Aug 232016

And this isn’t Kansas anymore either. 

In one of his most peculiar appearances Obama went to Baton Rouge, La and he made sure the camera’s were rolling when he spoke to the crowd and told them not to believe their lyin’ eyes that seemed to show him at a Photo-Op where lots of camera’s were taking photo’s of his visit.


Aug 222016

And everyone knows it which is why Trump is being supported by Red, White and Blue Americans who hate dirty fighting and dirty fighters.

The media has torched it’s objectivity and neutrality. No foreign enemy, no terror group, no race, no native criminal gang, suffers the daily attacks from the elites who control America that Trump does. How abnormal for the media etc.

Hillary is hardly “normal” to the 68 percent of Americans who find her dishonest, untrustworthy and as annoying as nails on a blackboard.

Aug 212016

Have people forgotten so soon the atomic bombs that finally stopped World War II?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected President four times. He started the Atomic Bomb Project that on August 6. 1945 was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. Japan refused to surrender so three days later, August 9, 1945 President Truman ordered another Atomic Bomb dropped on Nagasaki that was more powerful than the one dropped on Hiroshima. The estimates of those who were killed with those two bombs is 129,000 to 226,000 people. 

It took Japan six days after Nagasaki and nine days after Hiroshima to surrender. Some people are critical of America for dropping the two atomic bombs. They are making a huge mistake. The Japanese rulers refused to surrender for nine days after Hiroshima. If the second bomb wasn’t dropped Japan might not have surrendered on August 15th and up to a million more American’s would have died to make that happen.

World War II killed 1.25 million Americans in battles. It took a huge effort by military and civilians alike to defeat Japan. America had built almost a hundred aircraft carriers. and thousands of aircraft at a huge cost in lives, money, materials and time. Were the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki worth it? Yes, yes, yes, emphatically yes.

In February 1945, Prince Fumimaro Konoe advised the Emperor_of_Japan that defeat was inevitable, and urged him to abdicate. He refused. After Hiroshima he still refused. After Nagasaki he still refused and for six more days after Nagasaki he refused and on the sixth day he finally stropped refusing and surrendered. It was the best thing Japan ever did. Since Nagasaki and because of Nagasaki Japan has prospered as much as or more than any other nation would have after their inhuman killings in WWII.

Russia detonated on October 30, 1961, a nuclear bomb 4,000 times greater than the Hiroshima bomb. The shock wave traveled twice around the world.

The two atomic bombs of 1945 were the most fearsome bombs ever used in a war. They would have obliterated Israel which was not even founded until three years after Hiroshima, on May 14, 1948. Read that again. Every person and every building in Israel would disappear in Iran drops just one modern nuclear warhead/bomb on Israel. Can Israel take that chance? Obama believes so much in the Islamic state of Iran that he took a chance Iran would not bomb or rocket Israel. That’s the most foolish idea any mortal has had. Of course Iran will use nuclear weapons against Israel. That’s as certain as tomorrows sunrise.

One bomb would destroy every building in Israel with the fireball, the blast or the firestorm. Everyone in Israel would die. That’s not an exaggeration. It’s not hyperbole, it’s a fact.

Russia detonated the Tsar Bomba with a yield of 50 megatons which is equivalent to about 1,570 times the combined energy of the bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Unless Iran is defeated and the leadership crushed, in ten years Israel will be obliterated because of Barack Obama’s foolish agreement with Iran.

Aug 212016

Move over Aristotle and Hegel, you’ve been out done by BON.
They came up with the Thesis; Antithesis; Synthesis to prove something is true but what if there are not two variables but three? That would be a Tri-alectic. Four would be a Quadalectic and so on out to infinity. So the correct idea, the right way to describe a proposition and it’s opposite is to recognize there is often more than one proposition available. It’s possible to have two or more Thesis’s so the proper concept would be a Multialectic, all of the thesis’s taken together and all of the anti-thesis’s which could camount to two or more Synthesis’s.

Aug 212016

Shouting Allahu Akbar, the Islamic terrorists, motivated by nonsense murdered almost 3,000 innocents in the most cowardly barbaric act since civilization began. See the 9/11 museum at Ground Zero for proof. Proof of their cowardice and their foolish hearts. What motivated them?

Basic Islam? Or some convoluted version of a massively popular set of religious belief’s? Or something else?

Something else.

Islam does not preach cowardice. Nothing does that. But the 9/11 terrorists supposedly shouted Allahu Akbar as they and others like them destroy themselves supposedly following the great preaching of their prophet. If 9/11 proves anything, it proves the terrorists were misguided cowards. If it was Islam they were following that beautiful late summer day, they disgraced Islam.

Danial Pipes wrote that it is reported that the Muslim world had experienced more than eighty years of “humiliation and disgrace” which they blame on America. Why do they believe that? Why are they so angry?

Their anger is deeply rooted in the past success of Islam. Muslims had power, wealth, and global achievements. Today they look around and see that they have been eclipsed by America, Israel, Europe and Christianity but instead of working to get better they blame someone and something else.

No religion is against labor for pay. that’s how the entire Western world has been operating for several centuries and that’s why the West has eclipsed the Middle East. If it weren’t for the West’s need for oil, the entire Middle East would have died out.

The 9/11 museum and the new big building built on the site of the twin towers shows the superiority of the Western model. Fifteen years after the cowardly attacks against innocent people, America and the rest of the world can see how shriveled up the doctrines and belief’s that caused 9/11 really are. All the 9/11 terrorists could accomplish is the murder of 2,996 innocent individuals which includes some innocent Moslims. How humiliating can the culture of Islam when some followers use it to justify murder including some of it’s own in addition to murdering innocent others?

These people are not fit to live in this world. As Virgil wrote:
“No Day Shall Erase Your Name From the Memory Of Time”.

Aug 212016

Hero’s and Heroine’s are the stuff of both reality and legend. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Audie Murphy, General George Patton, Amelia Earhart, Margret Thatcher and Ayn Rand represent reality.  Donald Trump is on his way to the history books.

Ayn Rand wrote about hero’s and heroines. Her fictional characters embody the best human characteristics: Integrity, Honesty, Ambition, Capability, Productivity, Independence, Justice, and Pride. Rand’s moral ideal is a life of reason, purpose and self-esteem.

Sounds like Donald J. Trump.

Rand loved “Charlies Angles”. Melania, Ivanka and Tiffany Trump could have been on the show which came before they came of age but the fictional Dagney Taggart is a much higher character than “Chatlies Angles”.
Rand dramatizes a crucial point in Dagny’s character: Human greatness equals rational achievement irrespective of gender. Great human beings employ their intellectual ability to create the values on which human life depends. Stature of character is not gender-specific. In the character of Dagny Taggart, Rand shows that a rational woman can create and deploy the technology to move mountains just as effectively as a rational man. Dagny has committed mind, body, and soul to life on earth — and to the achievements and achievers that make life on earth possible.
Rend: ““The straight line is the badge of man, the straight line of a geometrical abstraction that makes roads, rails and bridges, the straight line that cuts the curving aimlessness of nature by a purposeful motion from a start to an end.”

Donald Trump, like John Galt is a statesman capable of leading the world’s most talented people. Most importantly, Galt is unwaveringly rational and deals directly with the facts. Though ruled by reason, he is able to express and experience his emotions as well. Just as Rand uses Dagny to shatter the mind-body dichotomy that separates physical pleasure from higher thought, she employs Galt to reject the split between reason and emotion.

Galt represents the main theme of the novel and of Rand’s philosophy: the idea that the mind is the only means by which man can achieve prosperity. Look at how prosperous Donald trump is.

That’s a Randian salute to the Trumps.

Aug 202016

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Twins Hold Hands In Olympic Race.

The marvelous photo shows Anna and Lisa Hahner, two twin sisters from Germany who finished far back, 82 and 83 and were so delighted to be running in the Olympics with their sister that they instinctively reached over and held their sisters hand while crossing the finish line.
How heartwarming. Their parents must be very proud to have two children running in the Olympics and showing the world how nice it is to have a sister.
Amid all of the problems in the world including the sell-out of the American people by President Obama who broke many laws sending $400 million in cash to a terrorist nation, Iran, to see the bonds of family are so strong. The Hahner’s are a tribute to the human race. President Obama, …not so much.

Aug 202016

US officials said cash had to be flown in because existing US sanctions ban American dollars from being used in a transaction with Iran and because Iran could not access the global financial system due to international sanctions it was under at the time. The details of the how the transaction occurred were first reported by The Wall Street Journal. CNN reported in Januarythat the transfer of funds had been arrangement.

The money was procured from central banks in Switzerland and the Netherlands, official said, and an unmarked cargo plane loaded with Swiss francs, euros and other currencies were flown to Iran.

“They were totally cut off from global banks and there was no other way to get them the money,” one senior official with knowledge of the transaction said.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that the Justice Department strongly objected to the cash payment to Iran. National Review reported: “At a press conference Thursday, Obama remarkably explained, “The reason that we had to give them cash is precisely because we are so strict in maintaining sanctions and we do not have a banking relationship with Iran.”

“Really Mr. President? The whole point of sanctions is to prohibit and punish certain behavior. If you — especially you, Mr. President — do the precise thing that the sanctions prohibit, that is a strange way of being “so strict in maintaining” them. Now, the sanctions at issue exclude Iran from the U.S. financial system by, among other things, prohibiting Americans and financial institutions from engaging in currency transactions that involve Iran’s government. Contrary to the nuclear sanctions that Obama’s Iran deal (the “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action” or JCPOA) attempts to undo, the sanctions pertinent here were imposed primarily as a result of Iran’s support for terrorism. That is significant. In pleading with Congress not to disapprove the JCPOA, Obama promised lawmakers that the terrorism sanctions would remain in force.

“It is due to this atrocious record that Congress pressed Obama to maintain and enforce anti-terrorism sanctions, which the administration repeatedly committed to do. This commitment was reaffirmed by Obama’s Treasury Department on January 16, 2016, the “Implementation Day” of the JCPOA. Treasury’s published guidance regarding Iran states that, in general, “the clearing of U.S. dollar- or other currency-denominated transactions through the U.S. financial system or involving a U.S. person remain prohibited[.]” (See here, p.17, sec. C.14.) I’ve added italics to highlight that it is not just U.S. dollar transactions that are prohibited; foreign currency is also barred. Obama’s ‘MONEY LAUNDERING’cash payment, of course, involved both — a fact we’ll be revisiting shortly.

“The anti-terrorism sanctions are still in effect, a fact the administration has touted many times. Obama conceded at his press conference both that these sanctions are still in effect and that they applied directly to his $400 million pay-out to our terrorist enemies. But here’s the president’s problem: While he is correct that the sanctions barred him from sending Iran a check or wire transfer, that is not all they forbid — not by a long shot. They also make it illegal to do what he did. As noted above, the sanctions prohibit transactions with Iran that touch the U.S. financial system, whether they are carried out in dollars or foreign currencies. The claim by administration officials, widely repeated in the press, that Iran had to be paid in euros and francs because dollar-transactions are forbidden is nonsense; Americans are also forbidden to engage in foreign currency transactions with Iran.

“The second law involves MONEY LAUNDERING, criminalized by Congress in Section 1956 of the penal code. It can be a crime to conduct a financial transaction involving money used to facilitate unlawful activity.

$400 MILLION PAYOFF Currency transmissions to Iran and the provision of material support to terrorism are unlawful activities into which Obama engaged.

Here’s More form Zerohedge: “the ITSR adds another reg for good measure. Section 560.203 states:
‘Evasions; attempts; causing violations; conspiracies: . . . Any transaction . . . that evades or avoids, has the purpose of evading or avoiding, causes a violation of, or attempts to violate any of the prohibitions set forth in this part is prohibited. . . . Any conspiracy formed to violate any of the prohibitions set forth in this part is prohibited.’
By his own account, President Obama engaged in the complex cash transfer in order to end-run sanctions that prohibit the U.S. from having “a banking relationship with Iran.”

The Obama administration has just reaffirmed Iran remains a state sponsor of terrorism. Moreover, Secretary of State John Kerry admitted in January that funds channeled to Iran as part of the nuclear deal would “end up in the hands of the IRGC [Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps] or other entities, some of which are labeled terrorists.”
No doubt: The IRGC’s Quds Force is a formally designated terrorist organization, as, of course, is Hezbollah, Iran’s forward jihadist militia with which the IRGC colludes. And as Tom Joscelyn recently pointed out, Iran continues to harbor members of al-Qaeda (three of whom were just formally designated as terrorists).

In sum, the Obama administration has provided Iran with $400 million under circumstances in which it well knows that at least some of this cash will be used for terrorism.

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