Nov 212017

Of course Krauthammer in not like the cabbage in sauerkraut but the sour simile holds. Charles is a sour man these days as he’s shoved into further irrelevancy by President Trump. In a fit of pique Lil’ Charlie calls the Trumps “the Pompadours of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue”. Charlie is absolutely green with envy. 

Charlie criticized the president for his speech to the Boy Scouts which was wildly cheered and positively commented on by the boys and the leaders. the president brought politics into teir jamboree which as they mature will be far more important than making a fire in the woods. Lil’ Charlie just cannot break out of the paradigm that presidents shouldn’t encourage boys to think about politics as though the Boy Scouts aren’t preparing boys to be men.

Fake News has been supporting the Democrats and the American Left-Wing along with the Left Wing Nuts. the individual Boy Scouts know that yet Lil’ Charlie thinks boys should be sheilded from the reality of the presidency.

Nov 202017

President Donald Trump took to Twitter early Monday morning to criticize Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch for standing during the Mexican national anthem but sitting during the anthem for the United States prior to the Raiders’ loss to the New England Patriots at Estadio Azteca.

Donald J. Trump ✔@realDonaldTrump
Marshawn Lynch of the NFL’s Oakland Raiders stands for the Mexican Anthem and sits down to boos for our National Anthem. Great disrespect! Next time NFL should suspend him for remainder of season. Attendance and ratings way down.
6:25 AM – Nov 20, 2017

So Tom Brady and The Patriots beat the snot out of little (5 feet 11 inches) 31 year old over-the-hill Marwsh*t and his team. The Raiders need to read the facts of life to Marsh*t.

Nov 192017

According to Errin Haines Whack, an Associated Press reporter/ writer about black issues. She writes that black women have been raped and sexually abused by white men so often but their lives became worse if they spoke up so they are reluctant to speak up about rape, sexual abuse and sexual harassment. It’s the same story Oprah told about her childhood where a black cousin raped her when she was nine (9) but she didn’t tell anyone.If Weinstein abused black women we should hear about it. If it was only one or a low number compared to white women we need to know that too becuase it’s truth.

Nov 182017

Lavar is the father of Liangelo one of three basketball players who were arrested in China for shoplifted items while in China. President Trump personally intervened to get them released. Was is because they are black basketball players? They are seen in a photo with others, some of whom are flashing gang signs. 
The father Lavar is a bad parent and likely the reason his son stole from the stores while in China. The father had this to say about the retail theft: “I’m from L.A. I’ve seen a lot worse things happen than a guy taking some glasses. My son has built up enough character that one bad decision doesn’t define him.” Unfortunately, it does and it’s right that it should.
But it was more than one decision. The three thieves had stolen sunglasses in the Louis Vuitton store in Hangzhou which are priced at or around 4,900 yuan ($750). According to Chinese law, anyone stealing goods worth between 4,000 and 7,000 yuan faces between one and two years in jail.

In addition ESPN reports that according to a source, there is surveillance video of the players shoplifting from THREE STORES inside a shopping center.
According to UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero, who also spoke at the news conference the students stole items from three shops near their hotel on the evening of Nov. 6.

The thieves were representing America in a rather poor fashion. America doesn’t breed thieves, at least normal families don’s But the Ball’s seem to be an exception starting with and because of the father who tosses or the seriousness of the crimes.

Liangelo is the younger brother of Los Angeles Lakers star Lonzo Ball. Their father has no idea of how serious was the arrest of his son in China. No idea, — no comprehension at all. He proves his lack of intellectual heft with his stupid bad parent comment about stealing Louis Vuitton sunglasses being no big deal. Good thing for his son that President Trump knew how serious it was and acted to overcome Liangelo’s retail thefts. Liangelo is one of the luckiest men around.

Nov 182017

America is about freedom but the left-wing elites don’t want too much of it. Citizens United made America more free by removing government restrictions on election money.
Let’s acknowledge rich people have more power to influence people than poor people. The government didn’t like that arrangement so it came up with some phony “rules” to restrict spending by corporations and business people. The phony rules violated the Constitution but were in force until Citizens United sued the government and won. Now unions can spend union donations to affect an election. So can corporations. 

Russia can’t spend money on an election unless it gives it to an American.

So be careful of what you accept as truth when you see a commercial. It may be, like Hillary was, a pack of lies but if it’s made easy to look at and gives the appearance of truth you may be deceived into voting for a scoundrel but the alternative is to give the power of deciding what you should look at or what you should see to the government.
Citizens United gave the power to spend back to the people. After all, Unions and Corporations are at bottom, just people. Government should leave them alone. . 



Nov 182017

Yeah, well don’t be surprised that the officials of the Roman church that stands against a woman’s right to choose, hate the President of the United States… If you wondered why they didn’t hate President Obama who also supported abortion it’s because they didn’t have their little red hats, ….they weren’t Cardinals yet.

“They” are two new Cardinals, Tobin and Cupich, just a 65 and 68 year old who follow another man, the Pope, the leader of one of the most misogynistic ‘no women allowed in management’, religion. Instead of trying to bring people together the Pope want’s confrontation and opposition, a Culture of Encounter” as he phrases it. He aims to continue the bully tradition of the Roman religion against which Muslims remind themselves daily that the Vatican directed the Crusaders into the Muslim lands with the aim of destroying the upstart religion. It never apologized and it never backed off so it you want to find the fountainhead of the hate in the Middle East look inside the Vatican.   .

Islam and Muslims are far more dangerous than the President of America but that’s no matter to Cardinals Cupich and Tobin.
Nothing is their appointment or their service history in the article in CRUX, (means cross in Latin) mentions God. HERE. Hypocrites….Misogynistic bully-boys in red hats who haven’t learned to respect the American separation of church and state.

But worse than the hypocrisy, worse than the ignorance of a normal male life with a wife and children, they haven’t respected the common human attribute of supporting America even though they live and work here. Men like these disgrace the pleasantry of Rome. HERE.