Madonna, after the Mother of Christ? What is up with these kinds of people anyhow? What strange psychosis runs inside their brains?

When she finally figured out Trump had won she said: “I was devastated, surprised, in shock. I haven’t really had a good night’s sleep since he has been elected. We’re f—ed.”

Really? Well no, not really and Mother of Jesus aka. Louise Veronica Ciccone with her IQ of 140 can figure this out. She’s jumped around so much her brains been shaken into stupidity.

1958 was a bad year for the universe. A weirdo named Mother of Jesus was born. An IQ of 140 can really be as low as 128 or as high as 150. Singers need a minimum IQ of 75. Mother of Jesus is a singer. At age 58 she should know how presidential elections work. Obama got 62.6 million. Romney got 59.4 million. Trump received fewer votes than Hillary but he received more votes that mattered so he has 306 electoral votes vs. 232 for her.  Why can’t she understand that?

Bottom line for Madonna. Great entertainer. Relies on female anatomy. Always liked to show off her naked body to the boys. See Wikipedia. Would pull up her skirt to show her underwear. Nice girl? Nope. Poor political analyst. Show her where the stage entrance is.


Dec 052016

He persuaded Dr. Ben Carson to be the next Secretary of Health and Urban Development and he met with an archenemy Al Gore. He’s draining the swamp but first he’s getting intelligence about his opponents from them.
As part of renewing his vows with his voters, Donald Trump promised no more migrants from Dar al Islam.
“We will restore the sovereignty of the united states, finally end illegal immigration, construct a great wall at the border, dismantle the criminal cartels, liberate our communities from the epidemic of gang violence and drugs pouring into our nation. We will ask Congress to reform our immigration programs to protect jobs and wages for American workers. The Forgotten Men and Women of Our Nation. to keep our nation safe and secure from terrorism we sill suspend immigration from regions where it cannot be safely processed. People are pouring into our country. I don’t have to say who’s lettering them in any more. We don’t need San Bernardino. We don’t need another Orlando. We don’t need another World Trade Center. We don’t need Paris or Nice. Look at Germany. We have enough problems. Your state has just experienced a violent another atrocity at the great Ohio State University. That further demonstrates the security threats stupidly created by our very very stupid politicians: refugee programs. The job of the president is to keep America safe and that will always be my highest priority.”
“We will do everything in our power to keep the scourge of terrorism out of our country. People are pouring in from regions of the middle East. we have no idea who they are, where they come from, what they’re thinking. We’re going to stop that dead cold flat.”

Dec 052016

When she told Donald Trump: “”for the record, it was well beyond Rosie O’Donnell,” Megyn Kelly went to nuclear war against then-candidate, now President Elect Donald J. Trump. She lowered herself even more with her comments against Rodger Ailes who gave her the biggest set of favors she will ever get. He gave her an hour long show.

Megyn is politically tone deaf, like other Liberals and the Liberal ideas and conclusions she secretly supports. Basically, her intellect led her astray and she paid the price. Today she’s in the DMZ between the Left and the Right but there are people in both camps that don’t know what just happened with the election of Donald Trump who ran one of the most popular campaigns in American history. The crowds that came to his events were huge. Megyn and many other’s missed that or put the people in the crowds into the deplorable camp. Well those people just gave their middle finger to the Liberals even though there are many more Liberals around who are now reduced to crying.
The American Mainstream Media, the University professors, the so-called progressives which are the Marxian Socialists who re-named themselves when their Left wing socialist ideas became too unpopular aligned themselves with malleable, pliable immoral Hillary.

President Obama was born, bred and trained in the progressive movement. His mentors were Communists and their progressive successors. On entering the Oval Office, he launched his administration with a global “apology tour,” conceding America’s “guilt” not only towards the Muslim world, but also towards surviving members of the Soviet bloc in Central America. The signature foreign policies of his administration were retreats from America’s battlefronts against Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq; tepid and therefore ineffectual responses to terrorist forces in the Middle East; support for Palestinian terror regimes in the West Bank, Gaza and Egypt, this last under the Muslim Brotherhood; and a major foreign policy effort to bring America’s mortal enemy, the Islamic Republic of Iran, into the community of nations, fund its terrorist regime and provide its leaders with a legitimized path to nuclear power.” This is the American Left and it’s where Kelly has been headed.
““This is the poisoned well of the radical heart: the displacement of real emotions into political fantasies; the rejection of present communities for a future illusion;